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Are We Free Yet?

So another pseudo-religion mass cult ritual has occurred (the election), and power has changed hands. Well actually, some of the puppets on the stage were changed, but the hands pulling their strings are the same as ever. How many zillions of man hours and gazillions of dollars did Americans put into the election this time around? And what do you suppose they'll get for their efforts?
A new paint job on the old shackles.

You could call that a prediction, if you want, but it's about as much a "prediction" as "predicting" that Mount Everest will be in the same place tomorrow that it is today--not exactly something that requires the amazing powers of foresight of a great soothsayer. So lots of Republicans were elected. Guess what that means? "Government" will continue to take lots of your money and spend it on destructive things, while bossing you around and trying to control your life. You didn't really think an election was going to change that, did you? You might as well "vote" to have Mount Everest be in Florida.

Perhaps the timing of elections has been determined based upon Americans' short attention spans. I can just see some "government" scientist in a lab somewhere, saying "We have determined that if you wait two years, and then feed the people the exact same lies, empty promises, and rhetorical crap you gave them last time (and the hundred times before that), they'll cheer and applaud, and vote for you in droves." Hey, I know! Let's promise them hope and change!

But aside from the overall absurdity of thinking that choosing between Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee (or between Hitler and Stalin) will ever lead us to freedom, one particularly gullible and stupid group of Americans deserves special mention: the "swing voters." The fact that the whip of "government" bounces between the hands of Republican puppets and Democrat puppets means that there is a large group of people that keeps changing its votes. What are these people thinking? Not much, apparently.

"Gosh, a while back I voted for Party A, because it sounded to me like they would fix the world. But they didn't. So then I voted for Party B, because it sounded to me like they would fix the world. But they didn't. So then I voted for Party A again, because it sounded again to me like they would fix the world. But they didn't. So then..."

So you go to one doctor to complain about a headache, and he prescribes a left leg amputation. So you try it. It doesn't work, so you go to a second doctor, still complaining of a headache. He suggests chopping an arm off. You try it. It doesn't work. So you go back to the first doctor, and have him cut your other leg off. Then you go back to the second, to have your other arm whacked off. "Golly gee, I know one of these doctors must be the way to cure my headache!!" Behold, the brilliance of the "swing voter."

Then again, is that more insane, or less insane, than party loyalists? "I always vote for Party X, because I think they will fix the world. True, they didn't fix it last time they were in power. Or the time before that. Or the time before that. Or the hundred times before that. But THIS time..."

The party loyalists don't even go in for a second opinion. They just stick by their faith that being completely dismembered by one doctor will fix everything. If you point out to them what has been done to them, they will zealously shout, "Do you know what that other doctor would do to me if I went to him?!?" Hmmm. Ain't much left worth hacking off anyway.

Every once in a while I hear someone talking about how what this country needs is more "informed voters." There's no such thing. The people who are informed, and who know how the game works, and know what "government" is, stop voting. You might as well say that the problem with the Aztecs was that they needed more informed and enlightened methods of human sacrifice.

Aztec Candidate A: "If we rip the liver out before the heart, the gods will give us better crops!"
Aztec Candidate B: "No, we need to rip them out at the same time, along with the large intestines; then the gods will bless us!"
(Aztec Candidate C, Independent Party: "No, we have to lop the head off first, then yank out the spleen, then smash both kidneys...")

As it happens, the Wikipedia article on human sacrifice among the Aztecs comments that the Aztecs made "indifferent or sarcastic remarks" at the Spaniards who criticized the practice. Wow, what does that remind me of? I wonder if any Aztecs ever said, "If you don't participate in the system, you can't complain." Or, perhaps, "I don't see you doing anything to please the gods! If we didn't do this, how would the crops grow?" Gack, gack.

Sad, sad, sad. Well, maybe there is hope. The Aztecs did their really stupid, destructive, evil stuff (in the hopes of fixing the world) for millenia, but Americans have been doing their really stupid, destructive, evil stuff (in the hopes of fixing the world) only for a couple centuries. So maybe we'll end up being quicker learners than the Aztecs.

Or maybe not.

P.S. If you know any who still worship at the altar of democracy (and who are always eager to offer up your liver to their gods), and would like something a little less blunt than this article to throw at them, to try to begin deprogramming them out of the anti-human cult of "government," you could tie them to a chair and make them listen to the show I did Wednesday on voting, which can be found HERE.

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Comment by Larken Rose
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C.B. Fear not. People can do whatever they like with the articles I write. They aren't copyrighted. Now, the people you SEND it to might attack you, for exposing them to such ideas, but I won't.

Comment by Chris Branscombe
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LOL! Great article. I sure hope I wont get tagged for copy right infringement because I plan on sending this to a lot of friends. 

Comment by Chris Kaiser
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To vote -  is to tacitly authorize another person to violently expropriate propery my name in support of their agenda. I want be a party to it.