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Stein's Recount Scam Imploding

Stein's Recount Scam Imploding

by Stephen Lendman

Her largely Soros funded ill-conceived scheme to undermine Trump's triumph for Hillary is heading toward failure as expected.

Days earlier, a Wisconsin judge ruled against her hand recount request. She alleged state voting machines may have been hacked, despite no evidence suggesting it.

Her lawsuit to force a hand recount fell flat. Wisconsin Elections Commission administrator Mike Haas said state voting machines are federally certified and field tested for accuracy.

On December 1, Pennsylvania Judge Bernard A. Moore dismissed recount petitions of voters in 78 precincts because no evidence suggests they're warranted.

According to the Montgomery County Times Herald, elections board solicitor Nicole Forzato said "Montgomery County takes great, great pride in being concerned about its infrastructure for IT generally, and they have gone through a vigorous process to make sure our technology general, including voter services technology and the voting machines are safe and secure to use."

Forzato stressed no evidence suggests voting machines were hacked or otherwise tampered with - nor were Stein's recount petitions correctly filed along with proper fees paid.

While admitting no evidence of fraud, Stein hasn't so far ended her recount scam. It's being judicially ended for her.

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