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Unquestionably, Paul Ehrlich Proved 100 Percent Correct: Timing Off!

Re: "Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on" by Oliver Mark Hartman and Jessica Brown, 11/8/10: The Australian
Over the past 40 years, "innumerates", those that prove themselves mathematically illiterate, a term coined by the University of Colorado's Dr. Albert Bartlett,, ----chastise Dr. Paul Ehrlich for his 'erroneous' prognostications about human starvation deaths and ecological disaster in his epic book: The Population Bomb.  
Once again, Oliver Mark Hartman and Jessica Brown stepped into the breach by saying that Ehrlich's predications, "...but most of the book's gloomy predictions have not come true."
Hartman and Brown continued that he's pedaling his screed 'Downunder' in Australia where the debate rages on overpopulation driven by immigration.  I find it interesting because I am one of the few individuals to cycle 17,000 kms around the perimeter of Australia. I discovered something that writers like Hartman and Brown fail and fail miserably to understand: 'carrying capacity'!  Australia features 96 percent desert and sand.  It can't grow anything and it can't water anything—other than a few frilled lizards and kangaroos.
Hartman and Brown also mistakenly rail for population growth in Asia.  They fail to understand that the reason third world people in such places as India—already suffer "Overshoot" (Dr. William Catton).  That's why they stampede into First World countries because they cannot feed or water themselves in their own countries.  Fact: 1,000 children under 12 die 24/7 of diarrhea, dysentery and other water borne diseases. (Source:  Well over 10 million Indians do not utilize a toilet, but instead, leave their human waste everywhere on the land and in the lakes, streams and rivers. Those that use toilets in cities flush it into rivers! Thus, the Ganges, which I have sailed in a junket, features an open sewer pipe that creates a 10,000 square mile dead zone at its mouth. 
All the while, India grows, net gain, 12 million more people annually as it overtakes China to hit 1.6 billion in 40 years. Meanwhile, China adds 8.0 million annually on its way to 1.5 billion.  I would count it as the greatest human debacle developing in the 21st century that humanity will ever witness—when it cascades into mass starvation, disease, environmental trauma and internal chaos from lack of water, food and resources.  A breath of fresh air will prove impossible!
While Hartman and Brown chastise the West, they failed to do the math!  As a math/science teacher, I extend this dictum: numbers never lie.  Every year, globally, according to (, 18 million people starve to death or die of starvation related diseases.  That number has held steady for 20 years.  Ehrlich's book hit 42 years of age this year.  If I recall Ehrlich's book, he predicted 180 million starvation deaths.  If you take just 20 years X's 18 million annual starvation deaths, well, you do the math! Not pretty!
According to Roy Beck, (, "Immigration, poverty, Gum Balls!", if you look across the world stage, an astounding 3.1 billion people live on less than $2.00 per day. Another 2.0 billion do not live much better. (Source: World Bank)  Exactly what kind of a life does Ortega pronounce as a wonderful experience? 
Why wouldn't we take a U-turn Mr. Hartman and Ms. Brown as to Mother Nature?  Because of human encroachment of habitat, we now lose 80 to 100 living creatures to extinction 24/7. (Norman Meyers, Oxford University, UK)  Humans created the "Sixth Extinction Session" that will kill off more than 20 percent of this planet's other creatures by mid century.  God only knows how many by the end of the century!

