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Making my position clear on saving our country

Last week, I received an email telling me that I supported the United Nation’s Agenda 21 along with Roy Beck of www.NumbersUSA.org and Dr. John Tanton  at www.TheSocialContract.com as well as Dan Stein of the Federation for American Immigration Reform at www.Fairus.org .  It also condemned William Gheen of www.Alipac.us .  The email told a pack of untruths about me and the men of those organizations.  It showed my picture along with Tanton’s, Beck’s and others.  It incensed me.   I have never advocated for Agenda 21 or abortion or eugenics or racism or nativism or xenophobia-ism or any other crazy and/or outrageous stances. 
My work is not about the immigrants, but it IS about the numbers of them.  We cannot water, feed, house, work, warm, transport or sustain the 100 million of them projected to arrive upon our shores in the next 38 years.
I stand for intelligent debate, free speech, common sense, logical thinking, reasoned responses and intellectual balance. I write about the problems of our country and offer reasonable solutions.  I am more in touch with our country than Thomas Friedman, Kathleen Parker, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Diane Sawyer (she makes $7 million a year), Scott Pelley, Brian Williams, David Gregory, Bob Schieffer and other top writers and TV anchors.  Why?  They live in million dollar mansions, the insane asylum of New York City and don’t have a clue as to what is happening to average Americans.  I do because I have traveled all over this country dozens of times to talk with Americans at the ground level.  I struggle to pay my rent, food, gas bill and car insurance like average Americans.
I have no time for racism, xenophobia or nativism.  Why?  As a world traveler, I respect all races and colors. Every human being on the planet is doing the best he or she can to live positive lives.  I am not too thrilled with violent religions or religions that subjugate women and children: Welcome to Belgium. The Muslim onslaught in Europe continues.....This is sobering: VIDEO
I do respect everyone’s right to choose their own religions as they see fit and to worship God as they choose.  I see all humans and animals as creative expressions of God on this planet.  I respect spiritualists, agnostics and atheists because they found their calling.  It’s their business, not mine. Me?  I attend church every Sunday. I sing the Lord’s Prayer before every service.  I am a deeply spiritual man.
Does the term racist mean anything to me?  I attend a church in Denver.  We have two black ministers, one male and one female. We have two white female ministers and two white male ministers.  I sit with blacks, whites, Hispanics, Buddhists and many others who attend my church.  I taught all races, creeds and colors in my classes as a former math-science teacher in Brighten, Colorado. I still teach all races, creeds and colors as a 23 year veteran volunteer handicap ski instructor at Winter Park.  Several of my long time friends are black and some of my longest term friends are Hispanic.  None of my black, Hispanic and other friends has ever called me racial names.
After the disturbing email, I called up Jim Stachowiak from the www.freedomfightersradio.com website and asked for an interview to make my position clear.   I stipulated, “If you interview me, you must respect my right to finish a sentence and you will not over-talk or interrupt me. If you do, I will terminate the interview immediately.”
I have interviewed on over 1,000 radio and TV shows in the past 10 years.  I have been bushwhacked by interviewers in the past.  The one thing that I have found during my life, is that when you stick your nose into the political winds and voice your opinion, you face an avalanche of wolves trying to rip out your throat.  They spread lies, innuendoes and fabrications to hurt you.  It’s why I don’t go into politics—they are collectively a bunch of megalomaniacs and liars, and I can’t stand being around them. Mostly, like our current president, who did nothing of merit to earn the presidency, he just BS’d his way into the White House. His only talent: a slippery, silvery tongue.
Anyway, the host of the radio show agreed.  The interview began.  He allowed me to make an opening statement.  I said that during the formation of the U.S. Constitution, few of those great men got along.  Thomas Jefferson hated Alexander Hamilton.  John Adams seethed at the mention of Jefferson with wild envy and jealousy.   Many hated Ben Franklin.  George Washington did not speak to Jefferson for the last 10 years of his life.  John Hancock suffered the slings and arrows of politics and Patrick Henry ticked off a lot of people.  In other words, no one then and none of us now—all agree on everything.  We each carry our own biases and prejudices for people and causes.
But all those men desired one thing: the ending of governance by the divine right of kings.  The founders came together because they championed one great cause—to create a government where the common man chose his leaders and un-chose them if they weren’t doing the job.  Our U.S. Constitution became the most sacred document in the history of humanity.
Today, it’s under siege by our Congress and this current president. It’s being broken down line by line. It’s being dismissed and abused by men like Obama and even former President George W. Bush who said, “It’s just a GD piece of paper.”  He abused it by illegally starting the Iraq War with NO right to attack a sovereign country.  Weapons of Mass Destruction my rear end!  He totally fabricated it. Obama had NO right to give amnesty to over 1.9 million illegal migrants.  Our country does not possess any right to carry on wars for 10 years against indigenous people as in Afghanistan—but our Congress and presidents violate the Constitution beyond words. 
Jefferson said, “This country should never involve itself in foreign entanglements.”
Stachowiak immediately said that I supported abortion because I supported Roy Beck’s www.NumbersUSA.org .  He condemned Dr. John Tanton for being a eugenics advocate.  He condemned Dan Stein for having members on FAIR’s board who were eugenics advocates.  He called William Gheen a few names that upset me.  None of it held any truth.
First of all, I personally know Roy Beck to be a man of impeccable honor and integrity.  Through his organization and 1.2 million members, he defeated 59 amnesties including the 2007 one by Bush which would have given total amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens and it would have given the Dream Act to 2 million illegal migrants. It would have doubled legal immigration from 1.2 million to over 3.0 million annually. It would have made U.S. citizens pay in excess of $3 to $5 trillion for resettling all of them and making them citizens.  (Source: The Heritage Foundation)  If not for Roy Beck, our country would be overwhelmed right now by mass immigration even more than it is today.
Second, I personally know and respect Dr. John Tanton who is one of the finest visionaries of the 20th and 21st century.  He understood in the 50s that immigration would swamp this country.   He honors the sanctity of  all life and the right of Americans to express themselves.  Yes, he started FAIR and dozens of other environmental groups.  He’s John Muir, Thoreau, Emerson, Abbey and Stegner all rolled up into one brilliant man.  Yes, he supported Planned Parenthood, not to give abortions, but to help all women with self-empowerment, education and birth control so they wouldn’t have to suffer the choice of abortions.  Dr. John Tanton will stand with history’s greats like Galileo who knew more than the Pope, prevailing powers and paradigms, and Tanton is decades ahead of his time.  He will be vindicated by history.
Dan Stein and William Gheen work to stop all illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration down to less than 100,000 annually.  They are VERY good men.  Folks, we cannot continue importing the endless line of immigrants from the third world onto our shores and hope to survive the Human Katrina of consequences.
What disturbed me during the interview:  Jim and Ed told me what I thought— through their own biases.  Therefore, if they thought I wrote “hysterical” articles about overpopulation and immigration, I better explain to you my long time readers.  If they thought I was xenophobic in my writing, I better level with you that I am not. It’s not about the immigrants. It’s about the numbers that cannot be sustained, i.e., watered, fed, housed, jobs, educated, transported and warmed.
I am fighting for our country’s survival with intelligent commentaries. If that’s not apparent, I have failed you and I have failed future generations.  In the end, all of us are in this fight. If we don’t stop mass legal and illegal immigration, we’ll all suffer horribly degraded futures for ourselves and our children.
As Ben Franklin said, “We all better hang together or we will all hang separately.” 
Indeed, our country’s future stands in the balance.  Great men like Beck, Tanton, Gheen and Stein stand out as leaders and give us a chance to survive this immigration ordeal.
Me? I am a thinking and action-oriented American, first, last and always.
Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as eight times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. In 2012, he bicycled coast to coast across America.  His latest book is: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge, copies at 1 888 280 7715/ Motivational program: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World by Frosty Wooldridge, click:

