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NYT Disinformation on Venezuelan Regional Elections

NYT Disinformation on Venezuelan Regional Elections

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Since Hugo Chavez was first elected Venezuelan President on December 6, 1998, ushering in Bolivarian social democracy, The Times supported the fascist opposition.

A same day article explained Chavistas on Sunday won 17 out of 22 gubernatorial elections, a sweeping Bolivarian triumph with a 54% majority, opposition fascists getting only 45%.

Independent observers praised the process, calling it open, free and fair. Jimmy Carter earlier called it the world's best.

The Times highlighted fascist opposition forces disgracefully crying foul, accusing the National Electoral Council (CNE) of "confus(ing) voters or suppress(ing) the vote by relocating more than 200 voting sites in recent days and printing ballots that included the names of opposition candidates who had lost in the primaries," The Times claimed.

Fact: A tiny 1.5% of polling stations were relocated, ones in areas where fascist-stoked violence occurred during last summer's National Constituent Assembly elections, moved for the safety of voters.

The Times: "The opposition said the government's tricks had continued on Sunday, as allegations of electoral malfeasance against the federal electoral commission piled up." 

"Government election officials were accused of purposely delaying the opening of some polling stations in opposition strongholds."

Fact: No irregularities occurred, a few minor technical glitches only, according to international monitors. The Times and opposition fascists lied.

The Times: "(O)pposition factions urged supporters to abstain from voting, arguing that the election was a sham and that participation would only validate Mr. Maduro's authoritarian political program." 

"They feared that Mr. Maduro, even if his party was soundly defeated across the country, would somehow commit fraud in the vote count."

Fact: Opposition fascists boycotted Venezuelan elections earlier when polls indicated they'd lose, irresponsibly crying foul, The Times echoing their deception.

Despite the highest turnout for regional elections in 15 years, The Times lied, saying it "appeared to be lower than" earlier, adding:

"Mr. Maduro's administration was accused of altering the results of the last election" for National Constituent Assembly members.

Fact: Unlike America's history of electoral fraud since the so-called 1824 "Corrupt Bargain" election, nothing of the kind occurs in the Bolivarian process - scrupulously open, free and fair every time elections are held.

The Times disgracefully lied claiming otherwise.

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