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Extensive FISA Abuses Relating to Russiagate?

Extensive FISA Abuses Relating to Russiagate?

by Stephen Lendman

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and amendments prescribe  procedures for collecting foreign intelligence information relating to espionage or terrorism.

The act created the FISA court (FISC) to oversee requests by federal authorities for surveillance warrants - virtually rubber-stamp, mocking judicial fairness.

On Thursday, a four-page memo described as explosive and shocking was released to House members - reportedly showing extensive FISA abuses.

It contains information about the Justice Department, the FBI and fake Trump dossier - prepared for Hillary Clinton and the DNC by former UK MI6 intelligence operative Christopher Steele.

It contains spurious accusations without evidence, unverified rubbish alleging misconduct and collusion between Trump, his campaign and Russia during the presidential campaign - including phony accusations of Russian US election interference.

Several GOP House members called for releasing the classified memo's contents, so far unavailable to the public.

Last month, Circa News investigative reporter Sara Carter called the FBI in "tatters" at its highest levels, not its rank-and-file agents.

Interviewed by Fox News, she said the four-page memo released to House members "document(s) abuse of the FISA program…detail(ing) the Intelligence Committee's oversight work for the FBI and Justice, including the controversy over unmasking and FISA surveillance," adding:

Her sources said "they would not be surprised if it leads to the end of Robert Mueller's special counsel (witch-hunt) investigation into President Trump and his associates."

It lacked credibility from the onset. Months of investigation produced nothing. No evidence suggests an improper or illegal Trump connection to Russia. 

Undemocratic Dems were behind suggesting otherwise, wanting Trump delegitimized and removed from office for the wrong reasons.

Carter believes the memo's contents may be released by end of January. She said some of the people involved in what the memo details "should no longer be in government." 

If its contents are as explosive as described, a firestorm could follow. DOJ, FBI and special counsel heads could roll. 

Undemocratic Dems stand to lose, responsible for initiating 

Russiagate witch-hunt investigations. 

Their GOP counterparts are no better. Washington's criminal class is bipartisan.

Its swamp is too infested to be cleansed. Any steps in the right direction are welcome.

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