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Life Sentence for Being Honest

To those who haven't heard, Richard Simkanin just passed away, while still in the custody of the federal parasite class. As many of you know, he was sentenced to seven years in a cage, by a mentally unstable, god-complex fascist named John McBryde. (I had the displeasure of witnessing the "judge's" delusional psychoses in action at Richard's trial.) Richard's main "sin" was not withholding taxes from his employees--who didn't actually owe anything.

(If the employers of the country stopped acting as thieves on behalf of the parasite class, it would be really difficult for the federal extortion racket to continue, so the federal thieves really wanted to make an example of Mr. Simkanin--to publicly hurt and torture him in order to terrorize others into being obedient.)

After seven years in a cage for being open and honest, and sticking to his principles, Mr. Simkanin got out. However, when he did not report for the "supervised release" routine, the same psychopath "judge" sentenced him to another seven years in a cage. McBryde is certainly not alone among control freaks in thinking that violence is the way to change people's minds, that torturing and inflicting suffering on people is how to alter their beliefs. But with Richard, it obviously didn't work. He left the world with few worldly possessions, but with every scrap of his integrity intact.

People can endlessly debate Mr. Simkanin's legal theories and tactics, and what he should or shouldn't have done. But right now, we should all acknowledge that what he did do, all legal technicalities aside, was to lay down his life for his friends. He stood up for what he believed was right, and kept doing so through torment and suffering. He acted as the antithesis of the megalomaniacs who desire dominion over the rest of us. They could not break Richard Simkanin, and they never did. The most they could do was to kill him. And they did.

Everyone dies. Few still have their integrity fully intact when they do. Richard was one of those few people. Ultimately, he gave up everything to follow his conscience. May he forever rest in peace, and may his courage serve as an example to others.

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Comment by Jukit Babalu
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Hi Larken,

Superior gut-wrenching report there --

Keep up the fight, we need you brother. Hope to meet you one day.

Yer in a song i composed, please spread it around if you can:

Attention musical infowarriors. One good song can awaken millions, thats why they killed John Lennon. Record this free song using either your real or an alias name and post it on the net. To remain anonymous use scroogle.com, ixquick.com, startpage.com and hushmail.com. Think what would happen if thousands of musicians posted this song on the net/blog/netsite. The NWO would end tomorrow! Are you thinking of taking residence in a foreign country? Think again, TPTB have corrupted ALL countries. Said another way, there`s MAJOR flaws in all countries.

So if you`re really serious about attaining freedom, then dust off your instruments and take action while you still can.

Relax, i`m a professional song writer and i`ve done the hard work for you. If you`re not a musician, then at least make a sign and attach it to a structure along the side of the road.

“Message from a slave” Jukit Babalu 12-18-2010

This is a free song that anyone can copy and record using any arrangement they like but please credit me as being the composer.

Beat = Talk, Blues an fast Rock

Time = about 3` 59“


Talk = Day after day you watch this – monstrosity

Who oddly has human facial features

Cut another slice of flesh from yer bosom

And feed his chops and his fellow cannabals just for fun

And because this alien has burned a hole in yer soul an ruined yer DNA

You sit there contemplatin suicide

Thinkin there`s no way this monster can be defeated

Well think again – an sing along with me

Message from a slave – let `em all go

Political prisoners – Bradley Manning – Guantanamo

Ed and Elaine Brown – Sherry Jackson – Irwin Schiff

Ya better set `em – free (begin slow blues beat)

No but – no maybe – baby – no if (beat changes to fast rock)

Exposing the Najis – evil plan

Alex Jones – Doctor Stan

Ernie Hancock – David Icke

Knockin the mask – off this Reich – Chorus = the 4th

They got the kleptomaniac – yakety yaks – on the run wettin their bloomers

With the homicidal medical quacks – an a big – fat – mess – of gloom an doomers

Neil Young – John Fogarty

Debunkin them – with Yikes Mcgee

John Pilger – sheriff Mack

Stuffin the snakes – in a sack

They got the kleptomaniac – yakety yaks – on the run wettin their bloomers

With the homicidal medical quacks – an a big – fat – mess – of gloom an doomers (put 18“ instrumental here)

Lew Rockwell – Doctor Paul

Poisoned the ground – where they crawl

Jimmy Vaughn – Don Henley

Wakin the sheeple – sea to sea

They got the kleptomaniac – yakety yaks – on the run wettin their bloomers

With the homicidal medical quacks – an a big – fat – mess – of gloom an doomers

Chorus = With messy bloomers – standing ovation

Chorus = Of gloom and doomers – Oathkeepers – Max Igan

Chorus = With messy bloomers – Jesse Ventura – Charlie Sheen

Chorus = Of gloom and doomers- Luke Rudkowski – Willie Nelson

Chorus = With messy bloomers – Adrian Salbuchi – Tommy Cash

Chorus = Of gloom and doomers- Katherine Albrecht – Cindy Sheehan

Chorus = With messy bloomers – Ian Crane – Larken Rose (band stops ~ begin slow blues beat)

Wreckin the playhouse – of these mutated – false – heroes



Comment by Gene Swank
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I am saddened to hear of his passing but he didnt have the right representation. There is no IRS code or law that forces an employer to illegaly remove money from an employees check. There is also no code or law that forces you to fill out a W4 from. By code a W4 form is for forign nationals working in the US and is voluntary for a U.S. Citizen. Joe Bannister an ex IRS investigator beat the IRS in court over this and was awarded several mil. for his false arrest.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Larken I love your absolute loathing of the scum that unbiquitously populates government office because I share it.

Keep up the good work brother.