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Thank God for the Internet!!

OK I do want to say it's not very respectable to mock world leaders like this, in some ways psychological aggression is no less destructive than physical violence, and yet, at least it's not physical violence. I'd rather see this than death and killing. And that's why the internet is so beautiful ... in the days of broadcast media, "they" would have been on the TV doing what they're doing, fearmongering about the teeny tiny little missile, and we would have had nothing else to believe.

Thanks to the internet, we can turn that fear into the joke that it actually is ... all they've done is cause Americans to collectively laugh out loud in response. The meme is more popular than the news itself!! Now I'm not saying this is very mature of us ... but it's better than the days of not knowing any better and letting the war machine bomb them to smithereens for profit.

Can you imagine if we'd had this kind of a worldwide political counter-culture after 9/11? There's no way they could get away with something like that again. We'd have laughed GWB and his WMD's right off Rumsfeld's (or was it Ashcroft's?) little cartoon map before you can even say Condoleeza Rice. Come to think of it, if it weren't for internet, we still wouldn't know the truth about 9/11.

Thank you God for the internet. May humanity finally see peace in our time!!

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Amen, Brother!

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