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Passport to Freedom - Las Vegas, NV - January 23-25, 2014

Dateline: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the last several years, I’ve become quite a collector. A collector of secrets.

Specifically, “freedom secrets”.

And I’ve done some pretty crazy things to get my hands on these secrets. Like rushing to the airport to take the next and last flight out to eastern Europe - just to have lunch with a guy and his manila folder.

Some of these secrets have helped me bypass standing in stupid government immigration lines. Or find a place to store gold coins anonymously. Or how to set up an invisible business.

As an advocate of geographical diversification for both your freedom and your assets, these secrets have helped me in one other way.

I’ve learned how YOU can live the “offshore lifestyle” - complete with more stable bank accounts, second citizenships, and personal privacy - WITHOUT having to real your living room couch.

I call it Offshore Diversification Without Leaving the House.

If you’re reading this, there’s no doubt in my mind you’ve felt like a slave to your bankrupt government. It’s hard not to... Big Brother has a plan to STEAL your retirement account, increase your taxes to slave levels, and even confiscate your gold!

The only question is: will you TAKE ACTION to stop it, or sit idly by while they get away with their dastardly deeds - all because you said “It couldn’t happen here”?... or because you were smarter than their surveillance state ways?

I’m here to tell you it CAN happen “here”. Because it’s happened to me.

Life is a lot more free here in southeast Asia. But I understand you may have a mortgage, kids, pets, family, animals, etc, etc., that prevent you from joining me here.

So that’s why I had an idea. What if I got twelve of the world’s foremost financial experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and attorneys together to SHOW you how to live a lifestyle that kept the US government at bay without having to pack a bag?

This information could be GOLD to you and your family... but ignoring these sages’ warnings could spell insurmountable financial doom as the US falls off the cliff.

You and I know there are more threats THAN EVER in the United States:

Un-elected regulatory bodies have more power than ever to SHUT DOWN businesses and freeze, levy, or even STEAL from your bank account. The IRS is hiring a new army of enforcement agents who will have to find tax dodgers... or risk being fired (do you think they’ll come up empty handed??) Banks and government agencies are making it HARDER than ever to move your money around the world, use cash, or own gold


Just look at what German Chancellor Angela Merkel said when Cyprus was in trouble. Basically... “let them eat cake!” Days later, as much as 80% of their money was GONE.

The EU is already trying to shut down other offshore banking centers in Europe. They claim it’s for “financial stability” but the dirty little secret is they’re AFRAID because they want TOTAL CONTROL over every penny you have.

Meanwhile, bureaucrats in Washington are pushing for more and more drones - as small as a fly - to spy on your every move. Do you think this is for “your benefit” that way they tell you it is?!

Congress is pushing to make almost EVERYTHING trackable by GPS, with even your car reporting your every move to Barack Obama and unaccountable bureaucrats.

And did you ever think you’d see the day when an American intelligence operative would divulge that the government is SPYING on you - but that he’d flee to China and Russia?!

Throughout history, governments have ALWAYS reacted to threats from their people by SHUTTING DOWN your freedoms and STEALING your cash!

You can say “it won’t happen here”. After all, your country is “the greatest one on earth”... right?


Here are just two of the predictions my expert friends have shared with me:

Peter Schiff: Out-of-control inflation and massive stock market losses

“What we saw in 2008 and 2009 wasn’t a crash - that was a tremor before an earthquake”. That’s how CNBC commentator, best-selling author, superstar asset manager, and financial soothsayer Peter Schiff sees things playing out. As an economic advisor to Ron Paul, Schiff has accurately predicted the biggest economic collapses of the last generation.

Charles Goyette: The US dollar CAN become even MORE irrelevant

Charles has a new set of predictions about the US dollar that will shock you. He’s been spot on before and will share his latest ideas on HOW to play the continued decline of the US dollar, plus how to avoid the Fed’s endless manipulation. But where is he putting his money? Certainly not another fiat currency?...

I realize not everyone wants to join me as an expat. I’ll show you how to stay where you’re at and protect yourself at the same time. These “secrets” are the ones used by wealthy investors to secure their fortunes. Much of this information has been shared online - EXCEPT much of what’s online is flat-out WRONG - written by people who just want to take your money.

Besides Charles and Peter Schiff, I’ve assembled a group of over a dozen experts who will share with you how to ESCAPE the 7 Economic Nightmares the government has planned.

And they’ll also be sharing the stage with Peter Schiff, Charles Goyette, Ernie Hancock, and myself at ONE all-access, three-day event called Passport to Freedom. Held January 23-25, 2014 in Las Vegas, this event will offer REAL, ACTIONABLE information you can put to use IMMEDIATELY.

No theories, no nonsense, no fluff.

Things are about to go from BAD to WORSE... and you need to be prepared. At Passport to Freedom, you’ll learn about THREATS like these - and the SECRETS you can use to fight back...


How to escape wealth confiscation How to protect yourself and profit from the Death of the Dollar How to escape the USA in one piece (if you choose) The world’s next great investment frontiers How to fire your banker and raise your interest rate How to diversify and internationalize your gold if the US outlaws it


Passport to Freedom will be a great way to dig into real solutions for these threats. As an intimate event, you’ll be able to interact with the speakers, ask questions, and leave informed. Plus, Ernie Hancock will be there to meet you personally! 

Early bird ticket prices for Passport to Freedom are already a tremendous value. But as a friend of Ernie’s, I wanted to offer a special deal. If you act right now and use coupon code PHOENIX, you can bring a second person for just $1. Just buy a “couple’s” ticket at the early bird price and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Besides, who doesn’t want to escape the winter cold in Las Vegas?


(LINK: Click here to get your ticket now (we accept BItcoin!)


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