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Judge Should go to Jail, Not Pastor Who Taught Discipline of Children!

By Don Boys, Ph.D.
Recently a Wisconsin judge seriously overreached her authority when she sentenced Philip Caminite, pastor of Aleitheia Bible Church to two years in prison for teaching his flock to discipline their children! Such illegal judicial actions are one reason many of us think many judges rank alongside used car salesmen, and I don’t mean to insult used car salesmen by the comparison. I suggest that Judge Maryann Sumi might improve her status by selling cars, not sending preachers to prison.
The pastor is to be supervised for six years after serving his time and is forbidden to have any contact with his church and to have no leadership in any church. So we have a court stomping on the constitutional rights of a preacher and telling him where he can go to church and forbidding him to follow his calling of preaching. I wonder if Maryann has ever read the First Amendment.
If this case stands, it will be a Damocles sword hanging over the head of every preacher, priest, and rabbi in the nation. In fact, every church leader should preach on this subject next Sunday, and end with “No judge or any other official will tell me what to preach. Never, never, never.”
Assistant District Attorney Shelly Rusch wanted the preacher to be sentenced to five years in prison and 15 years of extended supervision, calling him "the spoke in the wheel of this conspiracy." Shelly is as confused or radical as Maryann since the pastor was teaching what true preachers have taught for centuries. Sorry dear, not a conspiracy. Shelly should be back in her kitchen baking cookies.
The judged said that the sentence, in part, was “intended to send a message that child abuse will not be tolerated and to prevent Caminiti from once again teaching members of his church to spank their children with wooden objects to cure them of selfishness.” The judge is not thinking or is skewed in her thinking since teaching people to discipline their children is not child abuse. In fact, I have always taught that parents who refuse to reasonably discipline their children (involving spanking for rebellion and disobedience) are child abusers!
Recent studies in the U.S. and Sweden prove that sparing the rod does spoil the child. Sweet little Johnny, without discipline, will become Big Bad John. Another study published in the Akron Law Review a couple years ago examined criminal records and found that children raised without spanking are much more likely to be involved in crime. Many anti-spanking “experts” have seen the light while the Wisconsin judge, prosecutor and the jury are still stumbling in the darkness.
The next time I have a speaking engagement in Wisconsin I will be sure to instruct my listeners to properly discipline their children. Maryann and Shelly are invited to attend and sit in the amen corner. They may even “hit the sawdust trail.”
The preacher was not guilty of abusing a child; he was sent to prison for teaching parents to discipline their children! Since when does a judge, any judge, on any court have the authority to tell a preacher what he can teach? The judge is an idiot or a radical ideologue.
Maryann whined that the preacher showed no indications of being remorseful or repentant, but then he should not be since he was teaching the truth. Maryann refused the preacher the courtesy of being free during the appeal, a privilege that is often given the most heinous criminals.
Many judges think their rulings from the bench can make something just when it is unjust! It may be legal but it is not just. Many judges stand in front of a mirror awed with themselves in their black sheets indicating they have a messianic complex. They seem to be waiting for a vacancy in the Trinity! It is common for them to think they can walk on water, maybe explaining why so many judges are all wet.
I am convinced the real child abusers are incompetent, intolerant, and insensitive judges who send parents to jail and place well-adjusted children in state homes that are often rampant with sodomy, drugs, violence, etc. Of course, the state homes are licensed! There is no doubt that some judges are child abusers. 
Prosecuting attorneys, determined to “cut another notch on their guns,” callously prosecute preachers and parents without regard to what is best for the children and, therefore, are child abusers.
Judges, police officers, and prosecutors along with the other child abusers—should go to jail! Yes, I know that jails are a bad environment filled with killers, rapists, drug dealers, child molesters, the scum of the earth, but I don’t think the judges, prosecuting attorneys, and zealous social workers will corrupt the inmates much further!
Pastors had better come out of the closet! March on the Bastille! Mount the barricades. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition; the ammunition being courage, commitment, conscience, and convictions. Your children and freedom to preach God’s message are in the balance!
Let’s kick officials out of office who abuse the rights of Christian leaders, and bring them before the bar of justice for their attacks on church and home leadership.
In my opinion, the preacher should have told the judge she was out of order and her ruling would be totally ignored and she could hear him preach next Sunday at the Aleitheia Bible Church. Of course, he would go to jail immediately for contempt; but then, of course, he would be guilty of contempt of court, even though totally justified.
Surely he will be set free when his case comes before sensible people and he should sue the prosecutor, the judge, and the county for religious discrimination, kidnapping, interference with Christian worship, and anything else that can be thrown in.
Moreover, this is a perfect example that cries for jury nullification, but then, that’s another day.
Copyright 2012, Don Boys, Ph.D.
(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 14 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Three years ago, the second edition of ISLAM: America's Trojan Horse! was published, and his new eBook, The God Haters is available for $9.99 from These columns go to newspapers, magazines, television, and radio stations. His other web sites are and Contact Don for an interview or talk show.)
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21 Comments in Response to

