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Overpopulation in America: the last taboo

Re: “Packing in the population” by Joey Bunch, Denver Post, 12/22/10
The recent U.S. Census figures show the United States continuing at breakneck speed to add another 100 million people by 2035 and 138 million by 2050.  In the face of growing water shortages, energy crises, environmental degradation, overloaded cities and resource depletion—such papers as the Denver Post featured a front page extravaganza announcing, “Packing in the population” as if it warranted a ‘Demographic Badge of Courage’.
Crack journalist Joey Bunch, a man that knows deep environmental destruction in the State of Colorado reported, “Colorado is still growing like gang-busters, but not enough to warrant another member of Congress.”
Please name a single advantage to adding  1.5 million people to Colorado within the last 15 years to reach a 5.1 million humans devouring water, energy and resources.  Exactly how would adding one new member to Congress create more water, resources and energy for the citizens of Colorado?  How would that solve the daily traffic gridlock in our three biggest cities?  Or the toxic Brown Cloud blanketing Denver?  Or, how would it inject more water into our depleted aquifers? 
Would it solve the mind-numbing traffic gridlock on I-70 into the mountains that makes all our weekends a frightful nightmare coming back from camping or skiing?  Would another congress-critter improve our diminished quality of life or degraded standard of living? 
Exactly why do the editors of the Denver Post celebrate overpopulation in Colorado?  Why do they pound into readers the benefits of  unlimited “growth” and “expansion” in a limited water state, with limited energy and limited resources?
Why would Bunch celebrate that Colorado ranks as the ninth-fastest-growing state in the Union?   On the second page, Bunch interviewed Maclyn Clous, professor of finance at the University of Denver, who said, “I think the news that Colorado is an attractive place to live and do business has gotten out a little bit.”
Why do people stream into Colorado?  They flee the East Coast’s horde of people as well as the West Coast’s mob of humans.  The two coasts feature mega-cities, unending traffic, pollution, prices and population overload.  
Why no balance in the reporting?  Why not one word about intolerable gridlock traffic?  Horrible air pollution?  Interstate 70 a living nightmare on weekends?  Why not report that roads and bridges cannot be repaired because the state suffers financial disaster knowing that adding more people costs more for infrastructure than we can pay?  How about our failing schools from population overload?  How about reporting on our deepening water shortages as we expect to grow from 5.1 million to 9.77 million in 40 years?  (Source: “US Population Projections” by Fogel/Martin )
Answer:  the Denver Post remains the 21st century “Pope” with absolute authority to mislead, concoct and live in denial of reality.  Remember how, in the 1600s, the Pope arrested Galileo for daring to divulge the fact that the Earth revolved around the sun instead of  the other way around.   Notice you won’t hear the Denver Post speak a word about overpopulation, but the Post silences any writers that speak up or out. 
Why would any sane publisher, journalist and newspaper ‘advocate’ for,  and ‘celebrate’ the accelerating monstrosity of overpopulation in Colorado or the rest of this country for that matter?  Why doesn’t the Denver Post balance its reporting with harsh realities we all face from human population overload?
"The raging monster upon the land is population growth. In its presence, sustainability is but a fragile theoretical construct.  To say, as many do, that the difficulties of nations are not due to people, but to poor ideology and land-use management is sophistic.”  Harvard scholar and biologist E.O. Wilson
What about “Peak Oil” ; “Peak Water” ; “Peak Species Extinction” ; “Peak Resources” ; “Peak Quality of  Life” and a host of other consequences bearing down on us as we celebrate endless growth?
We suffer more problems that we cannot solve, but  the Post keeps celebrating the cause of all of them: human overpopulation.  As Dr. Paul Ehrlich said, “All causes are lost causes without limiting human population.”
The University of Colorado’s imminent Dr. Albert Bartlett, , said, “Can you think of any problem in any area of human endeavor on any scale, from microscopic to global, whose long-term solution is in any demonstrable way aided, assisted, or advanced by further increases of population, locally, nationally, or globally.” 
You must ask yourself: within 40 years, do I want to live in Colorado with double the population, extreme water shortages, no way to enjoy the mountains from 24/7 gridlock on I-70,  degraded quality of  life, lowered standard of living and environmental calamities raining down on everyone?
We race into this monster “Human Katrina” without a plan or understanding of our predicament.  Once it hits, we all get to be victims or survivors.  Our children don’t deserve such a diminished future on so many levels.  We need to change course toward a sustainable, stable population and viable civilization  for all living creatures.
“Upwards of two hundred species.. .mostly of the large, slow-breeding variety.. .are becoming extinct here every day because more and more of the earth's carrying capacity is systematically being converted into human carrying capacity. These species are being burnt out, starved out, and squeezed out of existence.. .thanks to technologies that most people, I'm afraid, think of as technologies of peace. I hope it will not be too long before the technologies that support our population explosion begin to be perceived as no less hazardous to the future of life on this planet than the endless production of radioactive wastes.” Daniel Quinn
Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as six times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. He presents "The Coming Population Crisis in America: and what you can do about it" to civic clubs, church groups, high schools and colleges. He works to bring about sensible world population balance at He is the author of: America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans.

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