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Post-2010 Election America

Feel better? Did you get it out of your system?

That was a lot of time, energy, and anomosity. Almost $4 billion was spent by candidates, parties, and outside groups. There's no word on what media companies spent, but since politics is the only thing ever on the news, you can bet it's an astronomical figure.

A different team will control the House of Representatives, so change must be in the air. Let's see what all this anti-establishment fervor bought you:

US Senate – Incumbent Re-Election Rate: 84%
There will be 16 new faces in the senate chambers, 12 by choice. That leaves a grand total of 4 bums thrown out in primary and general elections.

US House – Incumbent Re-Election Rate: 85%
The House of Representatives will have a freshman class of 106 new faces, 37 by choice. 69 bums were thrown out of the House, four in the primaries.

US Governors – Incumbent Re-Election Rate: 77%
There will be 27 new tenants in Governor's mansions next year, but 24 of the current occupants were either term-limited or did not seek re-election. 3 governors were evicted while 10 incumbents were re-elected.

Re-election rates were lower than usual, and some new people will be pulling the levers down the road. But, as Ben Bernanke starts QE2 today, I'm sure we can all look forward to more of more of the same.

Can post-season baseball be replayed now, without the political ads?


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