Comment by David Jefferson
Entered on:

Well in this case. This man didn't just speak his mind. He encouraged people to hit their kids. This is immoral. Children should not have to be hit. It's ridiculous how kids can be hit, but if i hit an asshole for messing up with my life, I will be arrested because he is an adult.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

The whole issue in this article revolves around FREEDOM OF SPEECH. What is freedom of speech? Well, it is freedom to speak your mind without restraint, persecution, or prosecution.

What the lawyers have done is a tricky thing. They have reduced the amount of freedom of speech just enough so that a person can get into trouble by speaking freely. Then they can make their money off the both the prosecution and the defense in the law suit that comes about.

That's all that the lawyers want. It's to make their money. Of course, they get a little pleasure from being able to twist other peoples' lives around. But if they had to make a choice between the money and controlling peoples' lives, they'd take the money.


Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

Ufact, you are not implying that he is like that because he used to eat dogfood? Is that because of the old adage that you are what you eat?  I am just honestly wondering because he is terribly out of tune in this conversation!  Like a sick dog when he opens his mouth, always barking at the wrong tree?

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

George Voit and Brag were talking about PureTrust's unsteady state of mind and his IGNORANCE of corpus delicti and freedom of expression he arrogantly bragged he knew about but obviously not.  Read all his reponses -- he is talking of something else that has no relevance ... read them.  Not a single word that addresses the issues Voit and Brag had brought up -- for him to deny or accept what they described him to be based on reports. Voit and Brag caught him with his ignorance of corpus delicti and freedom of expression he does not know what to do. That's why he is just talking of something else totally disconnected to what Voit and Brag were talking about.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Thanks again, kids, for showing us just how far America has wandered from the Bill of Rights. Not only are you showing that you do NOT uphold your own freedom, but you malign anyone who has a different opinion through vicious name-calling that borders on threats itself.

Are you really Americans? Are you not, rather, infiltrators into American society, seeking to brainwash freedom-loving people into throwing away their freedom for a little glitter?

When we take a look at the economy and the real state of the nation, we see that you are getting, more and more, the slavery you are asking for. The false threat of terrorism that Government is propagandizing everyone with, is taking its toll on freedom. And if it doesn't work for Government, they actually DO terrorize a little just to prove that they are acting to protect us.

And you kids are pushing it right along that way, for a little cash, and what appears to be safety, until the fascism overtakes you and everyone else, and throws you into slave-labor camps to work for nothing or die - just like WWII Nazis did to the Jews and others.


Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

Like PureTrust, this Pastor is a cuckoo-a-doddle-do.

Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

Those who make comments, especially those whose mind is lost or wandering in limbo, dominate this website. People lost interest to participate in the discussions of important issues because of these nuisance or annoying cuckoos.

But I am glad some intellectual female enthusiasts and civic-minded lawyers like GV, JV, Brag, Annonymous75 and others, especially Annonymous75, a highly-regarded intellectual Guru of the Academe, have not left Freedom Forum. Their civic-mindedness and patience impressed me to no end. This awesome impression also made me stay in spite of the presence of those mental creeps and pestering bugs not worth flicking a finger off the site and away … out of our sight.

