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Amazing Chart: World's Largest Employers

I don't know what's more amazing:  that the US Dept of Defense is first with 3.2 million employees (but, according to Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and most other Republicans other than Ron Paul, can't be cut a measly 10% to 2.88 million in order for the military-industrial complex to do its share in saving the country from an excrutiating suicide by debt and monetary folly); or that Walmart ranks third; or that the UK National Health Service ranks fifth with 1.7 million employees out of a small population of 60 million. 

Note:  The Dept of Defense is one percent of the U.S. population, while the People's Liberation Army of China, with 2.3 million employees, is one-tenth of one percent of China's population, although China sits in between some well-armed neighbors, with India having 1.3 million in its armed forces and Russia having 1.0 million.


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