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Our fraudulent president cannot pass an E-Verify check

If you walk up to a barn, you might say, “Something stinks in there.”
If you talk to today’s teenagers, you might hear, “Hey dude, what smells?”
In Shakespeare’s time, “Something is rotten in Denmark.”
The character Marcellus, and not Hamlet, is the one who coined the phrase. There's a reason he said the "State of Denmark" rather than just Denmark: the fish are rotting from the head down—all is not well at the top of the political hierarchy.
In 2012, you might say, “Something is rotten in the U.S. Congress.”  At this time, Americans give Congress a nine percent approval rating.  That nine percent need to have their own minds checked.
Barack Obama enjoys 46 percent approval after three years of failed policies, 46 million Americans subsisting on food stamps and another 15 million unemployed. That’s for starters.
For three years, top investigators have pursued Barack Obama’s legitimacy for being president of the United States.  His mother was a U.S. citizen, but his father was from Kenya. That’s in question because Obama bears zero resemblance to his purported father. 
Jerome Corsi wrote a book:  Where’s the Birth Certificate?  His evidence shows compelling facts that Barack Obama is not a U.S. citizen.  Lawyer Orly Taitz pursued the question all the way to a federal court in Georgia last week.  Georgia State Administrative Judge Malihi ordered Obama to appear.  Obama failed to attend.  A retired Denver, Colorado ICE agent, John Sampson, testified that Barack Obama cannot pass an E-Verify employment check because of a fraudulent social security number made out to a man in Connecticut who died before Obama was born.
Nonetheless, no American citizen is given any other person’s social security number and no American citizen is given a social security number other than the state from which he or she resides at the time of the issuance.   Barack Obama’s social security numbers starts with “042” showing that he obtained it in Connecticut.  However, Barack Obama has never lived in or has he worked in or in any way been connected to the State of Connecticut. 
His grandmother, however, worked for the Social Security office and the speculation remains that she stole a dead man’s number from Connecticut and gave it to Obama.  Thus, compounding the fraudulent identity of Obama.
While Judge Malihi last week found Obama not guilty of fraud as to his birth certificate and allowed him to remain on the ballot for the next presidential election in Georgia, the quest of Obama’s fraudulent Social Security number looms large.
“As the U.S. Constitution allowed for every citizen to pursue success, happiness and fortune, to the best of each one's ability and desire, because of the promise that the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of man, would protect their rights and their property, so too did it draw to this country, the best the world had to offer,” said Dwight Kehoe of Little Silver, New Jersey.  “This is what America is and America is the U.S. Constitution. Clearly the Constitution has been under attack from the left and from the right for many years now.  This past week, as Judge Malihi's obviously political ruling settled over this nation like a dark onerous cloud, one could not help but think the enemies of our democratic republic are winning in their struggle to destroy the freedoms we have for so long enjoyed.”

Additionally, because Obama did not answer his subpoena to appear before court, how could he win the decision?  That’s like Ali and Frasier fighting for the heavy weight title, but Ali didn’t show up, but later was pronounced the winner and Frasier the loser.
Someone must have gotten to Judge Malihi with money, threats or other persuasions.  You cannot find someone innocent when they didn’t show up for the trial.  Obama didn’t show up and his lawyers abdicated.
Ironically, Obama has reportedly spent $2 million to seal all his records and maintain a full time law firm to keep his records under strict secrecy. 
Returning to Judge Malihi’s questionable decision, Kehoe also asked these four pertinent questions:
1.       Why did the Judge make a ruling on "credibility" of the witnesses without either cross examination or appointing an expert to review the charges and testimony?

2. Why did the Judge reach out to a lower court ruling, where clearly the few people involved in that case had no clue about Article II, and ignore case after case from our own United States Supreme Court?  Could it be because he was operating on an agenda as opposed to the law?

3. If the Judge was going to allow the defendant not attend or testify under oath and thereby made his ruling based upon the "defense" he provided for the defendant, why were the plaintiffs not given the opportunity to cross examine the Judge before he made his ruling?

4. Since Judge Malihi was performing as the defendant's advocate, should he not have been put under oath and questioned as to why he refused to have other experts verify that the birth certificate is a forgery and that Obama's SSN failed E-Verify instead of simply dismissing the testimony?

To that I say, “Something really stinks in the Barack Obama presidency.”
Why?  No matter how you cut it, obfuscate it, cover it, falsify it and evade it—Barack Obama, if he gave his social security number to a prospective employer for a check at E-Verify to determine if he is a U.S. citizen and eligible to work in this country—Barack Obama would fail. 
In other words, this country has been misled, duped, lied to, scammed and buffaloed.
In this coming election, the American people must demand honesty, integrity and honor to the U.S. Constitution.  That cannot occur with a president that possesses a falsified Social Security number, which leads any rational person to appreciate that one lie leads to another and that Barack Obama is a liar and he knows it.  Lies can never be covered up and they will be exposed in the course of time in this free country governed by the rule of law and not of men.
It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out in a court of law.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Some of the verification that Obama is a U.S. citizen comes from the reverse. Here is what I mean. What is it that proves that an individual is a U.S. citizen? Imagine that a U.S. citizen has no documentation of his birth, because he was born out in the back woods, and his parents didn't take the time to register him with the county via a birth certificate or anything else.

Now, add to the above, that his parents both died, and that he has no living relative from his parents' ancestral lines. So, what can he do to prove that he is a U.S. citizen?

One of the options that is available to him is an affidavit of citizenship. Once he has made his affidavit of citizenship, he is considered a citizen.

If someone else writes up an affidavit that says that he has personal, first-hand knowledge that the first person is NOT a U.S. citizen, only then is there enough evidence to conduct a hearing - to determine the facts - to see which of the two is lying by intent or by mistake.

President Obama has, through taking his Oath of Office, proclaimed affidavit-style more or less, that he is eligible to hold the office of the Presidency.

We all know that he is not a citizen. Yet, all our knowledge about this fact is hearsay... will not stand up in court... until one of us who has first-hand knowledge of the facts comes forward with an affidavit that contradicts what Obama has sworn... an affidavit presented in the proper manner, at the proper time, to the proper people.

When the contradicting affidavit has been presented properly, then Congress and/or the Judiciary still might decide that they don't want to move ahead with an investigation. And, until they move ahead with the investigation, Obama is President.

Now, what I have written here is a general, basic, simplistic idea of how things work. There are probably many other factors involved. And perhaps someone has already done the contradicting affidavit thing. The point is that there is a lot to think about here, even though, if things were investigated, it might truly be found that Obama is not eligible to be president.

Comment by Mark Edward
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Grandpoobah, you might as well rely on The National Enquirer if you rely on snopes! And this "proof" from snopes you offer dictates that Obama is a "us citizen", which is the subject of the hearing discussed in the article. And snopes uses itself as proof of its own claim that obama is a citizen. I guess you figure snopes is more reliable than a court hearing? Which, in this case makes some sense, since the "court" was run by a crooked thief. If Obama is a citizen, why can't we have a simple open hearing? Why does he hide and spend so much money for secrecy? Didn' the FBI just circulate fliers saying people who seek secrecy are a potential terrorist threat? Oh, that doesn't apply to obama because he issued the orders... "everyone but me is a terrorist threat if they commit social security fraud in order to obtain false identification documents in order to infiltrate the us government." Right. I get it now.



Comment by GrandPoobah
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riiiiii ght. And Mr. Wooldridge, for all his athletic ability, migt not be able to pass an IQ test. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/ssn.asp I am beginning to get the feeling that this site is just one notch above world weekly news