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The Real War on Women: A Libertarian Perspective

The Real War on Women: A Libertarian Female Perspective
As of late there has been outcry from feminists declaring that the GOP is waging a “War on Women.” The complaints range from somewhat valid to completely absurd, but I would like to address this proclamation from a different perspective unaffiliated with any mainstream stance. Considered to be a hairy “feminist” myself (more so of the individualist libertarian type, if you want to get specific), I am amazed that an increasing number of women are demanding government intervention to provide them with the privilege of contraception. There are many issues with this claim, the least of which has to do with the ability for a woman to be considered “free” in our society.
Now, evaluating what the term feminist actually means, it is revealed that a feminist believes women deserve the same treatment in society as a man. Increasingly, some women are led to believe that women should have more rights than men or somehow get special treatment. I do and always will side with cooperation between the sexes, not superiority of one over another. I also believe that the best way for a woman to liberate herself is by taking responsibility into her own hands and not rely on the State to provide it.
We are awarded certain freedoms in this country that people in other nations can only dream of, but this has led to a sense of entitlement among Americans and often leads to the presumption that they deserve special privileges that can only be granted by the government. One of the more recent demands is that contraception be provided free of charge by one’s employer or place of education---basically this is depending on someone other than you to take responsibility for a personal decision. For the moment, I will address the issue of using birth control pills for the most obvious reason people use them: to not have an unwanted pregnancy. A woman absolutely has the right to have sex with whomever however often she desires. Alternately, no one has the right to forcibly prevent her from using her body the way she wants. But does a woman have the right to violate another person’s right by using the State to force others to provide her with a service she herself is responsible for? No, of course not because she is violating someone else’s right to the fruits of their labor if she demands a portion of their taxes (or expenses if it is an employer) go towards a personal decision. Also, if the goal is to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is very simple to acquire other means to prevent a pregnancy like condoms or I don’t know, just paying for the Pill with your own money. We have the freedom to choose how we deal with the private issue of sexuality, and several options are available to us. The pill or other methods like condoms are not cost prohibitive for most women in this country (the rhythm method is free, just saying), so there is no excuse that a modern woman cannot afford contraception. Government is a coercive force worthy of no support from anyone regardless of whether or not it enforces your religious, philosophical, or personal beliefs.
Part of being a mature woman is taking responsibility for your actions and decisions, and this idea of personal responsibility can of course be extended beyond women to all Americans who feel that it is up to the State to provide them a job, an education, or anything else beyond basic human rights for free. I want to be clear; this is not a defense of the GOP, anyone initiating force against one person to provide a service to another is simply unethical. You either believe that initiating force is okay, or you don’t. It is not a philosophical grey zone that is subjective; as a libertarian I must conclude that taxation is wrong because theft is wrong---it doesn’t matter the context. Stealing is wrong much like murder is wrong, and I include childhood favorite Robin Hood in this assessment. Understanding the Non-Aggression Principle is one of the first steps in becoming a more thoughtful, less violent society.
The typical reaction to my critique of government backed birth control will probably be something like, “Well what if someone needs birth control pills to regulate other health issues?!” Well, let’s take a look at some of the other reasons women choose to take the pill. Irregular periods, ovarian cysts, acne, and painful PMS symptoms are all included on the list of reasons other than avoiding pregnancy to take the pill. As someone who used to suffer irregular, excruciating periods I have had experience with the pill because that was what my doctor recommended to me when I was seventeen. That was the only thing my doctor recommended to me, mind you, because they are not required to take courses in useful subjects like…nutrition. So, as a naïve seventeen year old, I took my doctor’s advice. At the time, my periods were irregular and I had some skin issues, but those were my only problems. Science shows those two specific problems are ones that go away naturally as a woman ages, and to treat a child with brain and life altering hormones is not only unnecessary, but bordering on criminal.
I was prescribed the very lowest dose of birth control there was at the time because I was even then suspicious of the side effects, and because I had to pay most of my own bills even at that age, I pragmatically opted for the lower price. The first couple months seemed normal, and I could not see much difference. It was around the third month I began to experience some of the side effects like weight gain, but more disturbing was my mood changes. I went from a relatively stable girl to someone who was paranoid, constantly depressed, suffering nightmares, and even contemplating the darkest notion of suicide though there was nothing in my life that would explain those feelings I had! I became withdrawn, and even more upsetting was the feeling that I had no control over my own mind---I literally felt like I was losing it. These side effects wreaked havoc on my mental state and physical body, and after about six months I decided enough was enough and threw away the remaining pills. I thought it was all over, but the worst was yet to come.
