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NYT Praise for Witch-Hunt Investigations

NYT Praise for Witch-Hunt Investigations

by Stephen Lendman

Anti-Trump dark forces in Washington want him denigrated, weakened and ousted from office, puppet leadership they control replacing him.

That's what the hysterical climate is all about, inventing stuff to render him too damaged to continue as president - an unrelenting, media supported, onslaught greater than anyone can withstand.

Media scoundrels support what demands condemnation. The NYT is Trump's leading antagonist, disgracing itself more than already, serving as press agent for powerful interests at the expense of journalism the way it should be - absent on issues mattering most.

Its editors hailed the appointment of former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel in charge of investigating possible Trump/Russia ties. No evidence suggests any, just phony allegations, including fabricated claims of Russia US election hacking.

Deplorable events in Washington are unprecedented in US history, an assault on the republic, on the remaining vestiges of freedom, things heading toward full-blown tyranny - with full support and encouragement from dark media scoundrels, notably The NYT - serving Machiavellian pure evil.

Times editors: Mueller is charged with revealing the truth about suspicions that reach into the highest levels of the Trump campaign and White House."

Fact: Charges and allegations are baseless. No evidence suggests wrongdoing.

Time editors: Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein "has done the nation a service in choosing Mr. Mueller one of the few people with the experience, stature and reputation to see the job through."

Fact: Just societies reject witch-hunt investigations. The FBI, CIA, NSA and DHS comprise the national Gestapo, serving powerful interests at the expense of justice.

Times editors urge congressional witch-hunt investigations and a separate independent commission, along with what Mueller will pursue - part of the plot they hope will oust Trump from office.

What's ongoing is a national disgrace, the shame of the nation, how despotic regimes operate.

The only solution is nonviolent revolution, the only way to change America's deplorable state - from the bottom up, never top down.

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