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Treaties from hell

Now that Dick Morris has switched sides from his days with President Bill Clinton, it would behoove us to listen to a warning he is issuing about a handful of treaties President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are negotiating, or seeking to ratify, that would undermine America's national interests permanently.

You may have heard of some of these beauties, as most are not new. You may not know, however, the speed with which they are being pushed while Republicans are distracted with the Presidential nomination. Worse, if these treaties do get signed and ratified (which could well happen in a Democrat-controlled Senate), Morris points out they will have the same status as constitutional law and cannot be altered by Congress or trumped by state legislatures. Their provisions must be enforced by U.S. courts. Just what our U.S. courts need – more power!

The first is the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). Already signed, it requires that the U.S. give half of our royalties for off-shore oil and gas drilling to an international body of 160 countries that vote on which countries should get the money. How frightening is this? We have only one vote of the 160, and panting nations of the world are lined up for the spoils. Morris tells us Obama will push for its ratification, with the aid of Senator Richard Lugar (RINO, Ind.), after Lugar's primary this fall. (That way the little rat can ratify with relative impunity.)

It also mandates us to share our offshore drilling technologies with other countries for free. What do we get in return? Zip.

The second is the International Criminal Court. It is a body set up by the nations of the world with international judges who would have the power to prosecute violators of not only genocide but also the new crime of "aggression." Aggression is described as going to war without permission of the United Nations. American presidents and Cabinet members could be imprisoned, with Russia and China having veto power over U.S. actions. No wonder George W. Bush wanted to steer clear, but Hillary is barreling ahead. Some of you may think this sounds cool, but give it a little thought.

The third one is the Small Arms Treaty. This is basically a way to enact gun control without going through Congress by means of a global ban on the export of small arms. The ban applies only to private citizens. Consider: It's the governments of the United States, China, Israel and Russia that are exporting 80 percent of the arms around the world, not the individual Tom and Harry (oh, yea, and ATF on order of the Justice Department). An international treaty that deals with the governments moving arms instead of the individuals involved is goofy.

Now the entire world will know if I have a gun. What's more, all my ammunition must be registered. Gun grabbers are drooling.

The fourth one is the Rights of the Child Treaty to be run by a 14-member court. It's an effort to dictate that a code of rights for children is going to be locked into an international covenant. It's meant to fight child prostitution, kidnapping and trafficking. But it could also impose rules in how to deal with children, where they may be educated, what religious instruction they should receive, or what discipline they should get, says Morris.

We already have the constitution and child protection laws. With the "gentle snowflake" treatment we give our kids, soon we'll need protection for the parents. (Already my friends aren't allowed to see the grades of their child in college without his permission!) Hillary wrote that "It Takes a Village." I guess her sequel will be, "It Takes an International Treaty."

These are all power grabs by the international bureaucracy at the United Nations. The rest of the world, a vast majority with hatred for us, sees this as a perfect opportunity to cripple Uncle Sam while Obama and Hillary are in charge.

Watch for Morris' book, "Screwed! How the United States is Getting Screwed and What the Next President Must Do to Stop It," which debuts on May 8, for even more atrocities from the Obama administration and how our own business and political leaders are pushing for globalism with all its negative economic and environmental consequences. And weep.
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Again, much of the treaty stuff relates to people who claim that they are U.S. citizens. If you are a State Citizen (ask Gene at http://www.theamericanrepublic.com/), treaties don't apply to you in the same way.

If a treaty is made that goes against the Constitution, such a treaty is "illegal." It is null and void from its inception. The nations that the treaty was made with will simply need to get over it... or go to war. Also, the U.S. should either dissolve the illegal (treasonous) treaty, and try for treason those who set it in place.

Here is the real clincher. The Congress, the people that run the Government, the people who are supposed to looking out for you and for me, they are often the ones who will uphold an illegal treaty... just like they remain in favor of a Constitutionally illegal central bank and Constitutionally illegal income tax.