John Green

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TSA Molestation Searches - It's for the children - Literally

 The searches aren't to keep anyone safe.  The searches aren't intended to impress or annoy adults who remember the pre-communist America and pre-communist American freedom.  The purpose is to get children used to maximally invasive government and normalize it for their generation.
Note the child being molested by the TSA in this video.
He will stop crying after a few years as this becomes normal to him.
When you and I are dead and he's in his 50s, he and all comrades younder than him will be fully accustomed to government agents having full access to them and their bodies where "resistance is futile" including the touching or manipulation of their private parts.
This is the epitome of evil.  If you are an athiest and this does not convince you evil exists in the world, then you are probably part of that evil.

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