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The arrogant corruption of our U.S. Congress

This past Sunday night, Steve Croft of “60 Minutes” exposed how U.S. Congressional critters cheat, lie and benefit from insider trading on defense contracts.  He cornered former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with her investments gained from her inside knowledge of multi-billion dollar contracts. 
Pelosi boasts multi-millionaire status.  She responded that everything she had done as to investments was legal.  In reality, she cheated before a law could be passed to stop the cheating. 
For example, Tour de France bicyclists injected drugs for years to win the coveted title while the ones that played by the rules never had a chance at the victory podium.  Once the cheating was deemed illegal, the cheaters had to play by the rules and not inject performance enhancing drugs.
In the same line, Croft interviewed a former U.S. senator who had introduced a “Stock bill” law to stop Pelosi and dozens if not hundreds of other congressional representatives from benefiting from insider trading knowledge as to defense contracts.  That senator could only garner six other reps to sign on to the bill.  It has languished in committee ever since.
In other words, the people elected to enforce our laws become the people that break our laws or don’t make laws to stop the cheating—in order to benefit themselves.
You wonder why we suffer 15 million unemployed while that same Congress insources, outsources and offshores American jobs.  You may become distressed that 8 to 10 million illegal aliens work jobs in America with impunity.  You may wonder how come our middle class continues vanishing right before our eyes.
Thomas Jefferson hated Great Britain because the landed gentry, the power elites—either by birth or class status, not talent, maintained a stranglehold on the financial wealth of the empire.  The royalty enjoyed wealth by birthright, not by ability, education or personal effort.  Even today, Prince Charles has not worked a day in his life.  His mother Queen Elizabeth has not completed a single day of work to further her country’s well being.  Prince William today walks around with his bride Kate on a free taxpayer ride through life.  He is the lucky recipient of the sperm lottery and nothing more.
The common man did not and does not stand a chance against the power elite. Today, the power elite in Washington DC empower themselves to enrich themselves at the expense of our republic. 
While Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues enrich themselves with insider information on defense contract business deals, we suffer 15 million unemployed Americans, 45.2 million Americans subsisting on food stamps, $12 billion in costs per month for endless wars, trade deficits and a $14 trillion national debt.  Has Barack Obama accomplished anything to solve those problems?  Answer: nothing in three years.
How can the common man fight back?  Jefferson and the founding brothers gave us a method for dealing with gross incompetence and gross greed.
Vote the critters out of office in the next election! 

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Comment by Daine Jaxen
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 Might I "nit-pick" one word Ol'Skip (earlier) used? Thank You! Skip used the word "inalienable" instead of "unalienable" as was used in The Declaration of Indepenence." There is a vast difference in the definitions...AND...obviously the results...perhaps if WE THE PEOPLE awaken to that subtle, yet profound difference WE once again will BE WHO WE REALLY ARE (even the leaches will change back into WHO WE ALL ARE...)...ALL-MEN (gender neutral) ARE CREATED EQUAL (not the place to argue as "religionists and/or atheists") AND ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS..." Lets first relearn to THINK-SAY- and DO THE Unalienableness of WHO WE ARE...it begins individually and expands into the COLLECTIVE-WISDOM...not the "collective-idiocy" which permeiates "government" regardless the level...WE ARE (globally actually) "The ALLness of ONE..the ONEness of ALL"...WE AS "THINKING-BEINGS" CAN Collectively "move-from"..."stinking-thinking" to "right-think" which IS THE DIFFERENCE...Daine 

Comment by Daine Jaxen
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 Frosty, thank you for the perspective on "acceptable-criminality"...well, acceptable to the "elected/appointed criminals." I'm in agreement up to this point on your reporting, however, I disagree on the solution, based simply upon historical results. When we vote'um out...the replacements simply take up where the others left off. i.e., Ol'Albert E. had it down to a "science" with his observations stated roughly as; "Continueing to do the same thing expecting a different result is the epitome of stupidity." Being an anarchist...I offer an anarchy solution...STOP THE MONEY FLOW TO WASHINGTON, DC through paying taxes to the IRS...STOP the automatic deductions from payrolls...YES YOU CAN...BUT...it takes a bit of risk to CHANGE REALITY...STOP DOING WHAT WE'VE BEEN DOING...when there is no more blood to suck...the leaches STOP LEACHING...Think outside The Box Man...AND...less "courageous" individuals will follow...THEN CHANGE WILL HAVE BECOME OUR NEW REALITY...Yeah, I did say risk occurs...but it was a tad risky back in the 1700s...right? Daine

Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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Hey Frosty, You're absolutely right, except two things. 1.  They aren't elites. They're psychopathic oligarchs or at least from research it appears that many of them are. Anybody who lies under the pretence that they do, of doing what is in the best interest of the majority, while shoving as much money as they do into their own and their supporters pockets has to be a psychopath.  2.  Beating Congress is like trying to beat the drug cartels. Everytime you take one out, their are 5 waiting in the wings to take their place.  Trying to beat them at the game they control is also virtually impossible, as they are willing to do the most devious of activities to obtain their objectives. Voting fraud and murder, as five Presidents would attest to if they were still around. Even taking them out will civil war have been fruitless as American history has shown.  

I believe the only way in which to ever be able to utilize fully the inalienable rights we have, is to have the free market manage the judicial system, rather than having government do it.  Congress may write the laws, but is it not the Judicary that both defines the terms and either concurs or desents to its enforcement.     


Comment by James Eldridge
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"Vote the critters out of office in the next election!" ??? I thought that had been done in the last election. Voting in 2012 is not going to make a difference, besides I doubt that this out of control government will let us get that far into next year before they false flag us with another kind of 9/11, except something on a bigger scale so as to call for Martial Law. Why else did they really test the nations warning system, but to make sure that they can tell everyone, everywhere across the continent at the same time that your rights are suspended! Those demon 'elites', as they like to think of themselves, are behind on their schedule to take full control of this nation and the globe. Knowledge is a powerful force, so keep telling others about the actions of that power elite in Washington and just maybe we can offset their desired date for total takeover by a few more years.

Comment by Ed Martin
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 Let's Make a Deal

Comment by James Higginbotham
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Howdy. you stated that Thomas Jefferson said vote them out of office those CORRUPTED CRIMINALS.

we by doing so election after  election tell me HOW that is working out for ya?

there is that OTHER BOX  you know the ONE our fore fathers WERE FORCED to use  against the BRITISH seemed it worked for them so i think that SHOULD be our next VOTING SOLUTION to END THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL TYRANNICAL  CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE WE CALL GOVT...