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The Dollar Meltdown

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An Urgent Warning As Gold Nears One Year High ...

Gold has been on a rocket-ride since late July — soaring from its low of $1,550 to nearing its one-year high of $1,783.

Meanwhile, in the same period, the dollar went into free-fall ... hitting its lowest point since November of last year.

This is a clear example of how gold remains the only way to really protect yourself from Washington’s destruction of the greenback.

And frankly, it’s never been more important that you do so. The Fed’s recent announcement to “print” the U.S. back into prosperity by creating $480 billion a year has put the final nail in the dollar’s coffin.

This is why, with every blow to the greenback, gold jumps ... as investors flock to one of the only assets in the world that offers real long-term protection for their wealth.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, most Americans are starting to understand this ... with the majority of those polled saying gold is the best long-term investment.

And it’s not just everyday people buying up gold for insurance.

In the former Soviet Union, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is stockpiling gold ... spending about half a billion dollars on acquisitions each month. In the last five years, he has doubled Russia’s gold holdings.

However, as the need for gold grows, so too do the risks of buying it and owning it ...

In fact, every ounce of gold you have in your possession — or buy in the future — is now facing a huge new threat.

One investor has already lost as much as $3,400,000 because of it.

To make matters worse, Uncle Sam is one of the driving forces behind it.

That’s why I created this new special presentation. In it, I tell you the exact nature of this threat ... why it’s on the rise ... and three simple strategies you can use today to protect every ounce of gold you own or buy in the future.

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