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Speech at Washington Monument on Veterans Day 2011


Chairwoman Barbara Ketay – U.S. Patriot Union

Speech at the Washington Monument on Veterans Day

Nov. 11, 2011

 The United States Patriot Union, on a bleak and frigid day with winds gusting at over twenty miles per hour, held a four hour rally at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., in which they called for the immediate resignation of President Barack Obama, his last two Supreme Court appointees and several cabinet members, including Attorney General Eric Holder. Barbara Ketay, the Head o f the Justice Division of the Union and also Legal Associate of the Biblical Law Center, gave the following address to several hundred attendees. Lt. (ret.) Jim Payne of the U.S. Marine Corps give introductory remarks.


This lady, Barbara Ketay, describes the current situation and provides THE solution better than any I have had the privilege of reading in a long time—maybe ever. Please do yourself and our Nation a favor — please digest every point she makes; it is authentic and unquestionable. This is the kind of education this country needs and cannot survive without. Every man, woman and child needs to thoroughly understand what she is saying.

This country has the ability to come back and be stronger than ever if you (each of you) will take these words to heart and make sure everybody you know understands what is being said here. Do the right thing. Please read this and get it to everyone you know.


—Jim Payne

U.S. Marine Corps

Lieutenant Colonel (retired)



A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM BARBARA KETAY - Chair of the United States Patriot Union Justice Division!


 Good afternoon and thank you all for coming. If I have not met each of you individually, I want to personally thank each and every Veteran for everything you have done, and continue to do, for my Country.

I want to thank three special friends: Tim Harrington - Sgt of Marines, and co-founder of the USPU, Staff Sgt. Terry Jones, U.S. Army, and Tech. Sgt Donald Homol, U.S. Air Force. They could not be here today. The last two have Agent Orange damage...you remember how we were told Agent Orange caused no problems...another lie from another era.

I am smart enough to know...

No preacher has given us freedom to worship...

No reporter has given us freedom of the press...

No poet has given us freedom of speech...

No campus organizer has given us freedom to assemble...

No lawyer has given us the right to a fair trial...

No politician has given us the right to vote...

No, it always has been, and always will be, the Veteran who has given and who protects those rights.

THANK YOU! And may God bless you and yours bountifully.

Humor me a minute please. Everyone close your eyes and with your right hand I want you to point north. O.K. Open your eyes. "this is North", which always remains true. It is the truth, regardless of what you say or believe. It is the same with TRUTH. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE NO MATTER WHAT WE THINK.

I can tell you something about truth...Truth has no manners; truth is no respecter of persons; truth wounds kings and commoners alike; truth cuts down the high, and definitely confirms the lowness of the low.

Some people will say I am nothing but a life support system for my mouth.

Some will say I have no love. Not true, I care for the sick and dying by being a hospice volunteer, and I care for the homeless as a volunteer at a shelter. I love my church. I am loved and have the love of many wonderful friends. But, I can tell you I love my Country with a passion so deep that sometimes I can't even verbalize it.

Daniel Webster said: "God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it." I am a Christian. I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He has made me a "Watchman". So today, I am guarding your liberty, and, defending and protecting your rights by telling you the truth...regardless of what you think of me.


But not anymore, everything is fuzzy, in order to blur the truth. This way it is easier to deceive people, to do revisionist history, promote the collectivist lie, and, achieve the destruction of the individual.

Today I want us all to be jurors - not judges - but jurors. We will receive information which is prima facie (the highest and best source, #1) no hearsay, no antidotal statements, no hyperbole, no opinions, no guessing, no physic visions, just hard cold, verifiable, documented facts. Let us reason together, forgetting ego, pride, power, money, and past accomplishments. Let's determine to do what is right for America, and what is ultimately right for all Americans. It is a time of crisis for America.

We need honorable leaders to step forward and lead. We are confronted at every turn by evil, self-serving people and groups. The Bible asks the question in Psalms 94:16, "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? If not now...when? If not us, who? Great leaders see the need and consider it a privilege to serve. The hour is late and the task has fallen upon us to take back our Country.

America my Country, your Country, our Country is dying. We are now witnessing the death throes of a once great and powerful nation. If we called the paramedics, America would be a "Code Blue" patient: observation shows America is hemorrhaging and gasping for a breath of original intent from the Founding Fathers; her eyes are fixed and glazed over from seeing the constant abuse of her citizens; her arms, which held and protected her citizens, via the Bill of Rights, have been ripped from the sockets and now hang limp; her legs, which once represented her military might, are broken with compound factures from her military being sold to the United Nations and turned on her own citizens, and other innocents; she has many bruises and deep gashes on her body where her life blood, the Constitution, has been beaten up, cut out and drained from her; her pulse and respiration are almost undetectable; and, the most serious injury, her heart is broken.

