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Did Anyone Else in Phoenix Notice the Sky This Past Saturday? (video)

Saturday while I was monitoring the Live Feed for the Freedom Summit 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend, I was called outside by my Son-in-Law to take a look at the sky, so I grabbed my videocamera.  Here is the video I took:
Did anyone else see this?  Please comment below if you did.

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Comment by Kathy Fannin
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I noticed the chemtrails starting on Thurs. 12/2 and going on for 4 or 5 days.  Very disturbing!

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Oh please, Brock - enlighten us!

I'm dying to hear your take... 

Comment by Brock Lorber
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You want the real skinny on this video, or would you prefer to keep speculating?

Comment by Terrance Traylor
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Does anyone have any idea who is doing the flying?  Any discernable markings?  Or where the flights originate?

Comment by Eugenia Howell
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 In the past week, only Tuesday's spraying was light.  Maybe that was to "honor" Pearl Harbor Day since it was ingnored mostly...I now keep a record of days where I do NOT see any areosol spraying. It's a short list!!! I have a hard time using my solar oven.

There was a 29-day stretch during the summer where I saw no planes. Such lack of activity I have not seen since the 90s. We could see the mountains really well all around us.

GMO plants are aluminum resistent.  "Real" plants are not. What does that tell you??

Comment by Karen Adams
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 Yes, I did as well and it was horrific! I have never seen it so bad and my eyes were burning and I coughed all day. We need to get together and organize a protest because the sheeple are oblivious to it. My facebook page is a chemtrail pic and not one person has commented on it! I hand out pamphlets that I have downloaded to make people aware as some don't have a clue since it's not on the evening news. How else can they be aware if we don't inform them.

Comment by Scott Heitmann
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I'm in upstate NY and often see this.Sometimes for days.

Starts as individual trails and eventually merges into a hazy sky. Once I swear I smelled sulpher

Is this the first time you've seen it in your area?

Comment by Sonny Dbb
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I was wondering how many people have seen that last Saturday and Sunday. It was the worst I have seen the sky in a long time. These bastards are ramping it up. I read that the levels of aluminum in Phoenix are 39,000 ppb when the limit is 2 ppb.

This is unreal.

Comment by Brandon Smith
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Yes it's about killing your crops. Monsanto is working on their own plants that are immune to toxic metals such as barium oxide and aluminum. Also, it doubles as an agent that attacks ones lungs thus increasing respiratory problems. I'm sure it also has its uses for the H.A.A.R.P. program as well.

Comment by Michele Power
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 I also saw the numerous continuous chemtrail spraying.  Everytime they spray like that, my eyes get gloppy and my sinuses clog up.  It must be stopped!  I don't care what purpose they say it serves; nothing is worth the risk to our health and the effect it is having on our environment!  I have been handing out copies of the DVD:  "What in the World Are They Spraying?"  People can watch it here: 

Comment by Anonymous Watchman
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All weekend. They have been doing it alot lately. I can tell when the sky is full of this stuff without looking outside, because it makes you sick while you are inside. I have noticed it's mostly clear skies on Veteran's Day, been watching for years.

Comment by Hugo Tellez
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 Yes it got worse through out the day, they were just everywhere..Adam Kokesh was talking about it on the radio on monday after leaving phoenix. 

Comment by Annette Hardman
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Dear Ed, I live in Snowflake AZ. We've met in phx with the Ron Paul campaign.  This has been going on up here for the last 5 days non stop, until yesterday 12-7-10.  In fact, I use weatherunderground for my weather reports. The forecast was for "cloudy" skys for the last 5 days here, well non of it was clouds.  It was all chemtrails so thick that it blocked out most of the sunshine. They are actually putting chemtrails in the forecasts now without calling it that.  There were no natural clouds in the last four days, yet they were spraying heavy enough to block out the entire sky with thick chems all day from the time we woke up till we went to bed at night.  The crap is still hanging in the air today along the horizon.  It's a sick yellow haze at the horizon line. We all need to collectively put a stop to this.  It literally made me sick. Yesterday was the first day of a break and today they are still spraying more lightly and at a higher elevation.  I have pictures galore, over the years here that they have done this.  I'll share if you want.

Tell me what we can do to have this stopped, I have written to Sylvia Allen about this but to no avail.  I don't think I have ever gotten and answer back on the chemtrails  Can't the state of AZ put a moratorium on this? Something.  This is a making us all sick.  The barium and aluminum levels are off the charts from what I have read.  This is horrible to contemplate what it might be doing to us and our children over the longhaul.

Annette Hardman

Snowflake, AZ




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