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FCC Chairman sold out to become head of NBC Universal

 Cable Giant, Comcast Corp. has hired Federal Communications Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker as senior vice president of government affaris for its NBCUniversal unit. This comes less than a month after she pushed for the merger of NBC Universal whom was owned by GE and Comcast (yes, the cable giant that provides service to 23.8 million cable customers) which is illegal.
  As many don't know, the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal is illegal. Which is why it needed FCC approval before their merger being enacted. The merger creates an "unfair advantage" for comcast in rates, packages, and negotiations with other cable providers. The Approval was rushed through by the FCC Commissioner and then weeks later she was appointed her new job at NBC Universal while announcing her resignation at the FCC. Here's the evidence. Do enjoy your government sell out at work.

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