For the months and years after I quit the pill, my periods became so unbearable that I was bedridden for at least half the duration of a period. Each month seemed worse than the last, and it was because my natural hormones had been altered by chemical hormones. No doctor told me this though I knew it was the reason because I listened to my body. It would be one thing if doctors knew the effect the pill has on every woman, but the truth is every woman is slightly different and need different approaches to stay healthy. There was no reason for me to be put on the pill at such a young age, and until I figured out how to effectively control my hormones I suffered endlessly for years.
I started doing my own research on health, and came across the fact that the food we are putting into our bodies makes us sick and keeps us sick because it is so denatured one can barely call it food. I changed my eating habits by eating chemical free foods, home cooking my meals, buying locally, and finding the correct balance of proteins and carbohydrates for my body. Also, exercise played a huge factor. I had been vegetarian and vegan for years and by adding grass fed beef and organic meats was able to have more energy and feel overall better. I went to a natural doctor and he gave me a plant based supplement to help balance my hormones, and though my periods are still uncomfortable, they are nowhere near as bad as when I was damaged from the pill. The same natural approach can remedy more serious issues like ovarian cysts (which run in my family) or painful PMS symptoms. The best part is the fact that natural remedies are not only safer, more effective, but hundreds of dollars cheaper than any oral contraception used to treat those health problems! It’s a win-win for women, and should be a no-brainer. Why, as women and as a society in general, are we so quick to resort to unnatural band aids for our problems when our diet and lifestyle are the cause of our health woes 99% of the time, and the solutions are changing what we put into our bodies?
My question to these women who so adamantly defend the magical powers of the pill is this: Did you try anything to help remedy your health issues the way nature intended first before you trusted someone who gets bonuses from pharmaceutical corporations to push dangerous drugs? I would wager to say close to 95% of women who take the pill for “health reasons” are eating a poor diet, not getting enough exercise, and are deficient in vitamin D. Is this the image of a liberated woman? If you are truly liberated, then you should not take the word of a man with a fancy piece of paper and conflicting interests to tell you what your body needs. Do your own research, and you’ll discover not only the horrific consequences of oral contraceptives, but how to take your health into your own hands.
My case was very mild compared to the other women I’ve known. You know that shot you can take to limit the number of periods you have (Depo-Provera)? It sounds convenient, but one of the more frequent side effects is a collapsed uterus and resulting sterility. I understand not wanting a child too young, but to have the ability to create life stolen from you by a doctor is a greater violation of a woman’s rights than anything a politician can do. Also, the new healthcare bill only seeks to limit the amount of options you have for healthcare as natural doctors who use effective therapy based on real science are not covered in the mandate. So, not only will you not get the right to choose who provides health services to you, but you will be forced to pay for substandard, ineffective treatment by the very party you though stood for “women’s rights.”
On another note, the real “war on women” stretches much farther than the doctor’s office and some contrived idea of a political party. Right now, the US military with the approval of the US government under Barack Obama is raping and murdering women of all ages all around the world. It is one thing to vote for someone who gives false promises to defend your choice to ruin your own body with chemicals, but quite another to support a man who has increased the war effort in Afghanistan, supported the war in Iraq that is still going on despite its alleged end a few months ago, escalated the conflict in Syria by punishing them with sanctions, and was partially responsible for the murder of fellow humans in Libya. He is also egging on an invasion of Iraq through the use of sanctions. As a woman, to support Barack Obama or Mitt Romney or anyone for that matter who is pro-war is a crime against the millions of women in US occupied countries. Obama, along with Bush, has the blood of millions of women from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Egypt on their hands, and you do to if you continue to support warmongers. As a feminist, you must ask yourself, do I support only my selfish privileges, or will I stand on the side of women from all nations who are suffering abuse, rape, torture, and murder at the hands of the US military?
As a woman, I refuse to condone the criminal actions of the Obama administration, and no amount of sycophantic pandering to a stereotyped collective will dissuade me from telling the truth of the atrocities of war. Seeing beyond the left-right paradigm is crucial if one believes they are truly liberated. Liberate yourself from lies, false hope, and manufactured promises of “change” that will never come lest you change your mind and facilitate growth on an individual level. That change comes from how you take control of your own health, not relying on a corrupt medical system and a fraudulent government to provide it for you, and the philosophy by which you live your life---whether you believe initiation of force is right, or if you believe the truth that no matter how or who is initiating it that it is an unethical action regardless of the circumstances. The Democrats do not deserve your vote, nor do the Republicans---think for yourself, realize neither party is working for the people, and break free from the lies and division perpetuated by the lapdog media.

