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Ron Paul & the "debate"

The below is from my son, a college junior, who, as this proud papa likes to say, is at the 99th percentile of perceptiveness.  See the first bar graph, which came from one of the mainstream moron media (msnbc.com) and reflects audience votes on the debate.  Note that the first two bars for Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are of equal length, but the accompanying statistics show that Paul got 40.4% of the votes, and Romney, 22.9%.  If the bars were accurate, the bar for Paul would be almost twice as long as the bar for Romney. 


And so the lobotomized nation goes, round and round the toilet bowl of history.

First graph: WTF?! 40.5% != 22.9% (I threw some programming language in there for you)


Even at his lowest point, Ron Paul still had 96 more votes than Rick Perry and Mitt Romney COMBINED.

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Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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1. != means "does not equal" in programming talk.

2. I caught this too but if you look, the scale used is actually PIXELS so that would make this graph logarithmic. That's darn misleading in a bar chart.

3. Seems the two conclusions are that the "statisticians" who created this were sloppy (happens all the time) OR it's intentionally misleading. OR a combination of same. The other option is that web developers aren't necessarily statisticians and they might have interpreted the data...variously.