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Peace, Love, Joy, and ... HEY! Wait a Second...

Theodoric of York, bloodletting for 'healthcare purposes'. 
Sentiment, like everything else we humans touch, is a double-edged sword. 
While I wouldn't trade the tears I shed when listening to Linus tell Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas for all the Barrett 50-cals in the world, it is this very same emotion that moves me year after year to all but deplete the family's ready reserves of accumulated wealth for the year to satisfy my Wife's desire to make those Family Members close to her Traditionally happy at Christmastime. 
When I say 'Traditionally', I mean they got enough stuff.  Good stuff.  Stuff that makes them happy.
For the moment.  For now.  Maybe even for another year. 
Stuff that makes Evils sufferable.
We have to be allowed at least that, lest enough of us recognize that which some see quite clearly - the long train of abuses and usurpations that pursue invariably the Design to reduce us under absolute Despotism - and fulfill our RIGHT AND DUTY to throw off such Government, and provide new Guards for our future Security. 
Everyone alive today has been siphoned off of by those who produce NOTHING for their entire lives, and know not what it means to be free.  That's part of 'the Design'.
My wish for you is to understand this, help others to understand this, and lets all make things right.
Before someone gets hurt.
Merry Christmas.

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