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Watch the Birdie! -- Why Syria? and Why now?

(The following is my response to an email I received today asking "Are you ready?" for what is coming with respect to the situation in Syria. I'll characterize my answer as one couched in cynical realism. Things are seldom what they seem.)
In answer to your question (about current events surrounding the Syrian crisis), I guess all I can say is that I'm as ready as I can be. Which, if some of what you refer to is true, (which I doubt) then I'm probably not nearly ready enough. But then, who's ever really ready for the worst-case scenario?

My belief is that this is just the latest evidence that the U.S. (now, unarguably, Obama's U.S.) continues to follow the blueprint laid out by the NeoCon Project for a New American Century back in September 2000. That, in a nutshell, was the plan to conquer the middle east and establish the U.S. as THE preeminent world military power. I'd estimate that it's a 20-year plan that's more or less on schedule. It specifically lists Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and even Egypt as strategic targets for overthrow (whether by invasion or by Arab Spring). The price tag is trillion$ and counting. In my opinion, the result of it is that the rest of the world, including our allies, have come to view the U.S. in the same way that Nazi Germany was viewed by the late-1930s - and for the same reasons.

"I am now a Keynesian." - Richard Nixon, August 1971

"I am now a NeoCon." - Barack Obama, September 2013 ?

From what I understand, Obama met with leaders of the banking and financial industry recently. In all likelihood that meeting was a heads-up that something serious was about to go down. Hence, the possible or likely invasion of Syria. It's just as likely that they met to order the invasion as cover for a serious, negative financial event that is imminent - think September 2008. The Syrian invasion has sat conveniently on the back burner since Obama drew his "line in the sand" at the beginning of this year. All we can do is speculate as to what really took place in that meeting. We'll know it's just cover if a bank such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, or Barclay's fails in the midst of this Syrian "crisis". Don't forget to "Watch the Birdie!"

The real danger in all of this is the brinksmanship between the U.S. and Russia over Syria. Syria is a longtime ally of Russia and Russia maintains a vital (from their perspective) Mediterranean naval port in Syria. They have made no secret of their opposition to any military action against Syria absent a U.N. mandate. NATO thinks it can act unilaterally without U.N. approval. The looming question is - What will Russia do if the U.S., under the guise of NATO, invades Syria without U.N. approval? Some think it could be the start of WWIII. Remember, unlike Syria, Russia has very real weapons of mass destruction.

Anyhow, that's my view of the situation. Desperate times call for desperate measures and for the banksters who run the U.S. these are very desperate times. Obviously there isn't anything we can do to change it, but I can at least take a little solace in the fact that I'm no longer financing it. I'll certainly let you know if I hear of anything useful or significant as things develop.

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Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Attack on syria?   50-50.  Failure of one of these:

 Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, or Barclay's

to which I will add Wells Fargo And chase.   --- about zero.   This is just the typical Right wing selling of FUD to the chicken little membership who, if there were not afraid of something would be unhappy.   My $100 to your $20, that none of these banks fail before the end of 2013, Syria war or not.    I do not mean take over by another bank, I mean fail as in bail out, or Gov takeover.


I will be surprised if there are any takers.