Comment by George Voit
Entered on:

PureTrust, you are way, way off your rocker! You must be sick or sick of something…

I read below what Brag said to you: "To say in public that you want to kill the President of the United States is NOT freedom of speech [moron]. It is a criminal threat." Brag was just giving you an example that a statement like this -- either published or said in public -- is not freedom of speech. He told you that it is a "criminal threat", and he cannot be wrong.

The police, FBI or agents of the Department of Homeland Security will come and get you if you say or print a statement like that in public. When security agents arrest you and you fight them for what you believe, i.e., that such public statement is freedom of speech, they will beat the crap out of you. They will beat and beat you until you turn blue all over, not because you are just resisting arrest or you might just think that they don’t like you, but because you are a dangerous whacko on the loose.

And this is your response to Brag’s example: "Who in the world can threaten the President, with the Secret Service as his bodyguards around him?" It is obvious that you have no idea what Brag is talking about. It was just his example to show to you that ANYTHING you want to say in public -- like wanting to kill the President of the United States [from the mouth of a terrorist] -- is NOT freedom of speech. No … not at all! That’s why he calls you a "moron" … and rightly so.

The Judge sent this Pastor to jail because it was not religious freedom for him to preach discipline to parents using a rod to beat up children. Brag pointed out to you that this is not freedom of religion, and if the rod is used to discipline a "two-month-old" baby as reported in one of the comments below, it is "terror" according to Brag. Obviously – as reported previously -- Brag was an ex-intelligence-military-man and he knows what he was saying. He thinks you are an "idiot", and rightly so.

I find it interesting to read further Brag’s comment below. He warned you that "the Pastor was a terrorist and a child-abuser -- if you think the Judge sent him to jail for free board and lodging ... you are a hopeless moron."

Because you are "off your rocker" or out of your senses, I am afraid you might challenge this statement by asking a question why did the Judge love this Pastor so much that the Court has to send him to jail for free board and lodging [duh, dah…hh!]?

You were defending this convicted Pastor … for his practice of discipline that harms children. In his behalf, you were asking "Where is the corpus dilicti?" You sounded like a big time lawyer.

PureTrust, people like us who are practicing law, must ask you this so that you will know that you lost yourself when you intruded into this unfamiliar territory of knowledge of law: Do you know what corpus delicti is? You don’t even know how to spell it correctly. It is the "body of the crime" where there is death of the victim involved, either in a case of homicide or murder. It is used as an important element of a CRIME COMMITTED AGAINST PERSON – NOT CRIMES AGAINST THE CHURCH OR RELIGION.

There are reports of your background that you have not even finished a high school education. I will not take away from you your dream of higher formal education that unfortunately you don’t have or cannot have. But you can use big words only lawyers understand and only lawyers know how to use, and unlike Brag, I will not call you an idiot or moron even though he is obviously convinced that you richly deserved it.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

You hypocrites! Where is the corpus dilicti? Show us who was harmed by this freedom of speech? Where is the harmed one, and show us the harm that was done. Name the person who was harmed, and show us the damage. This pastor was prosecuted even though there is not a hint of corpus dilicti, something required by law.

But I bet you agree with all the violence on TV which is a million times worse that anything this Pastor could begin to say. But Government doesn't want to clean THAT "speech" up.

Government is too busy using TV violence to spread violence. It's called job security. They need it so that they always have someone to prosecute in court, to fine, so that they make their MONEY! It's called commerce.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

Who in the world can threaten the President, with the Secret Service as his bodyguards around him? Rather, when the Government calls such speech a threat, and then uses force to harm a person who speaks thusly, it is Government that is the threat.

People who are intent on harming a Government official do not "brag" about it by making threats. In fact, that is the furthest thing from their minds, if they hope to accomplish their plans.

