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Tisha Casida

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Thoughts on My Country - 5.10.12

There is an advertisement on Politico that says “Wish Michelle (Obama) a Happy Mother’s Day and ‘Sign the Card’,”(of course, all of this information goes into a database where they categorize you and start to tailor-make ads to appeal to your oh-so-malleable brain); copious amounts of elected and over-compensated officials’ time and energy are being used to debate same-sex marriage by government officials (who have no right to even be discussing whether it is legal or not); and an inmate (who is in prison serving time for his crimes) in West Virginia garnered 40% of the Democratic vote in the primary for this year’s election against Barack Obama.  Hunter Thompson would be proud.

It is so funny to watch as the pillars of established corruption start to crumble.  This happens over and over again in history.  As soon as the few start to take away the simple (and natural) rights of the many – chaos begins to ensue.  And it may happen sooner or it may happen later, and it may happen with a revolution or it may come down to a train wreck, but the American people – built with the blood and DNA of the world’s people – will not put up with the elite corruption much longer.

And my guess is, that the people at the tip of the iceberg, situated in Washington, D.C. believe that they can plug the holes in the dam with atrocious legislation like Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), with taking away the represented people’s right to protest near their elected officials (in H.R. 347 - The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011) (including the people’s house – Congress), and by otherwise attempting to ignore the people’s screams for constitutional government (see Obamacare, SOPA, PIPA, - now CISPA - etc.).  But, you can’t fill the holes.  The dam is breaking and the first thing to slide under the weight of the force will be that tip of the iceberg.  Remember – we are all just human – subject to the same stresses and same threats of forces greater than our own.

So who knows, maybe States will step up to the plate and tell the federal government where to jump (obviously my bets are on Texas and Montana to help lead the way) – and some States will likely implode (see: CA).

Studying consumer behavior and visiting with thousands of people over my six years in business and one year as a candidate has continued to emphasize one thing for sure: there are too many of us crazy people to round up, and we are very well armed.
And on that note, I head to Eagle County, where I will get to visit and shoot various types of guns and such with the great and free individuals of my 3rd congressional district and Adam Kokesh.

In the Spirit of H.S.T. - Selah.


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