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Judas Goat Jill Stein, Following in Sanders' Footsteps

Judas Goat Jill Stein, Following in Sanders' Footsteps

by Stephen Lendman

Her campaign to recount votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin exposed her phony progressive credentials - showing she's for Hillary, not peace, equity and justice.

Who ever heard of a progressive supporting a war goddess, Wall Street tool, racketeer, perjurer - dirty business as usual, not beneficial social change?

She's Sanders with a gender difference, otherwise just the same - a con artist, Hillary supporter, indifferent about using her medical skills to help heal a sick nation, how I mistakenly described her political mission.

She double-crossed me, fooled me, suckered me, betrayed me and 1.2 million + voters supporting her. She changed me from ally to adversary, never again backing her for any public position.

She raised millions of dollars overnight, more pouring in, dirty money. Is it largely from dark forces supporting Hillary, endless wars, Wall Street, neoliberal harshness, and police state tyranny?

Was her campaign self-serving all along, not populist? Is she more opportunist than advocate for progressive change? Is she corrupted like all the rest - unfit to serve in any public capacity?

I'm embarrassed and ashamed for supporting her, thinking she's different, a true progressive, when all along she supported what real activists condemn.

She fooled me once - never again!

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