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Comment by Ed Price
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From Meghan Kinetic's comment: "You see, I want people to be free, and believe they can rule themselves better than some bureaucrat." Being free is a real trick. How does one do that, be free, I mean?

A simple example of what I mean is Bonnie and Clyde. They took the freedom of a whole lot of people away when they gunned the people down. How could they do it? The people were not prepared to maintain their own freedom. Not with strength, that is.

Or look at the Mafia, for example. Mafia gang lords have taken the freedom of many people away. How could they do it? Are Mafia people super human? No! It's just that Mafia people are not focused on freedom. There focus is on power and gain.

Imagine that you are a freedom-loving person, one who would never want to take freedom away from anyone. It is extremely difficult to maintain one's own freedom without denying freedom to someone else a little at times, accidentally. Simple misunderstandings, or carelessnesses can cause offenses. And this takes freedom away a little.

If everyone wore a gun when off his own property, if it were a law, then there would be enough wide-awake respect of other people in public that freedom would reign. But there would still be misunderstandings once in a while, misunderstandings that would turn into flares of anger, and then into gunfights. Somebody's freedom would be taken away. An innocent bystander's freedom might be taken away, as well. The old West.

Regarding a woman's freedom with a man, is there ever a time when the limited extra freedom that the couple give each other is accidentally or intentionally trodden down by one or the other? All the time! But it is often forgiven automatically, without a word, and without the other even knowing that he or she had limited the partner's freedom beyond what should have been done.

Does Government help at all with any of the above? At times, if it is a good form of government. Otherwise, Government only takes more freedom than it gives. Government becomes the destroyer of the freedom it is supposed to maintain.

No matter, if people live near other people, they will always be taking freedom from others at least a little. Limited Government is best. And the only way to limit Government is for everyone to wear the biggest, most powerful guns he/she can carry. And to maintain a healthy attitude in this kind of life, people will need to cultivate love, forgiveness, patience, and respect of each other... all with eyes wide open all the time.

It's a good trick. But that's the way the Swiss are doing it.

Comment by Bob Ross
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Thanks for the comments, everyone. I appreciate your engagement, but have to admit that there is a misunderstanding of history fueling your disagreements. You see, I want people to be free, and believe they can rule themselves better than some bureaucrat. To the person who thinks this government valiantly defeated the Nazis, you should look into who inspired Hitler to enact eugenics on his own people---American scientists. The US government sterilized over 60,000 of it's own people prior to WWII for being "feeble-minded" aka darker skinned. This is backed by fact, not some nationalistic fervor emanating from flag worship.

As a former pro-choicer, I am familiar with all the arguments for "women's rights" and abortion. But, anyone who is serious about their defense of organizations like Planned Parenthood needs to do some real research. Margaret Sanger was a blatant racist, and spoke at KKK rallies as late as the mid-1960's. There is photographic evidence of this, and I would also say that you should watch the documentary Maafa 21 lest you continue to embarrass yourselves with your lack of knowledge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASrFufnMNDg

And by the definition of fascism (national socialism), the US accurately fits into that category as you have corporations mingled with the State (socialism) and a fervent desire for flag/troop/politician/State worship called nationalism.

For the person who quit reading halfway through, those blinders and earmuffs will serve you nicely if you want to continue to avoid the truth that our president is a warmongering murderer, just like his predecessors. When you have some valid criticism, get back to me. Otherwise, don't call yourself a feminist if you think bombing women in other countries is morally acceptable. You oppress women when you vote for either candidate, and are refusing to see the truth right in front of you.

Comment by Steve Duncan
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This writer portrays the opposite of reality. I refused to give dignity to this crap by declining to go on reading. I stopped no farther than the middle of it, and saved my time for doing something useful.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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This comment right below is full of distortions if not so stupid. Only the mentally disturbed cannot understand what Government is. Governments are the people themselves, organized to help themselves and protect themselves from predators. It is ludicrous and nonsensical to say that the people organized themselves into a Government in order to "control and repress" themselves! It does not make sense, does it … does it?

If you are one of those who want to destroy the Government, let me give you a piece of advice you need so badly – you will NEVER succeed. The people will help themselves in seeing to it that they get rid of you and your kind and erase from the face of the earth any remnant of your insane Libertarian perspective.

You really believed that the most democratic, liberty-inspired and freedom-guided Government in the world that erected the world's famous Statue of Liberty – the U.S. Federal Government – is a Nazi Government.

Wake up. It is not, and it can never be because in WWII it is this Government of freedom that defeated Hitler’s Nazi Government. Hello … hellowww … are you still there? Were you born just an hour ago and immediately wrote down your out-of-this-world comment?

By the way, this Government protects women, from those who are making a war against women. It is quite the opposite of your twisted thinking, this I have to say right in your face, if you don't mind.

Comment by Laura Borst
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Frequently, authoritarians act like they are trying to "help" people. The way governments or other authoritarian forces control and repress people is not so much by doing direct violence to them or ordering them around, but by "helping" them and making them dependent on such things as the government. This is likely what is happening around the "health care" situation. Sometimes, governments that oppress other people often claim to be "helping" them. There are many women who were given birth control, but not because they wanted it. This happened under the Nazis. The term "Nazi" is an acronym for "National Socialist".