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For Liberty, Peace, & Prosperity!
By David A. McElroy
Jan. 4, 2012
The 2012 Iowa GOP Caucus is history. The tally is Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum with 25% and Ron Paul with 21.4%. A slim margin of only 8 votes, or .001%, between Romney and Santorum distinguished a virtual tie as first and second place, relegating Ron Paul to third place. Many feel Paul was cheated of a position well earned, see Santorum’s rocketing from a mere 2% in the early polls to be dubious. Some, as usual, suspect some election fraud, and rightly so, as Paul has obviously been sandbagged by GOP agents.
But in a surprising New York Times news alert, the flagship of liberal media in America conceded today that “With Ron Paul coming in a not too distant third, the caucuses did not deliver a clear answer to what type of candidate Republicans intend to rally behind to try to defeat President Obama…” Quite right, and unusual for the NYT to admit it.
A report from Des Moines at www.BusinessInsider.com/RonPaul for Jan. 4th, speculated “… Paul may actually be the real winner of the first Republican voting contest. That’s because Paul’s massive organizational push in Iowa focused on both winning votes, and also on making sure that Paul’s supporters stuck around after the vote to make sure they were selected as county delegates - the first step towards being elected as a delegate to the Republican National Convention…” The delegates are free to vote for any presidential candidate they choose. In the article, Sydney Hay, a Paul campaign advisor, “said she was confident that Paul would come away from Iowa with a strong majority of the state’s delegates.” Hay said “It’s a good first step toward making sure that Paul has a strong presence on the floor in Tampa this summer - something his supporters believe will help force the republican party to start reckoning with their movement.”
The RINO fat cats in the back rooms plotting their NeoCon course of socialist action will happily accept any Republican, ANYBODY BUT RON PAUL! They dare not face Paul directly on the traditional principles for which he has steadfastly stood through all his 12 terms as the Representative of the 14th District in the Galveston, Texas area. Those are basic liberty principles making Ron Paul popular across the broad spectrum of America. He draws support from a diverse assortment of voters, especially the military, and even some traditionally Democrat voters.  Paul’s message of liberty, peace, & prosperity is winning.
So, it is on to New Hampshire. Many see Santorum’s bid lacking legs for the long run, as he has only 5 staff in New Hampshire after working a whole year in Iowa, and only 4 in South Carolina to follow. He reportedly never drew more than 100 in his events, and has no real organization, no “boots on the ground”. In fact, the whole RINO team has relied heavily upon checkbook campaigning with billionaire Romney in the favored slot. But Paul has sustained a large and diverse base of grassroots support moving his campaign forward from 2008 thru 2012 with millions of small donations and personal activism. Much of his support is not even officially connected to his campaign, yet promoting him in the media, with signs and banners, web posts, knocking on doors and distributing flyers in neighborhoods all across America. He has stood up to the trampling RINO team, and Ron Paul is not done by a long shot!
So the NeoCons are busy driving wedges to splinter Paul’s base, get folks to embrace the “Big Brother” agenda with the pork bait and divisive rhetoric. NeoCons campaign hard for more police powers against the maligned of the month, (& all of us), beat the drums for unjust wars with continued policies of fascist socialism benefiting a cabal of fat cat banksters and billionaires in the insatiably greedy military/industrial complex. Donald Trump has jumped into the race as an independent to spoil Paul’s run, replacing Herman Cain the Federal Reserve Banker. Cain was the GOP counter to Obama‘s race card, who was shot down in a hail of adultery claims. Detractors still bandy about a 20 year old newsletter as “proof” of Paul’s racism, citing an article Paul has credibly denied writing and disclaimed many times over the years. The cited item merely commented about the large proportion of black criminals in Washington, and their athletic prowess, which should be no surprise as the vast majority of the population in D.C. is black.
Blacks have defended Paul. Nels Linder, Austin NAACP president, has declared Ron Paul is not racist, and Linder is personally well acquainted with Paul. An ex-aide to Congressman Paul, Eric Dondero, (who had ran against Paul unsuccessfully as a GOP challenger,) is now motivated to smear Paul as “anti-Israel” and “homophobic”. Dondero says “I never hear a racist word expressed” by Paul, but that Congressman Paul likes to “pal around with racists.” Still others note membership with the Freemasons. Paul notes his message of freedom is extended to all, without his necessarily honoring all philosophies and practices of those seeking out liberty. Even Christ was slandered with “guilt by association”. Ron Paul’s enemies have searched long and hard for dirt they never find, so they desperately use the slightest innuendo to spin a huge web of aspersions to cast over Paul’s visage. Yet Paul is squeaky clean!
Pundits and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad said voters should ignore Paul if he won the top slot, and boost the second GOP candidate instead. Chris Wallace of Fox News said “If Ron Paul wins Iowa, it doesn’t count.” Can we presume if Paul wins New Hampshire, that won’t count either? The elitists hidden in the back room will tell us who to vote for, and they do want ANYBODY BUT RON PAUL! Some, like fellow GOP candidate Newt Gingrich, even said “Paul is no better than Obama!” The rule is no longer to “Speak no evil of a fellow Republican.“ The GOP long knives are thrust at Ron Paul. Why?
