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Trump Conceding the Middle East to Russia?

Trump Conceding the Middle East to Russia?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

A NYT commentary suggests this nonsense, headlining "Trump's Gift to Putin in the Mideast." 

It absurdly claims "the American president virtually handed the keys to the region to his adversary by agreeing to a cease-fire in Syria that assumed a lasting presence of Russian influence in that conflict - which only consolidated the likelihood of (its) wider regional influence."

"Mr. Putin seems never to miss an opportunity to expand Russia's presence in the region…complicat(ing) America's strategic position."

Fact: Throughout over six of US aggression in Syria, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, supported by Pentagon terror-bombing, Russia alone among major powers continues seeking diplomatic conflict resolution.

Yet it's good faith efforts are consistently undermined by Washington's rage for war and regime change.

Putin's aim is regional peace and stability, along with defeating the scourge of terrorism America created and supports. 

Every ceasefire it agreed to was breached. Terrorists it supports in southern Syria rejected the latest deal. It's just a matter of time before Washington invents a pretext to attack Syrian forces again - likely another false flag CW attack wrongfully blamed on Assad.

Russia is "emboldened," said The Times. "…Trump simplistically" agreed to a southern Syria ceasefire deal, "welcomed as a sign that the United States and Russia could work together."

Moscow partners and works effectively with many countries, benefitting both sides in bilateral relations - not with Washington because of longstanding deep-seated hostility on the part of bipartisan extremists influencing US policy.

The Times claims Russia's interest in the Middle East is because regional oil producers are either "its rivals or partners, oil being the one plausible resource on which to pin Mr. Putin's hopes of restoring Russia's status as a global power capable of challenging the United States."

Nonsense! America seeks dominance over all other nations, aggressive war its main strategy of choice.

Russia seeks mutual cooperation with all nations, Middle East ones and all others. It has no revanchist ambitions, no interest in one-upping or challenging America, no plan for dominance over other countries.

Washington is an imperial monster, Russia a peace and stability champion. If America had leadership like the Russian Federation, endless wars of aggression wouldn't be waged.

A world fit and safe to live in would replace one threatened by possible nuclear annihilation.

What more important goal to work for than that!

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