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Being dependent is being a slave to that on which one is addicted.  Being independent means having the freedom to do what one wants without having to resort to an addiction.  For example, when one is dependent on drugs for his existence, the individual has no freedom to be able to do as he wishes without those drugs.  His dependency on the drugs prevents it.  The dependency interferes with anything else the individual attempts to do. 
When one is independent the individual does not have to worry about any such reliance as ingesting drugs to get through the day.  The individual can decide to do whatever he chooses.  He can pursue his happiness without interruption. 
The real crisis in America today is not drugs, illegal immigration, health care, poverty, education, housing, or any of a number of other concerns.  The real crisis in America today is dependency, the dependency that Americans have upon government officials to find a solution to every situation that arises.  When something is wrong with education, Americans demand that government officials find a solution.  When there is a problem with health care, Americans demand that government officials take care of it.  When there is a problem with immigration, government officials are suppose to take care of that too.  As a result, this dependency interrupts the freedom of the individual to pursue his happiness because of all of the resulting rules, regulations, and taxes that are created from this enslavement. 
Every day in the news one can read, see, and/or hear the demands that are made upon government officials to find the solution to the problem at hand.  Directly below a recent article in the Yuma Sun about the recent Tea Party Express rally promoting the reduction of government spending there was another article outlining a government expenditure to boost projects in Somerton. 
If we the people truly want to reduce government spending thereby reducing the tax burden, we the people must stop asking government officials for more funds and stop accepting the existing funds being doled out.  
Ask any reformed alcoholic or drug addict and they will tell you that before they could possibly find a cure for their dependency on alcohol or drugs they had to come to grips with the realty that they had a problem to begin with.  Any and all help attempted by family and/or friends is useless unless the individual needing the help actually identified in his own mind and came face to face with the reality that he had a dependency problem, which is not all that easy to do. 
We the people must come face to face with the reality of our dependency on government officials to do everything they do for us.  Americans must come to grips with the fact that they are totally reliant upon government for their survival, no less so than the drug addict and alcoholic for their survival on their respective addictions. 
The founders warned us of this dependency upon government.  In the Declaration of Independence they told us that there is but one real function for the existence of government and that is to secure the rights of the individual, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (emphasis added).  As a result, through the Constitution of the United States the founders assigned very few responsibilities to government officials.  The founders listed most of them in the first three articles. 
The drug addict or alcoholic who will not come to grips with his dependency will never find a solution to his problem because the drug addict and alcoholic do not believe they have a problem.  Likewise, Americans have not come to grips with the fact that they are totally dependent upon government officials to solve any situation.  Therefore, like the drug addict and alcoholic Americans will not find a solution to their dependency problem they do not perceive exists. 
Once Americans recognize and admit they have a problem of dependency on government, then and only then, can a real cure be developed.  After all, the document is titled the Declaration of Independence, not the Declaration of Dependence.

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By the way, my comment below is not an act of war, or a declaration of war inside our ideological domain ... it is not an act of hostility inside our philosophical house of libertarian beliefs and concerns, but rather a redefinition of our libertarian principles, aspirations and passion for liberty and freedom that somehow had swayed a little bit to the left or had to a certain degree, noticeably differed over time.

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To me -- I don't know to other Libertarians -- this is not quite a recommendable but rather a controversial "Liberty Movement"!

Comparing to -- and considering Dependency as a form of -- alcohol or drug addiction, may be viewed as extreme libertarianism that even Moderate Libertarians like me would have difficulty to argue much more support in public. Studies as well as records show that hardly does a stone-hard addict hooked to eternal damnation, is aware that he/she has a problem [the mind is screwed up]. There is a need of institutional "intervention" – psychological and moral, mostly spiritual – before the addict starts on the road to personal healing.

This written thought that we as a nation should not depend on or call on the Government to solve our problems – meaning our national problems to be specific – leaves out a host of questions, and finding their answers is like looking for my lost contact lens in a pile of garbage.

For example, our immigration and "overpopulation" problems bugged this nation for years. As pissed off citizens of this country, we cannot solve these problems personally, i.e. unlock the closet and pick up our rifles and handguns, drive to the border and shoot Mexican fence-jumpers on sight. Not even if you go to Arizona and be a random border shooter there. If Obama will not get you, naturalized Mexican "Indians" on the warpath will make you a very nice target for their shooting practice.

Since we could neither do it personally nor individually, as taxpayers, shouldn’t we call on the Government – Federal and State – to solve this institutionalized "overpopulation" and immigration problems?

Is it "dependency" – written in this article as an abomination – to call on those who work in government, to do their duty to deserve our hard-earned money paid to them in the form of taxes?

Is this a form of "addiction" alluded to in this article?

How in God’s name are you able to answer these questions, just samples from still a truckload of them … how to morally answer them not only properly but correctly? Maybe the wisdom of Divine Providence may not even help! On the contrary, the curse of Divine Providence may even damn those impertinent and disrespectful thinking of Libertarian extremists that wage an anti-Government war in the Web. Radical libertarianism similar to the pounding of the wall by the Left is definitely not for me. As a Moderate Libertarian that’s the kind of "fight" I turn tail and run away from.

On the other hand, if we fail to get out of this dependency trap by insisting that we don’t call on the Government to solve for us these problems -- these our particular problems, in fact painful "overpopulation" and immigration migraines that make our head spin -- we create a virtual enemy out of the American people. At least I know one who would be extremely unhappy and probably would angrily explode in your face – damn you "innumerate"! You don’t know how to count, etc. etc.

By the way "innumerate" is not a nice word. Don’t confuse it with symbologist Robert Langdon’s "Illuminati" in the world of angels and demons staring cinematography’s celebrities Tom Hanks and the smart, pretty and sexy French actress Ayelet Zurer.

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