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Europe's history of fluoridation was partially a history of suppressed and selected publication

Yes, Mrs. Guevara, since you and the council are really interested in sound information, I would like to add a few facts which might influence the city council's decision on drinking water fluoridation:

The only peer-reviewed scientific journal on fluoride research which is open access, freely available on the web, completely independent (from industry) because it doesn't accept any advertising, is "FLUORIDE" (, edited by the highly respected Albert W. Burgstahler, Professor emeritus of chemistry, University of Kansas, Ph.D. at Harvard. It is the official organ of the International Society for Fluoride Research, see e.g.

You may decide yourself if you think that you get unbiased information from the mainstream medical research on fluoride and from fluoridation promoters when I tell you that the above high quality, "but" independent source of (often critical or disillusioning) scientific results and research has been continuously excluded from being listed in "medline", a most important means of making medical research easily accessible to researchers all over the world:

(Europe's history of fluoridation was partially a history of suppressed and selected publication -> "in favour only")

Certainly you aren't able to read much, but by just flipping through a few well-documented cases

you get an impression what harm (besides fluorosis) is done to the people and animals by fluoridating their water.

P.47: "The 2006 NRC report(c) is of clear relevance to water fluoridation and, in addition to referring to two of Waldbott’s

publications, reviewed animal studies showing adverse changes occurred in the brains of rats with water containing 0.34 ppm and 1 ppm of fluoride." - This is exactly the "benefit" fluoridated water also provides to children:

"Lin FF et al. found that the average I.Q. of children in high fluoride and low iodine areas was 19–25% lower than the average I.Q. of children in control areas. A positive association was present between the water fluoride level and mental retardation. As the fluoride level increased, so too did the incidence of mental retardation."

On the other hand, not a single double-blinded, random controlled trial of water fluoridation and of course also none which also accounts for a possible tooth eruption delay (this results in a pretended "benefit" because children with more recently and less erupted teeth will obviously show less caries) has ever been done, i.e. not a single stringent proof of a benefit does exist in spite of decades of water fluoridation. Under these conditions, is any of the so-called fluoride experts able to predict if and how large there'll be a benefit by water fluoridation in Phoenix? Has there been any medical survey checking if the premises for a benefit are given, or are you entering a trial with unknown outcome (except for a large range of certain side-effects)?

Have a look at the attached diagrams on natural fluoride in water and caries! These are the data my father and I personally found at the WHO headquarter in Geneva. With respect to Europe these are all more southern countries with more sunshine and more vitamin D supply, which is known to be caries-preventive. Phoenix is situated even more southerly than the countries listed in our "WHO data" report. Is there any expert who dares to guarantee any benefit of water fluoridation for Phoenix in spite of these facts and results?

Has any expert ever investigated, if "benefits" from ingested fluoride, especially the historic ones - in the case the data had not been selected, can and could perhaps only occur in vitamin D- and/or mineral- deficient children, and if these "benefits" are more than solely pretended ones, by later tooth eruption - compared to control goups? None of the latter questions are answered yet, in spite of decades of water fluoridation.

Read in the attached document, please, why water fluoridation in Basel/Switzerland - "the" European exhibition of "effectiveness" of water fluoridation - was stopped in 2003: All the "experts" had not been able to provide a single proof beyond doubt.


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