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Click! Choosing Love One Frame at a Time

Book review: Click! Choosing Love One Frame at a Time by Carl Studna
Part 1: Becoming inspired by others in order to inspire all you meet
Product DetailsAt the age of 14, world renowned photographer Carl Studna bought a record album by Paul McCartney.  Studna raced home to eagerly tear off the plastic wrap to reveal the famous Beatle with his daughter Mary tucked into his heavy winter coat.
“I wanted to step into the picture to be with them,” said Studna at a recent book signing in Denver, Colorado.

“I wanted to step into the picture to be with them,” said Studna at a recent book signing in Denver, Colorado.  “In my youthful exuberance, I planted seeds to create a photographic career that brought me to McCartney and his family at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch in Northern California 22 years later.   I spent two days with Paul, Linda and family while his “Off the Ground” video was being shot.”

In a life time of travel all over the globe, Carl Studna meets, greets and photographs some of the world’s prominent luminaries.  While standing in front of his enthusiastic audience at the book signing, he related his friendship with rock star Kenny Loggins.  He related his week photographing the Dali Lama. 
By visiting his website, www.CarlStudna.com , you may enjoy dramatic pictures of Eric Clapton, Grace Slick, Rod Stewart, Laura Huxley, George Harrison, Elton John, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, Bob Dylan, Kirk Douglas and so many more of your favorite figures on the world stage.
“Carl’s photographs are sumptuous. He seems to capture a unique essence in people in a flattering, artful and memorable way. The photo sessions he runs are calming, productive and enjoyable. You always know you are in good hands when it’s a Carl Studna session and that you will have fantastic shots with tons of viable options.” ~ Doug Haverty, Independent Design Professional
When you enter Studna‘s exceptionally creative website, he writes, “Love is the highest expression of light.  The color within light represents the vast variety for choices of expression. The shadows amidst the light shape the textures for all form. This daily metaphor is the foundation or basis for all expressions of creativity.”
While Studna finds photography his highest creative expression, he cannot help share his enthusiasm for your own journey.  You will find yourself immersed in “gathering creative energy” as Studna’s prose carries you along on your own path.  He helps you realize your own life stands as a perfect photograph in the “click, click, click” of time.  He encourages you in your own creative expression.  He presents choices: love or separation; honor or judgment; breathe or constrict; be present or mask; express or withdraw; shine or shrink.
Without a doubt, Studna’s photographic journey presents you with the best opportunities to explore you own spiritual, creative and intellectual qualities.  “Say cheese!” for the photographer clicking the shutter loses its appeal in Studna’s unique approach to photography.
He writes, “Imagine if there had been a different scenario to effectively get people to authentically laugh and smile.  If that approach caught on, perhaps we might actually enjoy having our pictures taken and see it as an opportune moment to playfully interact and let our light shine.”
This book sparkles like a distant star that, as you read it, becomes as bright as our own sun.  Studna provides a unique “light” for you to follow.  From a mystery speck in the universe, you learn to “shine” your own spirit and countenance with Studna’s gentle educational energy.
“Being in front of the camera is a method for receiving instant feedback on where our thoughts are being placed,” said Studna.  “How are we feeling about ourselves?  What false values are we placing on ourselves that take us away from being fully present, radiant and alive while in front of the camera?”
Reading Click! Choosing Love One Frame at a Time transports you into the world of photography like never before.  You meet rock stars, spiritual icons and female luminaries that transcend their photographs.  Kenny Loggins writes his own thoughts. Carol Ratcliffe Alm shows you how to transform from “Beige to beautiful.”  Kathleen McGowan shows you how to “Capture joy.”
You will find yourself returning to this book’s chapters more than once.  You will find yourself visiting Carl Studna’s website multiple times.  He offers an essence for living in photographs that captivates and inspires you.
“Carl Studna has written a brilliant book about how to be fully present and fully self-loving in each moment of our lives. I highly recommend this unique and wonderful book to everyone who desires to live a fully inspired, deeply impassioned and purposeful life.” ~ Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul stories
Part 2:  Creating a safe space, In the silence, remembering self love
Book: Click! Choosing Love One Frame at a Time
Author:  Carl Studna
Publisher: Hay House, Agape Media International, www.agapeme.com
ISBN#: 978-1-4019-4089-8
Price: $24.95 US/Canada, UK L15.99
Product Details
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