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Conspiracy of Fear in U.S. 24/7

(Satire) Look out if you open a package from UPS or Fed Ex today. Looks like the latest FEAR tactic is there may be something bad inside. Be afraid to go to your mailbox, U.S. Government made anthrax might be included in those fearful electric bills from all the geo-engineered weather we are enduring worldwide.
Be afraid to talk to anyone about anything outside the “party line” or you may get your head stomped on. Be afraid be very afraid.
Be afraid to talk to your neighbor. Be afraid to go outside. Be afraid of the sunshine. Be afraid of the economy. Be afraid of your boss. Be afraid of your doctor. Definitely be afraid of the cop on the street who might taser you for looking the wrong way.
President Roosevelt said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Well there’s plenty of that thrown at us from the Corporate Propaganda machine known as the 4th estate. This planet is engulfed in man-made fear, akin to the man-made violent God of the old “smite and burn” Old Testament.
Remember”when you have people that fear their government you have tyranny, when the government fears it’s people you have liberty”. Are you afraid of your government? Are you afraid to speak your truth? Walk your talk? Guess what – you have no liberty. Real liberty and freedom comes from within. It’s the quiet knowing that you are a spiritual being inhabiting a human body to experience life on Planet Earth. You don’t need anyone’s permission to be you. Fully you.
Although governments tell us what to be afraid of and accuse many of conspiracies – it is the governments around the world that create the most dangerous conspiracies of all – eugenics, pre-emptive wars based on lies; spraying our skies daily with deadly heavy metals; stealing the blood & treasure of every working person; planning their One World Globalist Society; recreating deadly viruses in laboratories then forcing their “vaccines” on us – problem-reaction-solution 24/7.
Will you live your life in fear or will you realize that it’s your life and live it in love and empowerment? The rest is all control and propaganda to keep the worker bees under control while the criminals rape and pillage the planet and everyone on it.  “Forget Everything About Reality” as they want us to accept it. F.E.A.R.  This is a reality not of our making, and we don’t have to participate in it.
Take this fear and shove it……….I know who and what I am.  Use that as a mantra when you start feeling fearful.

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Comment by Michael Shoen
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Youtube or Google "911 truth". Check out websites ae911truth.org, patriotsquestion911.com and journalof911studies.com. 911 was an inside job for the purpose of creating demand for the products of the military-industrial-governmental complex. Remember when they told us to wrap our homes in plastic wrap and duct tape? Remember when they told us the Iraq war would pay for itself and they fired some General for stating that it could cost 50 Billion Dollars? Harry Potter's "the dark lord" is alive and well in Wyoming. You can find him now and then at a quail or other bird hunt. Wake up. Google "active thermitic material discovered".  mikeshoenforcongress.com

Comment by Gene Kernan
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My first thought when hearing about the UPS/Yemeni "don't know if they're explosive" boxes was that (s)election day is next week.  

BTW, has anybody else noticed how many (of the many, many) cop/fed shows in the last three weeks featured "terrorism" as a plotline?