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Compact for America Prosperity Zone Hearing Sept 6 @ Noon - AZ St Cap Senate Hearing Rm 1

This hearing will be about

Here is a link to the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show where Ernest interviews Nick Dranias (President and Executive Director of the Compact for America) in Hour 3: https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/202915-2016-08-31-08-31-16-james-corbett-nick-dranias-listen-live-on.htm

From the Compact for America Website:


You've probably already heard about the Prosperity Zone movement, but want to know more. Here's your chance!

On September 6 at noon in Senate Hearing Room 1 at the Arizona State Capital, the Joint Ad Hoc Committee on Prosperity Districts will conduct a fact finding hearing into the Prosperity Zone Compact.

Americans for Prosperity-Arizona is offering free bus service from the Tucson area to get there.

Three guest speakers will explain the constitutional and policy merits of the effort:

William Boyes, PhD – Founding Director, Center for the Study of Economic Liberty; Emeritus Professor of Economics, Arizona State University; will speak about how Arizona will benefit from the Prosperity Zone reforms

Ilya Shapiro, JD – Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute; will discuss the Constitutionality of the Prosperity Zone Model Policy

Dean Clancy, MA – Scholar, Compact for America Education Foundation, former VP of Policy for FreedomWorks; will present on the regulatory best practices of the Prosperity Zone Compact

You'll learn how the Prosperity Zone Compact promises to empower local communities to hit the reset button on wasteful government, replacing job-killing regulations with 21st century best practices.

This one idea could double or even triple economic growth in Arizona, create jobs on a scale not seen in decades, generate opportunities to out-compete anyone in the world, and inspire the rest of the country to restore free markets.

You'll see why the Prosperity Zone Compact is truly federalism in action, in which reform is driven from the grassroots-up, and from the inside-out within Arizona and other states that join the movement.

If you can't wait to learn more, check out our one-pager and executive summary of our working draft. If you want still more, you can click here for the current working draft of the model policy, here for Professor Boyes' economic analysis of its implications, and here for Compact for America Policy Brief No. 10 on its constitutionality.

And if you don't have time to immerse yourself in all things Prosperity Zone, please spend a few minutes listening to this short interview on the James T. Harris Show.

After learning more about this powerful idea, I think you'll understand why Compact for America Educational Foundation has joined forces with Federalism in Action and NeWAY Foundation to lead educational efforts for the Prosperity Zone Compact.

Hope to see you there!

And please consider a donation to support this powerful new idea.



To view the latest draft of the Compact legislation, click here:


Model Legislation:


"Prosperity Zone Compact" Fact Sheet One-Pager

"Prosperity Zone Compact" Fact Sheet Two-Pager

Executive Summary to Model "Prosperity Zone Compact" Policy

Model "Prosperity Zone Compact" Policy


Learn More:


Nick Dranias, JD, The Prosperity Zone Compact: Leveraging the Power and Promise of Interstate Compacts to Bring Back the American Dream, Policy Brief No. 10 (Compact for America Educ. Found. 2016) (a comprehensive assessment of the constitutionality of the interstate compact vehicle underpinning the Prosperity Zone movement).


William Boyes, PhD, Arizona State University Center for the Study of Economic Liberty Working Paper: A 21st Century Prosperity District In Arizona: What International Experiments Can Teach Us (2016) (a study investigating and assessing the gains to jobs, economic growth and wealth from this project).


Nick Dranias, JD, The Local Liberty Charter, Phoenix Law Review (2010) (a research paper on the public policy problems and reform principles underlying a similar project).


Jerry Ellig, PhD, Ten Principles for Better Regulation (Mercatus Center at George Mason University 2013)


Tom W. Bell, Working Paper: Special Economic Zones in the United States: From Colonial Charters, to Foreign-Trade Zones, Toward USSEZs (Chapman University School of Law 2016)


Fred Foldvary, The Ultimate Tax Reform: Public Revenue from Land Rent (CSI Policy Study, Santa Clara University 2006) (a policy paper explaining the benefits of basing revenue on the value of real property)


Byron Schlomach, PhD, Lessons from Texas on Building an Economically Healthier Arizona (Goldwater Institute 2012) (a policy report identifying best practices for public policy based on the Texas model)


George Kelling, PhD & Catherine Coles, PhD, Keeping America Safe: Best Practices to Improve Community Policing and Protect the Public (Goldwater Institute 2011) (a policy report identifying the best practices of community policing)