Can this patient be saved? Only you, the American citizen, can determine the outcome. This patient needs an immediate transfusion of the blood of Christians and patriots, who will step forward and revive her. She needs to breathe the air of freedom and to have her wounds treated and bandaged. She needs to recuperate with loving care and concern from her citizens.

But more than anything, she needs to see that the evil, treasonous, insidious, self-serving, tyrannous gang who raped and abused her have been brought to justice.

535 members of Congress and 9 members of the United States Supreme Court have violated their oaths of office, and, are complicit in allowing a usurper, illegal alien, Communist, Muslim, sociopath, habitual, chronic and pathological liar, and Soros puppet, named Barack Hussein Obama, II, the audacity of occupying the office of President of the United States. We are the laughing stock of the world, existing in the largest fraud ever perpetrated in the United States of America.

Further, as jurors, we know that the United States Constitution is not a living document! It is cast in stone just like the 10 Commandments. The Founding Fathers looked at history, and rightly determined that men are not to be trusted within government, and if this was to truly be a free society, "...men must be tied with the chains of the constitution." Jefferson

Further, why can't these idiots in Washington get it...we were established as a Constitutional Republic, and not a democracy...which is nothing more than mob rule. I am sorry to say we have morphed into a democracy, because, we, the citizens were not vigilant. This is why we are in the shape we are in today. A so-called democracy is what destroyed Rome, Greece, Babylon, Assyria, etc.

The true magic, or should I say brilliance, of our system of government is that the power was diffused among the three branches of government, which are not co-equal by the way, contrary to what you have been taught. We have an Executive Branch and a two part Legislative Branch. This means that the Congress determines what is Constitutional, and not the Courts. The elected branches of government have the power to create law, not the unelected judiciary, and especially not nine, unelected jurists, who serve for life. The simple role of the jurist is to say if the law conforms to a specific Constitutional precept. The courts have abandoned this role...now anything goes...there are no effective restraints in place on the law, regulations and executive orders. Whose fault is this...it is our fault. The Supreme Court acts as if it is God. Some moron attorney said "The Constitution is what the SC says it is." What a lie from the pit of hell.

And the most important part for us as jurors...America was founded as a Christian Nation. I have in my hand 13 pages full of case law, Supreme Court decisions, statements from the founders and statements from Presidents. I am not going to read them today, but the documented, historical evidence exists which you can read for yourself. I am sick and tired of the elite apologizing and denying that America is a Christian country. Does India apologize for being Hindu? Does Iran apologize for being Muslim? Does China apologize for being Buddhist? The answer is a resounding NO! So here we have the greatest nation ever to exist on the face of the earth, set aside and established by God himself, groveling, bowing and scraping at the feet of atheists, homosexuals and communists and their evil whims, while allowing them to espouse and promote, "...America is not a Christian nation...".

To deny the Christian heritage of the United States of America, is to deny that America ever existed at all. The Founding Fathers of the United States perfectly understood the linkage of Christian thinking and the concepts of the government they were establishing. They publicly recognized "Lex Rex", in that law could be king, because they knew there was a Law Giver, the same One who gave those unalienable rights. The works and testimonies of the great heroes of the faith and defenders of freedom" such as Knox, Calvin, Luther, Bunyan, Tyndale, Rutherford and Wycliff, and others, could all recognize their input into the formative beliefs of our Country. The Founding Fathers realized that Christianity is just not a series of truths, but Truth itself - Truth about all of reality. They further knew that to understand the Truth of what is, brings forth, not only, certain personal results, but also proper and just governmental and legal results.

Our unalienable rights come from God, as does the basis and foundation of all law. This foundation was always God's written law, back through the New Testament to Moses' written law; the content and authority of that written law is rooted back to Him, who is the final authority. Therefore, neither church, nor state were equal to, much less above, that law. The basis for the law is not divided, and no one has the right to place anything, including the king, the state or the church, above the content of God's law.

Because of moral depravity and spiritual apostasy, the United States of America is now rampant with problems which reflect the complete collapse of our Christian foundation. When in the course of human events, it becomes apparent that man's laws have usurped God's law, one must ask, has the relativism of our humanistic culture rendered modern society totally unable to distinguish between right and wrong or good and evil? Is society now wholly amoral because of the disintegration of restraints such as the church, the family, our Christian culture and heritage, the law, and our sense of community? These restraints, which once served effectively to stem the tide of evil - evil that would dilute and destroy America's Christian culture and greatness, have all, either been breached or destroyed. Accordingly, America is now inundated with unprecedented wickedness, lewdness, immorality, perversion and lawlessness.

