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America: Creator and Supporter of Terrorist Groups

America: Creator and Supporter of Terrorist Groups

by Stephen Lendman

ISIS, al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot and similar groups couldn't exist without material outside support.

They need funding, training, arming and direction. Washington and its rogue allies provide them, using these groups as imperial foot soldiers in multiple war theaters.

UK-based investigative journalist Tom Secker examined the roots of al-Qaeda. He learned terrorist groups can only "carry out major attacks by working with covert Western agents" - in an interview with Sputnik News, adding:

"The notion intelligence agents actively try to prevent terrorist attacks carried out by people they're actually employing to use terrorist tactics in support of Western policy is untenable." 

"There may be some within agencies trying to stop attacks, but they're thwarted by compartmentalization of information, in order to protect assets and agents on the ground." 

"This leads to an extremely messy situation, and cover-ups. These are 'our' terrorists we've supposedly been fighting, making the war on terror a war against one of the darkest elements of our own societies, masquerading as a moral crusade."

In the formation and development of al-Qaeda, "many undercover (CIA) were embedded within the group at every stage of its existence."

Secker called the FBI either "the most incompetent agency the world has ever seen (or) fall guys" for covert CIA operations.

The Pentagon airlifted mujahideen fighters into Bosnia during the 1990s Balkan wars, he explained.

Washington and NATO collaborated with Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) paramilitary thugs, ignoring their connection to organized crime. 

They got free reign to commit terrorist attacks, including ethnic cleansing of Serbs and other minorities in the province.

Washington uses ISIS and other terrorist fighters in various war theaters, shifting them to new locations as strategy dictates.

Endless wars continue. Most Americans know little about what's going on because media scoundrels suppress what's vital to report - pretending wars of aggression are liberating ones.

They're all about advancing America's imperium - a permanent war policy seeking dominance over planet earth, the human cost of no consequence.

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