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Immigration and Environmentalism

Fortunately, it is looking like efforts to liberalize or change U.S. immigration policy may become a reality. There is a bill being crafted in the U.S. Senate that seems to have a good chance of passing and House Speaker John Boehner has already talked to the House Republican caucus about the necessity of passing a bill to do just that. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is already actively trying to pitch the idea by engaging opponents as well.

The U.S.'s immigration system is so bureaucratic it actually contributes to the very problems seen today at the U.S. border. Yet it is important to know what the driving force has been behind the opposition to immigration reform to begin with. A short time ago, Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) scholar David Beir exposed the true intent of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Beir observed that FAIR's charge that fewer immigrants means more prosperity is nonsense pointing out that if fewer workers means more prosperity then (by their logic) no workers is the ultimate prosperity.

Naturally, instead of refuting David Beir's charge, FAIR has decided to attack. FAIR spokesman Ira Melman replied by stating:  

I must point out the irony that CEI is arguing that limiting immigration is ‘anti-human’ while it champions labor policies that treat workers as mere commodities, not as fellow citizens who have the right to earn a fair wage for their work.
Melman went on to state that We, the American people, should choose who we admit to our nation. Either of these two responses are not only without merit but are distractions from the core issue. The anti-capitalistic sentiments expressed by FAIR are altogether indicative of a movement that deep down inside hates the idea of other people being able to be free to trade (be it services or labor) with whomever they want.

FAIR is one of a few groups started by a man named John Tanton in 1988. Tanton is a retired Michigan opthamologist and was an active environmentalist. In addition to serving on the boards of groups such as Zero Population Growth and the Sierra Club, he established three influential organizations: FAIR, NumbersUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies. Each of these groups in some way has been able to influence nativist sentiments on the Left and Right by making false Malthusian claims that Earth's resources are limited and the countries cannot sustain increases or growth in populations. Including and especially influxes of immigrants.

The Southern Poverty Law Center was able to obtain some of Tanton's written correspondence in which they uncovered not only exchanges of letters with but also evidence of close association with leaders of a eugenics foundation described as a Neo-Nazi front group. According to the SPLC, Tanton's associations with white supremacist groups even go so far as to not only meeting but even vacationing with their leaders including making proposals grounded in their ideas. Tanton's organizations have also accepted contributions from the Pioneer Fund which has conducted research attempting to prove a link between race and intelligence.

The issue of immigration is, admittedly, a thorny political issue. However, as the Reason Foundation points out, statements that immigrants should just come here legally are not grounded in fact. As a Reason Foundation flow chart shows, the U.S.'s immigration system is so bureaucratic that illegal immigration is nearly guaranteed. Furthermore, it does not help any that the United States continues to have limits (aka quotas) on the amount of immigrants that can legally enter the U.S. As it turns out, immigration quotas were proposed and supported by the Ku Klux Klan.

David Beir's accusations against FAIR and other like-minded groups as being anti-human is completely accurate. If one takes into account the activities of the present-day nativist movement's founding father John Tanton, you can see the correlation between environmentalism and hatred of mankind in which a natural outgrowth of that hatred is opposition to immigration. Environmentalists seek to preserve nature at all costs and revere the environment as intrinsic literally viewing human beings as a cancer that would do harm to the beauty of the outdoors. This logic, not surprisingly, is also taken into the realm of immigration and it is small wonder that anti-immigrant environmentalists have attempted to take over groups like the Sierra Club.

Hostility to immigration is a natural extension of environmentalist thought and was the reason why John Tanton founded groups like FAIR and NumbersUSA. Not only do environmentalists seek to destroy civilization in the name of preserving nature, they will use even the science purporting a link between mankind's usage of fossil fuels and climate change and other studies as a means to lay guilt upon those who work to be productive and successful. This done in a perverse attempt to damn mankind's existence for the sake of preserving non-human life. With polls indicating the young populations of the United States and Europe quickly dropping their religious associations with Christianity and other mono and polytheistic dogmas, mankind in general should also dump the religion of environmentalism that seeks to crucify mankind on the altar of the goddess of nature.

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Beg pardon, but a lot of the "nativist" movement is made up of actual "Natives".  The biggest supporters of SB1070 here in Arizona are the Navaho tribes, who own land down near the border and are very tired of seeing Illegals -- and drug-convoys -- running across their borders, breaking their fences, trashing their land, killing their livestock, stealing their vehicles, killing the occasional rancher and tribal policeman, attacking farm and ranch houses, raping their women, and often stealing children to sell to whorehouses.  These Native Americans have taken to watching the border themselves, catching Illegals when they run across the border, handing them over to the Border Patrol -- ICE will bother to come and pick them up -- and shooting them when they get obstreperous.  This is why the Coyotes and drug-lords have taken to running across the border in other places than the Tohono O'odam lands, thank you.  In assuming that evironmentalism is an invention of well-to-do White cynics, you're overlooking a LOT of the facts. 

Comment by TL Winslow
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Why is the whole world still stuck on stupid when it comes to the U.S. and Mexico? For 200 years the U.S. has been getting away with foisting de facto apartheid on brown-skinned Spanish-speaking Mexicans, and every year it's finding it harder to keep getting away with it.  Confusing the issue of immigration from other continents, immigration of skilled labor, etc., with the issue of apartheid is STUPID. Only when the apartheid is ended can the U.S. really form and implement a workable policy.

How can apartheid be ended? By dropping the white supremacy and English supremacy b.s. and accepting the entire Mexican people as U.S. citizens, in return for them giving up their failed country and incorporating their territory as 10 new states. When the present unsealable border expands to the Mexican coasts and all 400 million Americans can freely mix, the freedom solution will heal all wounds. The 60-state U.S. will be better and happier in every way, and can easily handle the relative trickle of immigrants from other continents with an all-ocean southern, eastern, and western border.

For years I've been laying out the plan here. How many still haven't even peeped?

Whatsa matter, chicken? :)




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