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What to do when they’ve turned their back to you

After being active in the Ron Paul Loveolution in 2008 and watching the slow betrayal and manipulation of the campaign in the 2012 race, I found that despite knowing the fruitlessness of this political endeavor, I had this slow simmering anger inside that I couldn’t explain. I knew years ago that what was unfolding was going to be the outcome. For I have long since lost any hope that we could “Vote” ourselves free, and had come to the conclusion that the system was hopelessly lost from the people.

It is my, and many others I know and call friends, belief that any sullying of yourself by participation in the process is just to show how faulted it is. So I asked myself, “why am I angry”? You saw this coming. You knew that, after the debates, any effort was a waste of time and resources, and knew the depth of disappointment the Paul supporters were going to feel after they realized they were not going to be able to affect any real change thru the political process. So why are you angry? It wasn’t an “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more” angry. Just this deep level of contempt and saddened anger.

And then it came to me. While driving in traffic the other day, I was cut off by this other car. The person driving had made eye contact with me, and looked me straight in the eye and without a word, conveyed the message “they were going to screw me over” and endanger me and my children’s lives without a care or conscience, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. And there was that feeling, and I then realized what it was. The level of “rudeness and lack of conscience”, this evil intent with malice, is what I held in contempt.

While it came as no surprise that the GOP, after having been forced to endure the message of Freedom that Ron Paul was placing before the American public during the debates, would do whatever it took to ensure that this message was stopped. I was taken aback as to just how in-your-face they would be about it. They didn’t even try to hide the arrogance over how fixed the game is.
They just couldn’t continue to endure the political pain and the image of hypocrisy that was being shown to the American people, heck the people of the world, by Dr. Paul’s mere presence in the race. I was just dumbfounded that they would be so …so very matter-of- fact given the level of cheating, back room dealing, the in-your-face-and-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it attitude, and outright stealing of the process. And they did it with that same look… That look of “You and yours just don’t matter” rudeness and contempt. They see you there, they asked you, even begged you, to play the game to lend it some level of credibility. And when they have what they want, “They just turn their back on you”.

·       They’re stealing delegations so Dr. Paul can’t be placed in nomination

·       They tried to stop Paul Festival by blocking the available venues

·       They’re stacking rules committees so they can control the dialogue

·       Right down to the lack of any speaking spot for Dr. Paul at the convention

·       Are you tired of them turning their back on you yet?

True freedom will not, and cannot, be a topic that this GOP will allow to be any part of this Convention, because that is not what they’re about.  They are about control. Just like those other guys they say they are different from. And Dr. Paul’s message is just too painful for them endure.

So what do you, as a Freedom supporter and Ron Paul delegate, do?

They’re ready for you! They’re putting high-priced and powerful people in place as we speak to control the show and Wag the Dog. You have seen the reports of Homeland Security buying up riot gear to control the unruly. That’s anyone that will muck up their show… That’s YOU. Anything you do or want to do is planned for. Trust me - they have already shown their colors and will stop at nothing to quiet you.

So how do you do battle with someone that is ready for anything you might do?  Someone once told me that the best way of fighting these kinds of people is to find a completely perpendicular way of approaching the issues at hand. So what should you as a Delegate do when the Party has turned its back on you?

“You do nothing”

If you’re bound to only vote for Mitt on the first round of voting, then just don’t vote.

And if you’re tired of the GOP turning its back on you, then return the favor.

As a whole, the RP delegates should turn their backs and refuse to acknowledge any of the process they were exclude from. Stand silent with your back to the people who place their own agenda above the Freedom of you and your children.

Shun those that would rob you of what you and the other volunteers worked so hard for. Shun the rule changers. Shun those that steal delegations to quiet the message of Freedom.

Let them figure out how spin the story of Mr. Romney’s acceptance speech where half the convention floor stands in silent discommendation with their backs turned.  Let the Establishment know that you will not stand idly by and let Freedom lovers be stabbed in the back.

Just show them yours.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Now, Don. Shhhh. We need to let the ignorant Libertarians continue to do their voting just as the ignorant among the masses do theirs.

Many folks among the masses, folks who are NOT libertarians, but are standard Democrats or Republicans, have seen through the sham and have quit voting long ago.

But there is a different strategy in voting. The strategy is to let Government think that they have pulled the wool over the eyes of even the libertarians. Let them keep on thinking this. They will play their hand too soon because of it. We will get angrier, and do something about their corruption, something outside of the useless voting, that is.

Comment by Don Duncan
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I am amused by the first three comments, and saddened. I went through this useless attempt to change the system using the system from 1975-1980. I finally wised up, meaning I re-learned the hard way, by experience, that politics is force and fraud, and using politics to counter politics is irrational and futile. Simple, eh? But I tried it for five years out of frustration, desperation, and loneliness. I had been a lone anarchist. I thought I found like minded souls. Some were. Most were not. Robert was angry with statists. Imagine how angry he would be if his gang won, and he found out they were fundamentally the same. There can be no "meeting of the minds" (compromise) with statists. They are "true believers", i.e., believe in force over reason. Nothing you can say will change that. They are not open to debate. Some will change their mind eventually if they do not profit. Others, who benefit financially will never question their livelihood.  

Comment by Ken Sutter
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No doubt the GOP has the whole show rigged. And no doubt the election is rigged. The owners of this country and indeed the world don't care that you know that. However, don't stop now. We've got our foot in the door and if you think turning your back on the whole process is the answer you're wrong. We can't just "up and leave".  

"They" have heard us. "They" know we're here now. And "they" also know their days are numbered. Honest elections ARE possible. A free and honest press IS doable. And that's all that is necessary.

Its a good idea at the National Convention to turn your back on Romney's acceptance speech.  Excellent idea and should be done as a final statement by those of us that care that this is the LAST Convention you're going to get away with this blatant manipulation.

This election is the "show" they're putting on for those still asleep. Sure, they'll make it exciting and interesting but its their last show. It better be. 

The entire world is waking up. People are able to see whats really going on now. So lets not drop the ball, lets get real freedom and justice back.

"They" know we're here now and are scared thereof. Their days are numbered. The REAL power no longer slumbers.   

Comment by Ed Price
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That's why to record the event with your cell cam.

It might be work but, if everyone recorded his/her voting with a cell cam, and then produced an affidavit later, stating that this was indeed their vote, the  following class action lawsuit against any and all others would stand a chance.

Comment by Ruth Petersen
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I have nothing but contempt for the despicable GOP.  I would never vote for the war mongering globalist, Willard Romney.  NEVER.  I had planned to write in Dr. Paul's name on the November ballot, but I doubt that any such write-ins will be tallied.  Since the elections are no longer legitimate, perhaps, in the interest of liberty, we should boycott the elections altogether.

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