If you are not outraged by what is happening to your Country, you are not paying attention! We need some righteous indignation in this Country. Jefferson said, "A Country cannot be both ignorant and free."

America has now become the largest exporter of pornography in the whole world; America has become a leader in advocating homosexuality; and, America has offered, murdered, 53,000,000 + babies on the altar of "choice".

I stand before you today and tell you that God is not mocked. The Country which He endowed with all riches has become evil and unrepentant. Remember, we are jurors today, and not judges. Let us consider for a moment...do you think that 911 could have been the first volley across the bow of America? This catastrophic, unimaginable act, which God allowed to happen, collapsed our economy, our culture, businesses, stock market, brought down the Twin Towers, destroyed part of the Pentagon, took over 3000 lives, created fear, pain, anger and unspeakable sorrow...but did it humble Americans and cause us to repent, and turn back to God and ask for His forgiveness?

NO! Instead of repenting and departing from our ungodly and arrogant ways, we have shaken our fist at God, telling Him we will rebuild bigger and better; the doors of democracy will not close because of this event; we will rise again and we can do it by ourselves. Are you aware that the new Freedom Tower will be one story higher than the Twin Towers, and with the antenna on top the height will be 1776 feet. Does that ring a bell? That is kind of spooky, isn't it? I ask you, could 911 be the harbinger, or the shadow, of the cataclysm yet to come?

Remember, we are jurors today. I want to present you with information that is generally unknown by the masses; all historical and documented, I might add. Our Constitution was conceived on July 4, 1776. But it was not until many years later that we had a fully formed nation. On April 30, 1789, George Washington was inaugurated as the First President. There was for the first time a Cabinet, Senate and House, a President and a Constitutionally formed working government. The first inauguration was not in Washington D.C., but took place in New York City, at the southwest corner of Ground Zero, near St. Paul's Chapel.

In Washington's first address, among other things, he said "...We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a Nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and the right which heaven itself has ordained." There on the southwest corner of Ground Zero, George Washington dedicated this Country to God. After the inauguration ceremony President Washington, with his entire Cabinet, Senate and House, walked to St Paul's Chapel, where they prayed for over two hours and consecrated this government and this Country to God.

St Paul's Chapel was the only structure which survived untouched during the 911 fiasco. She was covered with dust and debris...but not even a window was broken. Could it be that this was the spiritual birthplace of our Nation, where America was dedicated to God? Further, the eagle which is the symbol of America's power and strength, and placed on the Great Seal, is not in the White House, nor the Capital, no...it is kept in St. Paul's Chapel. Also, in the Chapel is a metal plaque with a prayer from President Washington inscribed thereon, "Almighty God we make our earnest prayer that you will keep the United States in holy protection." History tells us that President Washington came alone many times to pray in St Paul's Chapel.

Have I got your attention now? What do you think? Was 911 an accident? Now you and I both know there are no accidents. Last time I checked, God was in control, still is, and always will be. America's future blessings depend on our relationship to God. God cannot continue to bless America, if America does not honor and bless God.

The Bible gives vivid examples of what happens when God's people depart from His Word. He allows correction to occur. If His people do not repent and return to Godly ways, further judgment is allowed to fall, not to destroy, but to save. Perhaps, 911 awakened a percentage of people...but it did not alarm!

We need to be so alarmed that we return to total reliance on Divine Providence and pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to re-establish the foundations of American independence, law and civil government, in order to secure our rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which are the inalienable rights endowed by our Creator... not the government.

We need a S.W.A.T. team...that's "Scriptural Weapons And Tactics" made up of citizens who understand the Christian heritage of our Country and are willing to defend it, no exceptions; citizens who will stand and fight for the truth and not blink in the face of danger; citizens who have not sold out to the government propaganda, and who identify themselves as a "true American", rather than a Republican or a Democrat.

We the people must cherish our God given freedoms. They are much too important to be stuck away in some book. Freedom must live in our hearts.

Our liberties are powerful and vibrant tools. But we have to exercise them daily, with skill and precision, if they are to work effectively.

In closing, it is time to stop compromise, stop being fearful. We need to repent of complacency and sin, preach the Gospel, be a watchmen, rise to the charge and the needs at hand...and, see the glory of His power to let us be the people for such a time as this.

A hero is someone who does everything he can. We need to be heroes of the faith and pray that God would touch this generation with His word, and send revival to the United States of America, so that we can once again declare, America is a Christian nation.

May the Lord bless and keep everyone assembled here. May He make His face to shine upon you, and, make a way where there is no way.

Think about it. Galatians 4:16, "Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth."

Thank you and may God bless America again.

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