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The NYT Reinvents US War on Syria

The NYT Reinvents US War on Syria

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Indeed it's "Trump's war," inherited from Obama's launched 2011 naked aggression. 

The Times cheerled it from inception, falsely calling it a civil conflict, ignoring US use of ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers - instead of denouncing America's attack on a sovereign independent country threatening no one.

The Times cheerleads all US wars, notably since Truman's naked aggression on North Korea, followed by Washington's decade's-long Southeast Asia war, and all others post-9/11.

Each time post-WW II, nations were attacked for their sovereign independence, failing to bend to Washington's will, and/or opposing its imperial agenda.

The Trump administration intends a permanent military presence in Syria. "In other words, without any end date or public benchmarks for success," said the Times, criticizing his intention after supporting Obama's endless aggression on Syria and ruthless imperial agenda.

The Times: "The United States initiated military action in Syria to confront ISIS, which overran huge areas of Syria and Iraq in 2014. Military operations under President Barack Obama and the Trump administration liberated more than 98 percent of the territory previously controlled by the Islamic State and freed over 7.5 million people from brutal rule."

Fact: "The United States" waged war on Syria for regime change, using ISIS and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers, not combating them, as the Times falsely claimed.

Fact: US forces "liberated" tens of thousands of Iraqis from their lives, millions earlier, devastating the country for over a generation of endless aggression and genocidal sanctions from 1990 through Bush/Cheney's 2003 war the Times promoted and supported. 

Fact: Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower liberated most of Syria, not Obama and Trump - raping and destroying much of country, along with creating the world's severest refugee crisis.

The Times: "A comprehensive political agreement ending the conflict between Mr. Assad and Syrian rebels is crucial." 

"It's also what Mr. Obama tried and failed to achieve, largely because of resistance from Mr. Assad and his Russian and Iranian enablers."

Fact: Washington under Obama wanted regime change. So does Trump, Syrian sovereign independence eliminated, the nation colonized under US control - the way imperialism operates everywhere.

Fact: Assad, his government and the Syrian people are victims of US aggression. Assad wants conflict resolution, not endless war. So do Russia and Iran. Washington's rage for dominance bears full responsibility for devastating war in Syria showing no signs of ending.

Times: "There is no question that the United States should work to curb Iran's malignant (regional) activities."

Fact: Iran deplores war and instability. In Syria, it's aiding its ally combat US-supported terrorism. Moscow, Damascus and Tehran oppose Washington's illegal presence in the country, notably its permanent occupation plan.

The Times is dubious about US war without end in Syria. America's Afghan war is in its 17th year, supported by the self-styled newspaper of record from inception.

It bashes Trump relentlessly, most often for the wrong reasons. It praised Obama's eight dismal years as president - deplorably calling him "a man of principle…leading the country…with dignity and respect."

The double standard needs no elaboration.

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