The fat cats in the District of Criminals are running scared. They have worked tirelessly many years to sandbag Paul, skew the media and limit his debate time to only 90 seconds. Or adjourn GOP meetings early when it appears a vote would support Paul, as the Nevada GOP did in 2008. They have done their best to ignore, malign, foil and smear him, yet he is surging at the top of the heap because millions recognize Ron Paul presents us the only real option for truth, justice, & liberty for all. The Constitution Party, which also includes the Holy Bible in its’ platform, had its’ candidate for POTUS, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, endorsed by Ron Paul as he bowed out after the 2008 GOP primary. Some encourage Paul to run for POTUS on the 2012 Constitution Party ticket.
Ron Paul leads a move to return to truly Constitutional Law and the American Heritage envisioned by the Founding Fathers. Paul would end Uncle Sam’s interventionist policies disguised as foreign aid, while promoting a truly free market economy and international commerce. He outlined A Foreign Policy of Freedom, Peace, Commerce and Honest Friendship” in a 2007 book of that title. He would end the endless warfare, and uphold a strictly unfettered exercise of our God-given rights as listed in our Bill of Rights, return usurped powers to state governments. He has outlined how $1 trillion can be cut from the federal budget immediately within his term in the Oval Office. He would abolish entire cabinet-level departments. Taxes would be slashed heavily.
Ron Paul would end the Federal Reserve Bank system which is charging taxpayers interest on American paper currency, killing a bankrupting parasite. He would stabilize the economy by returning the USA to the gold standard and constitutionally defined gold and silver money. Paul was first motivated to seek a seat in Congress by President Nixon ending the US gold standard, seeing our current bankruptcy. He believes prosperity can best be restored not by “redistribution” and “stimulus”, but by getting the government off our backs and out of our pockets, letting people keep the fruits of their labor and make their own decisions as responsible adults at liberty in their labors. Paul, who chairs the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology, said “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.” Paul also sat on the House Banking Committee, and wrote a 1982 book, “The Case for Gold”.
Dr. Paul recently blasted our rights being completely stripped away by S. 1867 in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. It is authorizing military police action against US civilians in America with indefinite detention and no due process at all. No warrant, no right to an attorney, no trial, no judicial remedy, just armed men making you disappear… or die! It is fascist law! Paul bashed the Act as a totalitarian measure for “martial law” ending America’s heritage of liberty and dissent in a free society. He had earlier voted against the Patriot Act and the undeclared wars in Iraq and Libya.
Critics say Paul is a libertarian who left the Republican Party. But Paul replied saying “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me!” Paul works tirelessly for smaller, less costly, less intrusive government. He strongly appeals to older Republicans who supported Barry Goldwater, and also has very strong support among college kids and the military. Liberals are alarmed at Paul’s gaining ground in the traditionally Democrat Black community. His detractors assault him as “wrong” on certain issues like marriage, abortion, or drug legalization, but avoid explaining Paul believes many issues should be decided at state or local levels, not by federal law, or are not constitutionally handled. He has stood for returning power to the people and their states, not concentrating power in the socialist District of Criminals. Ron Paul reminds us that all politics are local.
Ron Paul recognizes the God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness secure in one’s property. The right to life comes first, and having worked as an ob/gyn delivering 4,000 babies, Dr. Paul recognizes that life begins at conception and would vote for a law supporting the sanctity of life from conception. He believes abortion is murder. Paul began his medical practice as a US Air Force flight surgeon. He won’t prostitute his religion politically, but he is a member of a Baptist church with his wife of over 50 years, Carol. He has 5 children, and 17 grandchildren.
Representative Paul has NEVER voted for a tax increase in twelve terms! He has never voted for an unbalanced budget, or any increase in the power of the executive branch. He has never voted for any federal restriction on gun ownership. Ron Paul has never voted for increasing congressional pay or taken a taxpayer-funded junket. Paul is called “Dr. NO” because of his voting record of refusing to support any legislation he believes is unconstitutional or contrary to the principles of liberty. The lobbyists know better than to visit his office, because “NO” is the answer they’ll get. Paul has also refused taking his congressional pension and even makes a point of returning a portion of his congressional office budget to the US Treasury each year!
I first became aware of Ron Paul as a candidate for POTUS on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988. I began following his activities more closely in 1992 after joining Harry Everingham’s Arizona Breakfast Club. Administering that political forum, I had the honor of Dr. Paul asking me to organize a big 2002 meeting for him in Scottsdale. I know Ron Paul has been very consistent in standing for his principles as a statesman, and not flipping and flopping with the wind like a pandering politician. Yes, I am biased for Paul. But his record is solid, and I direct you to sources I am using for this article. Check Paul On The Issues, a website which details the record of Every Political Leader On Every Issue. There are 19 pages of Paul’s voting records and policy statements, with copious links to even further documents on his work in the House of Representatives. See the following among many: www.issues2000.org/tx/Ron_Paul.htm or go to http://paul.house.gov/index or a 2007 www.rense.com/general77/ronpaulrecord.htm .
Don’t listen to TV’s talking heads’ assessments of Ron Paul, check his record and his principles. He’ll help us to get honest gold and silver, peace and freedom! Paul can win! Vote for yourself. I say Vote Ron Paul for truth, justice, and liberty for all!
Why are the jackasses, pachyderms and rinos from both sides of the aisle doing their very worst to trample Paul’s rise? Isn’t it obvious? RON PAUL CHAMPIONS LIBERTY, PEACE & PROSPERITY!
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