Humans created 80,000 chemicals now raising chaos in the natural world with 10,000 to 27,000 square mile dead zones at the mouths of our major rivers around the planet.  Nothing can live in that chemical soup. When you look at the poisons injected into this finite biosphere, you cannot blink as to the damage to the water, air and land!  Cancer, autism, MS, CP, MD, birth defects anyone?
A mind-numbing 1.0 billion humans cannot secure a clean glass of drinking water every day!
Don't get me started on Climate Change or what can be called "Climate Destabilization" and what it will offer us in the 21st century when it REALLY starts manifesting on this planet!
Finally, when Peak Oil, hits in earnest, how do Hartman and Brown expect to feed 6.8 billion humans when those tractors cannot fill-up on oil?  Fancy that! Alternative energy? Give me a break! Throw in Peak Water, Peak Acidified Oceans, Peak Collapsing Fisheries, Peak Polluted Soils, Peak Resources—and wham bam, thank you ma'am, let's watch that party develop!
Unfortunately, Paul Ehrlich hit the mark dead on!  His timing?  History will prove him correct on every chapter he wrote in his epic book: The Population Bomb!  It's coming as surely as the dawn.
Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. He presents "The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it" to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges. He works to bring about sensible world population balance at He is the author of: America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans. Copies available: 1 888 280 7715
Re: "Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on" by Oliver Mark Hartman and Jessica Brown, 11/7/10, The Australian:
MORE than 40 years ago, American biologist Paul Ehrlich sketched a doomsday scenario for planet Earth in his book The Population Bomb.
Adding more people to the planet would inevitably lead to mass starvation and ecological disaster.
Since the publication of the book, the global population has nearly doubled but most of its gloomy predictions have not come true. However, this has not stopped its author from campaigning against further population growth, this time in Australia.
As he prepared for a series of lectures to the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide, Ehrlich warned that Australia was full.
As always in Ehrlich's predictions, a bigger population equals disaster. No doubt, he is striking a chord with many Australians who believe that there are enough of them. At least this is what an Australian National University poll suggests.
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In the ANU survey, half the respondents said that families should consider having three or fewer children, in order to save the planet. A majority of 52 per cent claimed that Australia had enough people, and further population growth would harm the environment and place pressure on water resources.
It is remarkable that people now regularly put "nature" and "the environment" ahead of all other concerns. Historically, this is an oddity because not long ago taming nature and overcoming a hostile environment were humankind's priorities. In this sense, the ANU survey does not reveal an Australian eccentricity but it is very much a sign of our times. The new misanthropists are everywhere.
Across the globe, environmentalists are preaching that nature is always good and humanity always a problem. People are seen as some kind of pollution; a book that imagines "the world without us" has become an international bestseller.
This is a remarkable change in human attitudes towards nature. Life in the bad old days was nasty, brutish and short, to quote Thomas Hobbes. Nature was something to be dealt with, controlled or used. "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it," the Bible taught.
The only positive thing about this long-gone age is that at least people would not have been bored to death. They simply didn't have time to worry about their carbon footprint or overpopulation.
Our perception of nature has taken a U-turn since then. No longer do we aim to subdue the earth, but we happily surrender to the goddess of nature. The wealthier parts of the world are so well protected against the dangers of nature that we have almost forgotten that nature is more than cute polar bears, cuddly koalas, and clumsy penguins.
We can trace the origins of this thought to the Gaia theory of British scientist James Lovelock. He claims that the planet is just like one big organism. "Gaia", as he called it, fights back against humanity because she has simply had enough of us. From such a perspective, epidemics, starvation, and natural disasters may well be the planet's response to the human disease.
It looks like Lovelock's followers are no longer satisfied leaving it to the planet to seek revenge on humanity. Rather, they would take matters in their own hands. Having identified humanity as the cancer on the face of the earth, they are advocating more hands-on approaches to reduce humankind's footprint on the planet. Or maybe even reduce the world's population. This is what the ANU survey confirms.
Let's not be fooled by these new disciples of Gaia, though. What is disguised by nice, touchy-feely slogans about sustainability, nature and the environment is often just misanthropy by another name. It has no respect for people in developed countries and is completely oblivious to the needs of people in poorer places.
Just consider the case of urban density. In order to save land from development, city dwellers are advised to live at much higher densities.
Gone are nice front patios and green backyards, leafy suburbs and playing fields. For the planet's sake, let's live on top of one another in tiny boxes, ideally next to busy train and tram lines, they preach. It's a victory of nature over the quality of life in our cities.
Things get even more cynical when our subservience to the planet dictates what we allow poorer peoples to do. The thought that millions of Indians would want to drive their own little cars drives Western environmentalists crazy. They would never admit it, but deep down they wish these poor Indians would just remain poor; all for the sake of the planet, of course.
Worshipping their new goddess nature, the environmentalists have forgotten something. We human beings may not all be cute and cuddly, but we deserve at least as much love and attention as our distant relatives in the animal kingdom.

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Comment by Anonymous
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In this trash, only the author is more than 100% INCORRECT! Dr. Paul Ehrlich was disgraced when this author cited this Ph.D’s work – The Population Bomb – wrongly, to support his HALLUCINATION in this Article. Hartman and Brown chastised Frostytute’s delusional mind by telling him Ehrlich’s prediction did not happen at least in Australia. In short, these two critics of your delusional writing proved that you are more than 100% wrong in involving Dr. Ehrlich’s in your delirium.

The strangest madcap baloney you wrote in this Article was about your short visiting bicycle presence "Downunder" that made you believe yourself that you became an instant expert on Australia’s immigration problem. Your delusional conclusion was, immigration-wise, Australia has no "carrying capacity" … it is according to you "96 percent desert and sand. It can't grow anything and it can't water anything—other than a few frilled lizards and kangaroos."

