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Posthumous Honors for Russia's Vitaly Churkin

Posthumous Honors for Russia's Vitaly Churkin

by Stephen Lendman

A same day article (on Lendman blog) discussed his untimely death on the eve of his 65th birthday - whether of natural causes or something more sinister remains to be determined.

Admirers worldwide mourn his passing. Vladimir Putin posthumously awarded him Russia's Order of Courage - recognizing selfless acts of courage and valor, well deserved by Churkin, serving his country honorably and effectively with distinction since 1974 in numerous diplomatic capacities.

Putin called his premature demise "the gravest, truly irrecoverable loss the Russian foreign policy."

He was "without an exaggeration was one of the most outstanding diplomats," a man of high intellect and energy, greatly respected by allies and adversaries alike.

He's best known as Russia's permanent UN envoy, serving in this capacity since 2006. (S)ometimes in the most strenuous conditions, he firmly and systematically pressed for Russia's stance on the most important world issues, which required immense efforts and complete self-sacrifice," Putin explained. 

"However hard the tasks were, he brilliantly coped with them and never suffered defeats. (He) was a true patriot and citizen. Bright memories of this man will live on in the hearts of all those who knew him."

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said he championed peace, democracy and human rights, adding his UN diplomatic post was more than a job. "It was service to our country."

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov mourned the passing of his colleague, saying Russia and many others will remember him for his skillful diplomatic efforts at a time of world turmoil.

"The continuation of the work on creating the fundamentals of a calmer, safer and democratic world will be the best manifestation of the memory about our comrade," Lavrov stressed.

He laid flowers beside a portrait of his deceased colleague. On Monday, he became ill while performing his duties, succumbing hours later after being hospitalized.

UN colleagues honored him with tributes and a moment of silence. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he served his country "with distinction through some of the most challenging and momentous periods of recent history."

He was the Security Council's longest serving ambassador. His UK colleague Matthew Raycroft called him a "diplomatic giant."

A Final Comment

Ukraine's US-installed putschist regime blocked adoption of a Security Council commemorative statement honoring Churkin.

Sergey Lavrov responded sharply, saying "I know how the UNSC works. I have almost no doubt that (Ukraine's) permanent representative would not have done this on his own. This means that he was ordered to do it."

"This goes against Christian values. It's beyond good and evil. Thanks to the current Ukrainian authorities, however, we are accustomed to the fact that someone in their country treats Russians, and anyone who refuses to dance to the pipe of neo-Nazis, precisely like that."

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