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Has the Moslem Cyber Jihad Against Christian Web Sites Begun?

(Editors Note: When our website went down on June 15 from which we sent out our daily Trumpet on Line publication, we, in our ignorance of computer sites, thought that Word Press was just making changes and that it was up to us to figure out how to use the new format.  Little did we know that we were the victim of our first cyber attack, a term that had not been in our realm of knowledge until recently.  After not being able to contact our web master, I decided to concentrate on other things, so I included the following paragraphs in a letter to the Biblical Law Center mailing list.) 
Dear Brethren and Friends, In my e mail that I sent last night - June 17- to the Biblical Law Center mailing list, the following paragraph dealt with the Trumpet-on line.  It was correct as I understood it, however some incredible information has surfaced overnight that I feel I must share with all of you that are on our mailing list and friends on Facebook. That information follows this paragraph that I wrote which follows in quotes.
“… we have been sending out This Day in Baptist History Past and The Trumpet on Line daily. We have actually suspended both of the above as of June 15, mainly because of technical reasons with Word Press. Hopefully others may continue with TOL soon, and we hope to start Day in Baptist History Past again shortly. However we feel that it is far more important for us to concentrate on our work with the BLC and finishing our book on the battle between the IRS and Indianapolis Baptist Temple, that in reality, only I alone can tell. The name of the book is, Showdown at High Noon- Between the IRS and a Church that Wouldn’t Back Down.  We have several chapters completed and hopefully it will be finished this year.”
Our Web Master, David Williams, finally contacted me tonight, and asked me why I hadn’t been posting Trumpet-On Line.  I told him that I had tried to reach him every way I knew how to let him know that the TOL web site had been totally changed and that I couldn’t load the articles.  He said that he would check it right away, which he did, and found that all of the “plugins” had been removed by hackers.  Plugins are what you need to maneuver within the web site, to name titles, to load the articles, to list the tags, and send articles to Facebook, etc.  Then David began to check the IP #’s and traced them back to countries like Luxembourg, Sweden, Turkey, etc. They also ruined the subscriber link on the front page.  We also found that they had destroyed my Internet Explorer routing to the Unregistered Baptist Fellowship web site. 
We have now found that two other of our web sites have been hacked also. The Biblical Law Center and The Trail of Blood Revisited. You can't detect it by logging on to the site because they have a way to go behind the main page. Unless you try to create or add to the page, you don't detect it.
David then explained that they have done the same thing to his web sites. In fact he was contacted by his provider, but apparently Word Press wasn’t aware that my site was down so they hadn’t alerted me. In fact one site that he normally gets 200 hits per day got 76,000 in one day, many of them from Moslem countries such as Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc. We have every reason to believe that many other Christian sites around the country and even around the world are receiving the same attack. This is nothing short, in my opinion, of an Islam Cyber Jihad against Christians who have dared to speak out against the evils of Islam as we have on The Trumpet on Line which has carried articles which has consistently told the truth about Islam. And if they haven't been attacked yet, they will. Because this is for the purpose of stopping us from speaking against Islam in any kind of a negative way. We must not stop. The next thing they will want us to do is stop our positive message of inviting them to receive Christ. Which by the way, as soon as we are back up and running, we will continue to do so as the Lord leads. Any Christian message is Anti-Muslim to them.
It is our understanding that Word Press backs up everything, so we have contacted them and hopefully they will be able to restore the website and the TOL will be able to be back publishing the gospel of Christ soon.  Bro. David is also going to install Word Fence which hopefully will give us protection in the future.  If not, then we will have to keep trying to find bigger Anti Moslem devices to protect us against these satanic forces that have been launched against us.  We are literally in a war against a mighty evil that none of us in our generation have ever faced before.  It is going to take a spirit of prayer to stand against this foe that we have never experienced before.  And we must also stand together.
Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
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