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If you're a patriot, you likely suffer from ODD and are a "Mentality III".

Remember the phrases "Oppositional Defiant Disorder" and "Mentality III".

Oppositional defiant disorder was traditionally used to describe rebellious children and teens. Recently this is being used to, regardless of whether the exact term is used at the time of arrest or commitment, to detain veterans and non vets for psychiatric evaluation and take their guns. After the fact getting their guns back along with reputation is difficult.

The thing that scares me is the fact that a disorder meant to apply to rebellious children is perverted to control adults and its definition describes most of if not all of us.

Oppositional defiant disorder is described. As :
Someone with a recurrent pattern of negative defiant hostile and disobedient behavior towards authority that persists for 6 months and includes 4 of the following:
Persistent stubbornness
Resistance to instruction
Unwillingness to go along with the crowd
Deliberately annoying others
Testing limits by ignoring orders.

According to the psychiatric manual, the DSM-IV-TR, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a mental disease wherein free thinkers, non-conformists, civil disobedience supporters, those who question authority and are perceived as being hostile toward the government are labeled mentally ill. Psychiatrists refer to this mental defect as “Mentality III”.

This should concern all of us because when tools like this are used to detain or commit and then take ones gun and 2a rights it signals a possible new front in the assault on the 2nd Amendment o e person or group of people at a time. This is more important when we remember how many anti's and progressives view vets and
conservatives as radical right wingers and possible terrorists.

It was under the cover of diagnosing former Marine veteran and current liberty activist Brandon Raub as afflicted with ODD that he was committed against his will to a VA psychiatric facility for 30 days observation (and his guns confiscated, which have still not been returned) before his family and attorney got a federal judge to see the ridiculousness of it all and order him released immediately just last week.

Earlier this year, you may recall the case of David Sarti, one of the participants in the National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Prepper show. Sarti visited his doctor complaining of chest pains, only to have the doctor later commit him to a psychiatric ward and alert authorities, before Sarti was declared “mentally defective” and put on an FBI list that stripped him of his second amendment rights.

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