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Theft is still theft, even by Government.

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Arizona Libertarian Party Refutes Liberal Republican 'Hack' Job on Ron Paul and Libertarian


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Somebody who has my phone number called me immediately as soon as he read the comment I posted below. He was asking what I mean when I said we are not Medieval France where the Siege of Bastille is taking place.

My parting words for the gist or summary of my comment below [I hope critics would not accuse me of misusing the word "parting" – as farting --] are as follows: I said that today the Siege of Bastile is … not here, and we could never be there in Medieval France in spite of our travails.

I made it a point for REVOLUTIONARIES to understand that we could not compare the Fall of Washington if it falls at all, to the 1789 Fall of Bastille. Washington will never fall, will always stand up and stand out in American politics till hell freezes over!

Besides, King Obama of the United States and King Louis XVI of France can never be the same, although they are perceived to be similar in terms of how they treat the governed. Louis has an exploitative royal blood while Barack has a manipulative bourgeoisie Muslim Kenyan blood. Their DNAs do not match to give birth to one and the same person, although the question of Obama’s birth continues to snowball in the coldest winter of our lives.

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The gist or summary of my comment below: Do we need to overthrow a government that oppressed the people like what the Crown of England did to Americans living in this country before? Yes. However, as what happened to Medieval France the Siege of Bastille is nowhere … it is not here. Even if certain events or happenings indicate that we "tend" to go there, we are not there … We could never be there. Only the Left and their bucket-kicking look-a-likes here are there. Their call to arms only filters through the left – not the right – ear of the American people.

Do we need to recreate this country to one without a government or regulatory power where individuals live in liberty and freedom to harm others? Absolutely not!

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As a Libertarian of Reason, I admit that since 911 Libertarianism poses a big problem, especially [1] when it is carried too far to the Left, and [2] when it is so grossly misunderstood by an array of Libertarians.

A Libertarian-Republican presidential candidate blaming the American people – not Al Qaeda -- for the most notorious 911 infamy in American history, is actually publicly mouthing the radical agenda of the Left … and that is to distrust authority, to revolt and topple down the government.

Similarly, I am a Libertarian of Reason as against the rest of many-hued revolutionary Libertarians whose libertarianism in extremis in the violent [advocated call to arms] struggle for liberty and freedom is locked in towards recreating America as a nation without a Government, changing this largest economy of the world to one without a Central Bank and without an IRS or income tax , the mightiest nation on the planet that abdicates its global economic and political responsibility and leadership with a hermit-like anti-UN stay-home foreign policy – all coming from the make-belief world of Disney Land.

I like what this article stated for the understanding of the principles of Libertarianism:

"The fundamental principle of liberty ('freedom', to the unwashed) on which all others rest is that each and every individual is born with an absolute right; to be left absolutely alone--unless or until they should harm another (specific) individual's person, property or rights." 

I like this portion which says: "… each and every individual is born with an absolute right; to be left absolutely alone--unless or until they should harm another (specific) individual's person, property or rights." 

What worries me is this part that says "unless or until they should harm another (specific) individual's person, property or rights." People ALWAYS "harm another" wittingly or unwittingly, "[specific] individual’s person, property or rights …"

To access my thinking on what I have just said, do a reality check on we, the people, and find out how they live in today’s society [you will know among others the reason why the nation’s court dockets are clogged, and why cases of killings, robbery, rape and murders among others, are real in a spate of these ever growing numbers of individuals damaging, injuring or harming others].

If they don’t harm others individually, they do it by forming a group or society so that they are stronger than the weak they oppressed and "harm". Ergo, we absolutely need a "counter-force" stronger than "them" … to control or regulate so that the weak can live and enjoy the same liberty and freedom they have. Basically this is the concept of what a Libertarian of Reason is all about. It is more Egalitarian than Fascist-Like.

So we go back to the wisdom of our great forebears why they created a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Reason tells me that I could never be this other kind of Libertarians whose fixation is to recreate the United States of America, without a Government – among others.

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Perhaps Mr, Gerson thinks it's ok for the government to commit murder by denying drugs to those in pain or dying...