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Pokomos , Ormas and the Bust of Churchill

Pokomos , Ormas and the Bust of Churchill


A commentary to be hated by liberals and conservatives


By Menken’s Ghost

August 30, 2012


The Associated Press reported a story on August 23 about ethnic killings in the homeland of President Obama’s father.  To summarize:


Hundreds of Kenyan farmers from the Pokomo ethnic group had attacked a farming village of the Orma ethnic group, torching houses and killing 48 people, most of them women and children.  This rampage was sparked by an earlier incident in which Ormas had killed two Pokomos.  And that incident in turn had been sparked by the Pokomos injuring hundreds of Orma livestock after the cattle had been found grazing on Pokomo land.


It’s the universal story of mankind:  People from different ethnic groups killing each other, usually over land and other resources, but sometimes just for the hell of it.


It’s the same ugly story with different tribes, clans, religions, sects, races, skin shades, classes, castes, nationalities, and ideologies.


The Hatfields hate the McCoys.  Hells Angels hate the Sons of Anarchy.  Crips hate Bloods.  Palestinians hate Israelis. Sunnis hate Shiites.  Pokomos hate Ormas.  The Rev. Jeremiah Wright hates whites.  I hate George W. Bush and Barack Obama.


Diversity is dangerous.


Yet liberals (they’re actually illiberals) teach otherwise in K-12 schools and universities, as they stuff diversity drivel and multicultural mush in empty heads.


Liberals also teach that whites are inherently evil because they have oppressed, enslaved, massacred and colonized brown- and black-skinned indigenous peoples. 


Of course the correct definition of “racism” is the belief that an entire race is inherently inferior in some way.  Yet it is not racist for liberals to say that whites have an inherent defect.  To the contrary, in their great minds, it is enlightened to think this way.


Curiously, these great minds are incapable of imagining how history would have played out if the Pokomos had beaten white Europeans in the development of cannons, cavalry, warships, navigation, and other advantages that came from advances in language, science, technology, finance, and social and governmental organization. 


Even my simple mind can imagine that Europe and America would have been a colony of Pokomo; that whites instead of blacks would have been slaves on Pokomo tobacco, cotton and sugar plantations; and that the indigenous peoples of North America would have lost their land and way of life to the Pokomos.


Speaking of Native Americans, imagine what the world would be like if the Comanche instead of Europeans had first developed advanced military prowess. 


This is easy to imagine, because actual history gives us a clue.  As history shows, when the Comanche combined their superior horsemanship with their barbarism and warrior culture, horrific cruelties were inflicted on other Indian tribes, including such delightful practices as cutting out fetuses from pregnant women, raping women in front of their children, bashing children’s heads against rocks while their mothers watched, and scalping and cutting off the genitals of men before killing them. 


Not exactly the Hollywood version of Indian history shown in “Dances with Wolves.”


Now, what the hell does the bust of Winston Churchill have to do with the subject at hand?


A lot.  It tells the rest of the story, the side of the story that lambastes conservatives instead of liberals.


You probably know that conservatives are upset that Barack Obama returned to the British government the bust of Winston Churchill that had been in the White House.  They don’t understand the president’s apparent disdain for such a gifted orator, leader, and ally of the USA in winning the Second World War. 


They don’t understand because they don’t have the empathy to understand how feelings might be different on the part of those who were on the receiving end of Churchill’s subjugation of indigenous Africans (and Middle Easterners) during his early political career.  (An excellent history of Churchill’s blunders and insensitivities in the Middle East is the book, Power, Faith and Fantasy.)


Barack Obama understands this because his Kenyon father hated the British and Churchill for their colonization of Kenya.  Obama wouldn’t be human if this didn’t affect his feelings and thinking.      


Conservatives also do not understand how some other nations feel about the economic and imperialistic domination by the USA.  These conservatives are chagrined about China exporting a relatively small amount of goods to America, but at the same time they can’t appreciate why other nations might be resentful of seeing American troops on their soil and having their economies dominated by American firms.


In conclusion, liberals and conservatives are like Pokomos and Ormas.  They are tribes that hate each other and are blinded by their hate. Now they’re going to hate me.



Mencken’s Ghost is the nom de plume of an Arizona writer who can be reached at 



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