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Will Kiev's War on Donbass Spread Elsewhere Internally?

Will Kiev's War on Donbass Spread Elsewhere Internally?

by Stephen Lendman

Ukraine is politically and economically bankrupt, requiring foreign aid to keep from imploding.

On February 20, the third anniversary of the US-sponsored coup, replacing democratic governance with Nazi-infested putschists, protests are planned in Kiev, involving groups of various ideological persuasions - united against the ruling regime.

They're fed up with how they're being governed. Well aware of how they seized power in February 2014, ruling authorities intend doing whatever it takes to prevent a Maidan 2.0.

Whatever happens could be prelude to greater disruption later on. Kiev has a greater problem maintaining order and preventing economic disaster than waging war on its own people in Donbass. Yet it hasn't stopped its aggression.

Candidate Trump called Ukraine Europe's problem, saying EU countries should handle it, Germany's "great leader" in charge, not America.

Crisis Obama created is now his problem as president. It's unclear what he intends doing about it other than letting his UN envoy and press secretary bash Russia.

Moscow went all-out trying to resolve things diplomatically - to no avail because the Obama administration sabotaged its good faith efforts.

At a Federal Security Service (FSB) board meeting in Moscow, Vladimir Putin blasted Kiev authorities, saying "(w)e see a serious deterioration of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine, and the purpose of these efforts, the goal of the aggravation is clear - to disrupt the Minsk Agreements."

Citing sabotage, state-terrorism and subversive activities, he stressed what's ongoing "cannot but disturb us."

The Kiev regime "is not ready for the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and looking for an excuse to abandon them."

Is puppet leader Poroshenko acting on his own, or are Western nations encouraging his aggression like earlier?

Donbass war blockaded except for coal shipments. Russia supplies humanitarian aid as needed. Ukrainian military historian Yuri Dudkin announced an upcoming offensive on national television, saying it's coming.

Daily shelling continues. Thousands of heavily armed Ukrainian troops are massed along the contact line separating opposing forces.

Reports of a planned large-scale offensive circulated for days. Earlier Kiev aggression was smashed. Donbass freedom fighters are prepared to teach its putschist regime another lesson if needed.

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