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“This is not the way illegal immigrants react to an arrest,” Hamilton said. “In fact, many of these illegals go out of their way to draw attention to themselves. Speeding, running red lights, adorning your car with illegal lights, and blasting loud music are not the actions you would expect a person that has no license to take, but it is common.”
This lawless behavior also extends to areas such as littering, noise ordinances, and being drunk in public. Yet, they have come here to work for the American Dream.
Hamilton added, “In my experience, this has not been the case. These are people that are becoming an increasing burden on the criminal justice system and costing taxpayers billions of dollars. In other states where I have friends that are police officers, they report the same thing. Ultimately, because we refuse to enforce the laws of our borders, the laws of the individual states are laughed at as well. This makes the job of law enforcement officers impossible. When faced with an impossible task, many people give up. Police officers are no different. Many have already thrown the towel in when it comes to dealing with these people because nothing ever happens after the arrest is made. The problem is only going to get worse.”
Officer Hamilton and hundreds of thousands of other police officers nationwide face a mounting crisis in the ‘Thin Blue Line’. At what point do illegal alien numbers become bigger than the number of police officers? What happens as the criminal element of these illegals ‘enclave’ themselves in cities across this nation like the 20,000 member ’18th Street Gang’ has done in Los Angeles? How about the growing Honduran Gangs in Washington, DC? At what point does lawlessness overwhelm the rule of law? With an average of nearly a million illegals crossing US borders annually, that equals 10 more million in a decade.
It’s been documented that 60 percent of the ’18 Street Gang’ are recruited from illegal alien aliens. What happens as these gangs spread? Who will check their progress? Will it lead to a mass flight by American citizens? Why should Americans be forced to flee from their own cities and states because their own congressmen and senators won’t enforce immigration laws? How can police officers be called ‘racists’ when they are doing their jobs?
Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs exposed a group of sexual predator illegal aliens who raped and killed some American women. Dobbs rattled the audience by chastising Bush for doing nothing. Today Obama does as much of nothing as Bush.  But here is a story that chills further from a reader:
“I've been reading your words for the past several months, and unfortunately, your truth dealt a drastic blow to my family,” a wife of a police officer wrote. “On February 13, 05:38 hours, my husband drove into work and was struck head-on by an airborne vehicle traveling at 71 mph. The accident was equated to my husband free-falling off a 14-story building in his pick-up truck. The person behind the wheel of this guided missile was a 19-year-old intoxicated, uninsured, unlicensed, illegal alien.”
“The Mexican's blood alcohol level was equivalent to someone blowing a 17,” she said. “My husband was pinned inside his vehicle for 20 minutes while first responders freed him. It took an hour to free the Mexican from the crushed 1985 Nissan sedan he was inside. My husband was transported by ambulance to a trauma unit; the Mexican was airlifted to the same hospital. Staples had to be used to close a large laceration on my husband's head, and he sustained five breaks in his right leg, ankle and foot, massive contusions and lacerations in his left leg, and a cut spleen. The Mexican suffered two broken legs, a broken arm and head trauma.”
While the Mexican's breaks underwent surgery immediately, her husband had to wait because of the extensive tissue trauma he experienced. Because of the blistered skin on his leg, the doctor was only able to perform a minor surgery this week, placing pins into his ankle, hoping for the best. Anything further would risk necrosis of the skin and death to the bones in his foot.”
“As my husband entered the operating room, the Mexican was released but transported to jail,” she said. “The Mexican's bail is set at $4250.00. If he gets out, odds are against him returning for his court date. And of course, he doesn't speak a word of English. My husband and I are responsible for the tens-of-thousands-of-dollars of medical bills compounding literally daily since the accident, until our uninsured motorist pays-in-full after this ordeal is over. I am told the Mexican will not have to repay his medical debt. Taxpayers will afford his free stay in the hospital and the temporary stay in jail.”
“The sad part - setting aside the intense suffering my husband has experienced - is he has been a police officer for 28 years,” she said. “He'd set a date for retirement in four years and eight months. According to his doctor, he has a 50/50 chance of ever returning to work.”
“We purchase insurance to protect others from ourselves in case of an accident,” she said. “Only what do we do to protect ourselves against the uninsured illegal? These are truly sad, pathetic times we live in. You never realize just how pathetic until you have your own encounter with an illegal from across the border. The system at hand has failed us miserably, and no one seems to know that any clearer now than a police officer.”
What’s going to happen to us as more and more illegal aliens do not subscribe to the rule of law? Eight women were raped in Boulder, Colorado five years ago by illegals that fled back to Mexico. Their city council supports Special Order 40 to protect and harbor illegals. Colorado University quarterback John Hessler was hit head-on by two illegals that fled the scene back to Mexico. Chai Vang gunned down eight deer hunters in Wisconsin four years ago. Six died. National Parks Ranger Kris Eggle suffered death at the hands of a drug smuggler. An illegal alien ran down Denver police in a school cross walk. What if kids were in the walk at the time? Another Denver Police officer, Donald Young suffered an execution by illegal Garcia Gomez.  Eight police officers tested positive for tuberculosis in Austin, Minnesota from arresting infected illegal aliens working at the meat packing plants. An illegal alien killed police officer David Marsh in Los Angeles.
It’s called, ‘THIRD WORLD MOMENTUM’ forging a freeway into America. Not a single one of us is safe from this national nightmare. And our President Obama sued Arizona for standing up to illegals.  Obama sided with the illegals and with Mexico against his own country.
“They come to do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Yeah, right!

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