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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

"We cannot water, feed, house, work, warm, transport or sustain the 100 million of them projected to arrive upon our shores in the next 38 years."

Now let's see. The problem does NOT lie with the caring of immigrants. The problems are these:

1. The idea of the application of "We" to all kinds of things that few of us support or accept as part of what we are about;

2. Not leaving each other alone, and not leaving the immigrants alone. After all, if "we" the Government left "we" the people and "we" the immigrants alone, "we" the people and "we" the immigrants would take care of ourselves, and maybe each other;

3. There is so extremely much land, and so extremely many natural resources, that hundreds of millions more people could support themselves, easily. The problem is "we" the Government trying to limit the people from using the resources, from spreading out on the land. The problem is "we" the Government always pressuring the people into thinking that there is not enough land, that there are not enough resources.

Am I promoting the idea of immigration? No! Other peoples have plenty of land in their nations, and plenty of natural resources on their lands.

So, do you know what their problem is? It's the same as ours. It is THEIR nations' "we" the government, doing the same things to them that our Government is trying to do to us.

Mexico City has, maybe, 20 and a half million people. To be sure, there is much poverty. There are poor living conditions. Yet, New York City has almost that many at 19 and three quarters million. Yet there is far less poverty in New York City. Why the difference? The difference lies in the two different kinds of "we" the governments that the two nations have. (http://www.worldatlas.com/citypops.htm)

Guess which nation is moving in the direction of poverty faster than the other? the U.S. or Mexico? It is the United States moving towards poverty. Oh sure, it may not seem like it with all the millionaires that are popping up. But the value of the dollar has dropped so extremely much that you can't buy nearly what you could 50 years ago with it. And for every new millionaire, there are loads of folks who drop into deeper poverty.

Do "we" need Government? No! Do "we" need a form of government? Yes! The form of government that both we and Mexico need is a Government that is TRULY a government of the people, by the people, and FOR - in favor of and supporting - the people - rather than trying to rape and plunder them.

There is plenty of land. There are plenty of natural resources when used wisely. Our's and Mexico's GREATEST NEED regarding land and resources, is to get the CROOKS OUT OF GOVERNMENT.

Perhaps we should make the individual States to be the leaders, and to rule over the Federal Government. With communications and transportation as they are today, the individual States could serve their people much better than the Federal Government can.

Perhaps each State should adopt, formally, into their Constitutions, as non-repealable amendments, all the tenets of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Then let's get rid of the Federal Government, and make the D.C. land to be the place where the State Governors and legislators meet on occasion, to work out the national problems, such as how to maintain individual States' gold and silver backed currencies freedoms, in light of no more Federal Reserve Bank, that would have gone down with the cancellation of the Federal Government.

Comment by Ed Martin
Entered on:

 Screw the concept of "Country". I want to freely travel this planet. I can't expect to do that if I deny that freedom to others.