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Good Going & Evil Coming: Liberty & Tyranny

Your Neck In The Noose When The Bottom Falls Out
By David A. McElroy
Jan. 1st, 2012
A new year begins, one of ominous portents according to ancient prophecies and modern prognosticators. Those of us who have studied the vast panorama of history know human civilizations and societies move through repeating cycles. Man and market behaviors, social patterns and dynamics have remained the same over the ages, just the names and technologies change to camoflage them in new political, technical or religious rhetoric. The current oligarchs are in their end game for the present cycle. Note the “tipping point” you have heard about. Aaron Russo noted this progression from liberty to tyranny in his bold 2006 documentary AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism.
The recent deaths of two men often heralded as great leaders brought certain thoughts about contrasts to mind. I saw Good & Evil coming and going in the struggle to gain liberty and honest leaders worthy of respect. The totalitarian received far more pomp and circumstance in funerary respects than the freedom fighter did in memoriam. There was a big parade honoring the North Korean for whom United Nations flags flew at half staff.
Kim Jong Il was the “Dear Leader” of hardcore communist North Korea. He, like his father from whom he inherited the presidency, was officially deemed a god in the state propaganda. He was a ruthless dictator wielding one of the largest military forces in the world, starving his people to feed fascist ambitions. Arrested for outlawed worship, a Christian group was marched into a street after the local residents had been summoned to observe their fate. The Christians were ordered to lie down in the street, and like bugs, splattered alive under a big diesel paving roller to reinforce fear of Kim’s Stalinist state.
Vaclav Havel was acclaimed for leading his countrymen to evict the communists from Czechoslavakia in a bloodless “Velvet Revolution”. He returned that nation to liberty principles by popular consent of the governed, who made him their president. European Union officers detested Havel’s independent stance and traditional values, labeling him a homophobic. His funeral was public, but modestly honorary.
America has fallen for the socialist rubric, with protestors in “Occupy Wall Street” and other places openly praising communism. Virtually all the planks of the old Marxist Communist Manifesto have been implemented in these less united states. Many proudly wear shirts with murderous Che Guevara’s face on it, or Vladimir Lenin or Karl Marx. Our current president has declared himself a Marxist in his books, and the Communist Party USA openly endorses him. Now, we suffer not only the oxymoronically named Patriot Act, but a treasonous S.1867 passed almost unanimously to negate our Bill of Rights within the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. President Obama declares he has the right to assassinate anyone, anytime, anywhere, merely on his command. Due Process is no longer a right, as S.1867 allows military force to be used against anyone, anytime, anywhere, and the targeted individuals who are deemed “terror suspects” can be arrested and detained “indefinitely”, tortured or killed, and will suffer with no right to an attorney, no warrants or charges, no trial nor judicial remedy. Just some armed men making you disappear and leaving family and friends no clue as to where or how you might be. Of course, those hundreds of FEMA camps await. Posse Comitatus is dead, and so is the whole fabric of constitutional law and any pretense of justice in these less united states. Tyranny rules!
President George W. Bush used to say our enemies “hate our freedom” in America, rather than hate us because the United States military was bombing and killing their people. So, the terrorist Muslims have won, I guess. Freedom is now illegal. Courts even consider implementing Sharia Law in Muslim cases and Obama spends our tax dollars importing Hamas members here! A federal judge in Wisconsin even ruled we have no right to choose or grow our own food! What would Jesus do? Or Patrick Henry?
A socialist hell ensues in the land of the fee and the home of the slave. The only thing left for completion of the Marxist Revolution is disarming the public. Now Secretary of State Clinton is busy preparing for that with the United Nations Small Arms Treaty conference. Some shills attempt damage control by saying no treaty can supercede our constitution, but Obama, an International Socialist, has declared that he decides what is constitutional and he has repeatedly thumbed his nose at the courts and refused to comply with their rulings. He has also stated he will rule “without Congress”. He has emasculated our House of Representatives and stifled the Senate in commandeering fiscal matters unconstitutionally with his “Super Committee”. Obama is not bound by the Constitution.
Presuming the old communist playbook continues to play out, soon we will see the feds implementing martial law to detain, disarm, and separate dissidents and the “useless eaters”, as Henry Kissinger once described the elderly. (Strange, coming from an old Nazi now over 90 years old!) Proponents of Obamacare, like Tom Daschle, even say rationed healthcare is needed as “the elderly have a duty to die and not be a burden to society.” That will solve Social Security and Medicare problems. Dead people collect no benefits, funds they paid for in a fraudulent ponzi scheme. The communist plan is fully intended to make people dependent upon the state, bankrupt them, and dispose of them as “useless eaters” after they have been reduced to destitution and poor health.
Central banks were designed to bankrupt us, and put all capital in the oligarchs’ hands, the same elitists who bankroll socialism. It is a swindle often called the Public/Private Partnership, where losses and liabilities are socialized upon the backs of the working people, and the profits and privileges are highly concentrated in the small group of oligarchs. It is also called “Corporatism” or “Fascism”. All through history, after every socialist revolution, people sent to “camps” were either worked to death as slaves in torturous conditions, or just killed outright and dumped in a mass grave after being stripped of everything, even dignity. At what point will you have seen enough to fight the evil?
It is precisely because millions of us working class Americans are waking up to the fact Uncle Sam is taking off the velvet gloves to reveal his iron fists in TREASON! All down history lane, when a middle class arises in a prosperous economy and becomes learned through schooling, travel, and trade, communicating widely across the populations, and learns how badly the elite have deceived and oppressed them. The dictator’s regulatory and enforcement screws are tightened down upon the people. Travel, weapons, and more are limited or prohibited. Revolution comes to brew. Then, the tyrants will slaughter the struggling middle class and rebelling peasants. The population of survivors is reduced to fearful ignorance to serve as slaves. Pol Pot did this in Cambodia. Being able to read was a death sentence in Pol Pot’s Cambodia. All the social justice we will ever need can be summed up in the “Golden Rule”, and government loathes peace and love.
Making way for the New World Order will require eradicating all vestiges of the world we have known. Hence, emphasis on hedonistic, dumbed-down, malleable youth culture. Beware United Nations Agenda 21 calling for the 85% reduction in human population in a few years. Do you suppose you and your family will be in the 15% spared, or the 85% marked for death? Recall that bio-weapons can now be ethnically or chronologically targeted with some genetically engineered pathogens. Mass produced food stuffs and public water supplies are deliberately laced with toxins and carcinogens. Doctors and pharmaceuticals are the leading cause of death. Chemicals are sprayed from the sky. Pollution and radiation from Fukushima and depleted uranium is all around us, unavoidable anywhere. The Gulf of Mexico is poisoned by BP. Is this the modern world of science people should respect?
Many think they can just “vote the bums out”, and I have heard that all my life. What makes you think the election processes are not rigged and thoroughly corrupted? Is the heavily sandbagged Ron Paul campaign for liberty, peace, and prosperity not a showcase example of how badly our election processes are manipulated and corrupted by the evil establishment based on war profiteering? The time grows short for even the smallest modicum in freedom in fascist America with the enactment of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. The hammer and sickle will soon fall upon us on a field of red. Scary is 2012.
Do you not see the writing on the wall? Have no king but Jesus! Live free or die trying!

