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Debt Ceiling Silliness

There's a reason this article is so short. There has been much talk about the federal "debt ceiling." It's all absurd. There is no debt ceiling, and never was. It's a show put on by liars and crooks.

What good is a "restriction" that someone imposes upon himself, and can undo himself? It's not a restriction at all. Will the political crooks give themselves permission to spend more money they don't have, on the promise that they'll eventually rob you to pay for it? Gee, I wonder. Of course they will.
Look how many "restrictions" on the political crooks end with: "unless Congress passes a law over-ruling this." Holy smokes. How stupid are Americans? The fact that this passes for "news," or a serious topic of discussion, is pathetic. "That gang isn't allowed to do X, unless they first give themselves permission to do X." And THAT is what passes for useful, learned discourse in America today. Gack. Aak aak, gackity gack.