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State v. Hoggatt (New Marijuana Case)


Today, the Arizona Supreme Court issued its decision in State v. Hoggatt confirming that people on probation maintain their right to use medical marijuana; even in cases where they are on probation for marijuana related crimes.  Although I strongly agree with this decision, I would be remiss if I failed to point out the absurdity of putting people on probation for victimless marijuana related offenses while also allowing them to smoke marijuana during that probation.  It is a sign of the transitioning times we find ourselves in at the moment.  We are changing for the better!  It would be difficult to think of any change which would confer greater and more immediate benefits upon our justice system than to legalize the possession, sale, transportation and production of marijuana.  We cannot honestly claim to be a free society while we also fail to recognize that competent adults own themselves.  It's long past time to end the ridiculous drug war.     ?

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