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
Entered on:

At the risk of beating a deceased equine, I want to make two points not explicitly stated earlier:

By the way I read the supremacy clause, it is entirely possible to enact into law things contrary to established practices, either by legislation or treaties.


1.  Not good (which is to say bad) laws can be passed without overturning the constitution.

2.  Obversely, just because a law does not overturn the constitution does not make the law a not bad (which is to say good) law.

I think the processes of the first 6 articles must be tempered by the objectives stated in the preamble.  It is my understanding that courts officially ignore the preamble as "preferatory text".

If the courts ignore it, the people must not.

If there is a solution, it is to be found among the citizenry-at-large.

The constitution does not provide any means to render court rulings or executive orders "the supreme law of the land".

If a remedy is available from within constitutional officialdom, that remedy is impeachment of judges who wander too far from the constitution, substituting their will for that of the people.  And it is impeachment of executive branch officials who stray too far from the constitution in their authorship or enforcement of executive orders.

This should have already been happening at a very high rate.  It hasn't.

An approach to make that happen does not spring immediately to mind.

DC Treybil

Comment by Dennis Treybil
Entered on:

Not to defend Obama, but he didn't invent the concept of ignoring the Constitution.  Not later than the VietNam "conflict", the USoA waged an undeclared war.  Then there's the spectacle of FDR trying to pack the court to get around Congress and the people - the ultimate departure from the Constitution, as I understand it.  (The guy at buildfreedom.com that I linked to has a very different understanding.  According to his reading, FDR did not necessarily violate original intent.) 

Not long ago, I read an obituary of a reknown liberty advocate (whose name eludes me at this moment) who asserted that almost every act of the federal government since the Civil War was extra-constitutional.

I agree that some of Obama's agenda is also extra-constitutional, but it's just not new.  If that obituary is any indication, such activity on the part of the federal government goes back at least to the Civil War.

DC Treybil

Comment by McElchap
Entered on:

 Hey, Dennis!  Yes, I am aware of the law and the cases you cited about how a treaty cannot supercede the US Constitution.  My point is that Obama simply disregards the law and does as he pleases. He has done this many times and says he will ignore both Congress and the courts to do as he sees fit. Obama is a very lawless revolutionary bent on "change" and will not be constrained. He is very clearly a dictator in the Marxist tradition, and the D.C. establishment is quite complicit in aiding and abetting the socialist coup.     David McElroy

Comment by Dennis Treybil
Entered on:

Regarding "a treaty cannot supercede the Constitution" . . .

According to the supremacy clause, the constitution itself plus legislation and treaties passed in pursuance thereof are the supreme law of the land.

In Marbury v. Madison, Justice Marshall ranked the three in the order they were listed.  The Constitution sorta' trumped legislation which sorta' outranked treaties, BUT

When a treaty is ratified, which requires a supermajority in the Senate,  it IS the supreme law of the land until repealed, or supreceded by another treaty.  The supreme court can find legislation unconstitutional and it has.  So, it can find provisions of treaties violate the constitution in specific cases.

By my reading of the supremacy clause, court rulings are NOT the supreme law of the land.  To become supreme law of the land should, in my opinion, require supporting legislation.

According to the material here, http://www.buildfreedom.com/condel1.htm reading the constitution competently requires a 26th grade education.

No, the treaty cannot supercede the constitution.  BUT, it, like the constitution itself, can become supreme law of the land once it is ratified "in pursuance thereof".  And its provisions, like the provisions of legislation, can be quite different than the practices long established and accepted.

It might actually require a constitutional amendment declaring the treaty BY NAME to be void to overturn it.  At least, that's one way it might be accomplished.

DC Treybil