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Praise for—How to Deal with 21st Century American Women

Praise for—How to Deal with 21st Century American Women
Review by John Stchur -
This review is from: How to Deal with 21st Century American Women: Co-Creating a Successful Relationship (Paperback & Hardcover, Kindle, Sony, Nook)
I sit here flipping through the pages of How to Deal with 21st Century American Women, back to front, at a speed that would animate Mickey Mouse if he were drawn on every page. And I'm amazed. Because, you see, there are no such drawings; there are, instead, only my futile efforts to capture all the wisdom and BEST doses of clear logic and common sense contained in those pages by highlighting them with a fluorescent-yellow magic marker. Thus the title and thus the blinding yellow glare.
There is wisdom in this book, folks. Not the kind that comes from some new, multi-million dollar piece of research, but the kind we SHOULD already have and, instead -- through selfishness ,rationalization and pride -- ignore or relegate to some dark, unobtrusive corner of our mind. Well, Frosty makes these gems IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. Better yet, through charm and wit, he makes us determined to FOLLOW his and our own best advice. He makes us want to be more honest with ourselves . . !
I guess what I'm trying to say here is that Frosty makes common sense MAKE sense -- which is not to say there's any lack of new ideas, new perspectives here as well. There were dozens of times, while reading, that I actually placed the book in my lap, briefly, and thought, "Hmmmm, I never thought about it THAT way before . . ."
With HOW to Deal with 21st Century American Women: Co-Creating a Successful Relationship we've been given the tools (and by the way, the book could just as easily have been titled HOW TO BE THE BEST, MOST FULFILLED 21st Century PERSON YOU CAN BE). What's more, we've been given the motivation, by one of the best motivational speakers and writers in the country.
Now it is up to us; no excuses.
How to Deal with 21st Century American Women: Co-creating a successful relationship
By Frosty Wooldridge
Publisher: Author House
Order Phone number: credit card or check Available at 1-888 280 7715;  Barnes and Noble ;  Amazon
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E-book: $2.99
Hard cover: $28.99
Soft cover: $19.95
·  Paperback: 258 pages
·  Publisher: AuthorHouse (September 9, 2013)
·  Language: English
·  ISBN-10: 148174335X
·  ISBN-13: 978-1481743358
·  Product Dimensions: 0.6 x 5.9 x 8.9 inches
*   Available on: Kindle, Nook, Sony
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