Nice try, Frostytute. Bad lack for you! I have written a book on Australia’s rich natural resources and vast population "carrying capacity" when Australian politicians were debating the critical issue of whether or not to turn Australia into a "Republic" of immigrants like the United States.

People around the world covet Australia because of its rich natural resources, and want to migrate to this yet barely unexplored and underpopulated continent. Like the rest of immigrants who are now Australian citizens, my first cousin and everyone in his large family are now living happily in Sydney.

From my book, I want to educate you about Australia, and listen to this carefully: Japan lacks iron and ore, and Australia is one of the world’s largest depositories of this metallic natural endowment as well as the world’s known natural reservoir of other mineral resources. The land is vast, a great potential for modern Japan’s technology, specifically for agricultural development as Emperor Hirohito then planned Japan’s future expansion in the whole of Asia. Thus Imperial Japan designed Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in World War II the primary objective of which was to conquer countries that lies within the Southeast Asian belt and finally march downward and occupy Australia.

So Frostytute, how did you prostitute the truth about Australia when you raved that "It can't grow anything and it can't water anything—other than a few frilled lizards and kangaroos"?

You can fool the readers of sometime, but you can’t fool them all the time.

Insofar as this Article you just wrote is concerned, I have exposed your impertinence from cloud nine … that nothing of what you have stated was true. Read my first comment at the bottom of this page and see where and how I pulled the cover off your untruthful wrangling that was too far removed from reality. Like Powell who slammed your statistics as "bullshit", I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings.


Comment by Ken Valentine
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 The planet is not "overpopulated," it's just mismanaged.

Which is to say, it's "managed" by politicians.

Comment by Anonymous
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Hey, Frostitute, if you said I am not an American, what are you? It is hearsay, but I heard and learned that you are actually a KKK who was born to a tribe of Skinheads in one of the remote mountain villages of Colorado. You hardly saw people and scared of people in your childhood until you have grown up left the village. I want to verify this further, but no wonder you want all immigrants criminalized so that as criminals in your rage you can shoot them down dead to reduce their number in the United States. We don't like your kind in this country ... this is an Immigrant Country -- OUR COUNTRY to which your kind have no claim of legitimate ownership.  I don't think paranoid disguised Skinheads who hate and kill immigrants have the right to live in this country with an imagined license-to-kill. This is not a country of immigrant-murderers.

Frostitute, you do not only prostitute the truth when you pretend to be an American of the academe of my stature [you claim to be a "teacher" of how to reduce population growth through infanticide, murder and genocide, bah ..!!] but the truth is, aside from being delusional or detached from reality, you really do not love this country -- you hate America! In your delirium, you again just attack America as the number one garbage polluter of the world! He dude, we recycle trash, including a truckload of your writing garbage.

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
Entered on:

Backward dude:

 Just found out that you're not really an American, so now I know why you would push to have 10 million more immigrants a year instead of the paltry 3.1 million we admit.  FW 

Comment by Anonymous
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Let me just point out what is not true in this Article, or where this Article happens to lie, or if not, why what it says is too far removed from reality:

1. The Article says "A mind-numbing 1.0 billion humans cannot secure a clean glass of drinking water every day." More than 70% of Earth is covered by water, not to speak of millions of gallons of water in the air. Never heard of technology that turns all forms of water – gaseous, solid and liquid -- into drinking water?

2. People "stampede into First World" for various reasons and not one of them is this hallucination printed in this Article that it is "because they cannot feed or water themselves in their own countries." [How delirious this lie could get?]

3. In India, "1,000 children under 12 die 24/7 of diarrhea, dysentery and other water borne diseases. 10 million Indians do not utilize a toilet …" they use the Ganges River as a communal latrine. Anyone who says that Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s book "The Population Bomb" had caused the Indians not to use toilets, and also caused those death tolls due to water borne diseases is certainly just one white-straitjacket away from a nuthouse or one ambulance removed from reality. Lack of sanitation is the cause, not "population bomb". The recent cholera outbreak in Haiti killing more than 300 victims and hundreds more bedridden, was traced to unsanitary living condition resulting from an earthquake that recently struck Haiti, but nothing was mentioned that Ehrlich’s "population bomb" had caused it! 

 4. "Mass starvation" and famine in China, India and elsewhere, particularly in some economically depressed part of the world, had occurred long, long time ago even before someone woke up one morning and started counting the world’s population. When people get hungry, it’s not because the world is being "population-bombed" to starvation. For example, crop failures due to El Nino, insect infestations, war, flood, hurricane, etc. are not caused by this Article’s silly "population bomb".

5. I agree that Ehrlich and this author probably knew how to count math numbers. But I tell you … it’s the wrong math!!!

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