Yet, we see Government acting against itself, Government officials acting against their oath of office, Government officials acting treasonously by disregarding the 1st Amendment. The threat is against the American people by their own Government.

You folks who enjoy such anti-American activity by America's own Government, are some of the sneakiest terrorists around. Why? Because you sneakily invade the minds of unsuspecting, unthinking Americans with your propaganda for disarming foundational American law, thereby disarming unsuspecting Americans.

Comment by Boston Releigh
Entered on:

The Pastor who preaches in his Church to discipline a crying two-month old baby in the crib with a "wooden rod" is NOT freedom of speech [idiot]. It is terror. To say in public that you want to kill the President of the United States is NOT freedom of speech [moron]. It is a criminal threat. To harm a child as an excuse for discipline under the preaching of a wayward Pastor, is NOT freedom of religion [nincompoop]. It is plain and simple child abuse. In any of these wrongdoing, the Pastor was a terrorist and a child-abuser -- if you think the Judge sent him to jail for free board and lodging ... you are a hopeless moron.

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

And just to prove Government doesn't care about the children... from the article behind :

"The real obscenity is that people drink that water, that they have no choice but to bathe in it, and to bathe their children in it. You know that, and I know that. But if a massive surface mining operation in the vicinity of your house poisons your water table, and if your well water runs brown with coal sludge and heavy metal particulate, well, that’s just the cost of doing business in America, a cost that will be paid by the Appalachians who only live there. It’s regrettable, at best. You can’t call the police and the state doesn’t want to know. And if you dare to take a picture of child’s exposure to that poison, if you have the nerve to walk into the halls of Congress and show them the obscenity that is a child that must wash herself with poison every day, they will call you a child pornographer. They will call the police."

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

C'mon, folks.

1. The battle in this case has little to do with a pastor's views on child discipline. Rather, it's about how much control Government can assert.

2. Right or wrong, the 1st Amendment allows free speech, and free speech without repercussions from Government. Oath of Office breaking all over the place by the judge. Unlawful and illegal of the judge.

3. If the people of this parish love this pastor so much that they want to do every little thing he says no matter how stupid, they are going to be enraged by the judge, and attempt to embrace the pastor's teaching even more. Most people, these days, have stepped out of such stupidity, so there isn't really any danger.

4. The article, above, is absolutely right about disciplining children, even though it may be wrong about the discipline that this pastor suggested. Our society demands schooling for children. Regular classroom schooling IS discipline. The schools are intentionally being dumbed down by Government stupidity which allows less and less discipline and training. Read the book "FedEd."

5. The fact that Government allows abortions shows that Government doesn't really care about kids. Government "for the children" is a ploy to advance political and financial goals of people who are manipulating Government.

6. The fact that Government is getting into the affairs of our lives more and more, shows that there are a bunch of shrewd people out there using Government to make a fast buck off anyone that they can. Get Big Gov out of our lives. Let the parish government handle this pastor.

7. The nation is in trouble all over the place. It isn't because of strict pastors. It is from faulty Government messing in the lives of people too much. Any time Government steps into our lives, it messes our lives up more than before.

Comment by Steve Duncan
Entered on:

The Pastor didn't teach discipline, he taught violence on children. Before he was sentenced to jail, he should have been beaten first by a wooden rod to straighten him up and learn his lesson.  This is the first time I leaned of a juvenile delinquent Pastor that badly needed a spanking.

Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

I suggest the FBI shouldn't forget to include PureTrust not only for advocating terrorism against the U.S. Government but for messing up this page with his WINDY comments in the air that used up a terrifying amount of space, depriving others of the right to utilize it usefully.  I think the felony is mental tresspass by a loony.

Comment by Courtney Jalospanis
Entered on:

JV is absolutely right!  Preachers of violence have no other place to stay but in jail. Pastors who take advantage of the constitutional clause to preach violence and even murder inside their respective churches are religious terrorists.  Outside the Church, terrorist preachers of violence, like Larken Rose who preaches that to kill government agents and to shoot cops dead are "inalienable" rights of citizens [mentally disturbed preacher of violence] should be hauled to jail "for national security and safety of the American people" as JV correctly said.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

This PASTOR SHOULD BE HANGED, not just sent to jail!

PREACHING TERRORISTS – that’s what they are -- should not be allowed to use the Church to terrorize and abuse children and babies. If McElchap is correct on what he reported in his comment below that this Pastor Calamity [offs….ssshtttt – misspelled – Pastor Philip Ciaminit of Aleitheia Bible Church] is teaching/telling parents to use a rod to discipline "two months old" babies at home, the Judge is too merciful in sending him to prison and for banning him to come back to his Church and teach violence on children ever again. He should have been sentenced to the gallows and hanged by the neck until dead.

In this country, parents are required to "discipline" their delinquent young children, but to hurt a child using a rod, is child abuse, and to use the rod to beat a "two-month-old" baby is an act of terrorism that terrifies the whole community!

This so-called "Brother Greg Dixon" and Dr. Don Boys – religious scoundrels and delinquent rapscallions themselves -- who actively promote acts of terrorism inside the Church should be arrested and sent to prison as Pastor Calamity’s accomplices! Those "holy" terrorists who hide behind "religious freedom" are dangerous scums of the earth!

The Judge should have alerted the Department of Homeland Security for their arrest when she passed the sentence on this criminal child abuser in Church. I expect a SWAT Team to swoop down on their criminal abode, and under the NDAA detained each one of them indefinitely pending investigations before they are hauled to jail for good for national security and for the safety of the American people.

Comment by Ed Martin
Entered on:

This is a freedom of speech issue. The judge is a fool and so are those who promote the assault of anybody, especially children. Unlike a pregnant woman, a child can not easily escape physical abuse. Those of you who want to be able to beat on children remind me of "state" actors. You might want to get a little more creative

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
Entered on:

Sounds to me like this AHO, administrative  hearing officer, and this district attorney, all foreign agents, are a taco short of a combination plate. They must be living in the Twilight Zone on Steroids. These demon driven selfish mind sets are scary and down right evil that try and force their sick and twisted agendas onto others. They are the most dangerous elements in our society today next to the drones with guns and badges who are also the most brain washed and indoctrinated incorporated servants out of control.

Only through divine intervention will this madness stop, but until then it will be business as usual. Unless the Christian community stands up to this insanity and holds these twisted individuals accountable, it will be what it will be.  

Comment by David McElroy
Entered on:

 I hereby make amends! After reading farther afield, I find Pastor Caminiti was advocating spanking babies as young as TWO MONTHS old with a wooden rod! That was outrageous, but the item I read first only reported Caminiti was being sentenced to prison for teaching mere spanking discipline. Discipline must be age appropriate, and a tiny baby should never be subjected to physical punishment for any reason. Babies are too fragile and not really understanding discipline anyway. They need love and assurance, and crying is their only way of calling for attention if they are need something, perhaps even medical care. While I support parents' right to spank defiant children, spanking a baby with a stick merely for crying, as Caminiti taught, is inexcusable.  I think Jesus would agree. But imprisoning the pastor and forbidding him from church contact or leadership is trespassing upon the church's domain. The church should call Caminiti to account, not the judge.

Comment by David McElroy
Entered on:

 AMEN! Bro. Dixon, you are right to speak up on this heinous decision that completely violates our freedom of religion. Spanking a child for discipline is a biblical teaching, and the judge was horribly disrespectful to not only Pastor Caminiti and his Aleitheia Bible Church, but God's teaching. "Spare the rod and spoil the child" is an ancient adage, and falling away from it has produced the madhouse of licentious spoiled brats spawning even worse spoiled brats! It is interesting how a judge who is "horrified" that a child might be spanked, by a loving parent teaching right from wrong, would probably have no argument against a police officer tasering a kindergarten kid or shooting a teenager for running down the street "in a suspect manner".  Defiant kids neede spanking, and a treasonous government officials should get necktie parties!

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